Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesdays Generally Suck

I've come to the conclusion that for some reason Tuesday's at work suck for me. It's only worse when you are missing one person from the line and another has meetings to attend. Then you have one who has suddenly forgotten everything you trained him on, and another that does nothing but complain and forget what he's supposed to do. I walked into the line this morning only to once again find 3rd shift not running, granted they had issues but I think too many people get involved in a simple fix. In all my years in the manufacturing industry it was pounded into my head that when a problem arises that affects the quality or outcome of the product you change only one thing at a time. This will allow you to capture what the issue was and correct it. But no...let's change ten settings and then not be able to pinpoint which one actually corrected the issue. Hmmmm...then let's look around and discover that someone has brought the incorrect raw materials for the product into the room. When discovered this will then send up a red flag that perhaps the raw materials should have been labeled in the warehouse. Gee, I think that subject was raised in the last line meeting we had. Too many new employees wandering around in an unfamiliar warehouse trying to locate things. It's just easier for an old-timer (watch the cracks about this one) to go get these items. This ends my work rant....(for today).

On a lighter note, on my way home today I saw a dumb accident. On the corner of Highway 100 and Layton a compact car wasn't able to stop in time to avoid tapping the bumper of a small delivery truck (DHS I believe). You could clearly see there was no damage. This guy sits and waits until the light turns green and then exits his truck almost getting hit my little old me as he swings his door open. This prevented me from moving as he left his door open. I had a choice of going partway up on the curb or ripping his door off. I opted to sit and watch this incident. He got out, looked at the back of his company truck which had no damage, looked at the woman's car- no damage and told her to pull into the gas station to exchange information. THERE WAS NO DAMAGE. He was completely tying up traffic not only in the proceeding south lane but in the turning lane also. She must have refused citing no damage and he said then " I'll call the cops and we'll sit here until they come". I then rolled down my window and politely said " Excuse me, but could you please close your car door so this line of traffic that is not involved in this little incident can go". I expected some foul response, but he complied. Maybe it was the politeness of it.


Kris said...

Don't you love idiots on your commute home?

StB said...

I would have gone with "Hey moron, close the fuckin' door and move your fuckin' truck!!!"

Me and polite don't work on the highway.