Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mini Vacation

In about 10 minutes I will be walking out the door of work to 6 1/2 days of freedom. The good thing is I don't have to much on the plate. The bad thing is I feel like crap right now.

I woke up around 1 am this morning with stomach pain which resulted in a few trips to Mr. Toilet. At work a co-worker mentioned the same thing. At first we thought maybe it was the food they fed us yesterday. I suspected either the fruit salad or the potato salad. No one else is sick though, so it's been ruled out.

I intend to go home, pull out my lawn chair and make myself very comfortable on the deck and let the sun do it's healing. Hopefully I'll be able to get out there before dark. There always seems to be something or someone that disrupts my plans.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something is Amiss

My house seems to have turned into a pet sanctuary. Let's start out with our dog Sadie. She's been with us going on 10 years now. We had previously had two of our own dogs, and one that my parents left behind because none of us thought she'd make the adjustment to Arizona at her age. She lived 3 years after they left. We waited over 1 1/2 years after losing the other two before we got Sadie.
Last year we got two cats, one of which is no longer with us. In September when my daughter came back home she brought her dog Bella. She's a good dog, despite her nervousness with thunder and fireworks. A month or so later came her cat Lilo. Her ex wasn't taking care of her and the cat was a mess. She's a bitchy little thing that let's no one pick her up. It took a few weeks for her and our cat Carmine to get along.
My daughter's ex goes out of town a lot for either work or his own personal pleasure. He lives downstairs from his father and has another dog, Bear. Well because his father is as useless as he is Bear doesn't get taken care of when he's gone, so suck up me allows him to stay at our house. Bear is getting up there in age and I can't stand that he's left alone in the house until the useless father remembers to let him out, which can be 10 to 12 hours. He's also pretty good except he doesn't like to stay outside for any length of time. Wants to do his business, snoop around a little and come back in. Sadie on the other hand will lay outside on the deck for hours.
The final straw came Saturday night when my daughter came home with the other cat. Hannah was left at home with no food and no water. The useless father in law forgot about her. Granted the ex husband left a bowl of water and food, but after day 3 it was gone. I nicely explained to her that 6 pets is way to many. Bear and Hannah will go home when the ex husband gets back.
Hannah is also a good cat, or so I thought so until this morning.
I woke for work and noticed the other two cats snooping around the bathroom. They were on a mission. At first I thought they were hunting spiders , but they then headed for the bathtub. I looked in the tub and saw a nice pile of poop. What the heck! My bathtub is not a giant litter box. I know these two didn't do it. After cleaning it up and spraying the bathroom cleaner I went to look for the culprit. I didn't have to. The other two cats had her cornered in the kitchen and there was some loud meowing going on. I'm pretty sure Carmine was letting her know, in no uncertain terms that you do not poop in the lady's tub!
She will be leaving today, along with Bear. Until his next trip, at which time I will allow the dog to come back but poop pants stays at her own home.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Ump..Bad Call

"When you're playing Little League baseball you don't get the pro umps". This quote came from one of the "senior" umps at Tuesday nights game. No shocker there, but at least be fair.
They played a team they've played before. A team with coaches similar to Dylan's coaches. A group of guys who show respect for the kids and teach them the game. Theres some yelling once in a while, but they also give credit when credit is due.

After two innings there was some grumbling about the strike zone. This was coming from both teams so at least the ump was being fair in that case. The more senior ump was behind the plate but making a lot of calls that the field ump should have been making. He just so happened to not see the play where the first base kid blocked the runner from advancing to second. We're talking standing in front of him with his arms out. This happened several times and when the coach called it out they simply didn't see it. They did however see Dylan knock a kid out of his way and talked to the coach about it. The coach had previously asked the boys how many of them played football, and told them to use their shoulders to get through if they needed to. Then there was the play where one of Dylan's team was coming into home and the catcher missed the ball but blocked the plate. He was safe but the ump said not a word about the play.
Now we come to the final inning. The game is tied 2-2 and they have completed 7 innings. They decide to play one more inning as they are within the time limit. Dylan's team does not score. There are two outs and they get a base runner. She steals second and then on a hit takes off for 3rd base. The ball gets thrown to 3rd and the kid puts the tag on her before she reaches the base. The field ump calls her out. Final out, the team starts to leave the field and the home plate ump suddenly yells "Safe". What!! The coaches are in shock, the kids are in shock. He had the out. A little arguing goes on and senior ump tells them he had a better view. The other coach tells him that she was clearly out. He's not budging. The game continues and she ends up scoring.
Dylan's coach ended up filing a protest to have the game brought back to tie. The coach from the other team agreed. This is where I have some respect for him. They clearly did not win the game and I know had the tables been turned Dylan's coach would have acted the same as he did. The kids get a little talk after the game and we overheard their coach tell them that although the record shows they won, he didn't think the win was fair.
The kid that made the play at third usually bobbles the ball when thrown to him. He lets a lot of balls that should have been fielded by him go into left field. This was his first real play and the smile that broke out on his face when he put the tag on was more of a look of relief. Soon turned to a frown but he got some reassurance once the game was over.
So I'm not sure on what the rule is on one ump overturning a call by another ump but I guess we'll find that out tonight. Hopefully they'll have different umps tonight.

Monday, June 14, 2010


As anticipated group camp went well. The weather although not as predicted was tolerable and we made due with it. When I had heard the forecast of 88 and humid I was a little worried that we would be quite uncomfortable in that heat. We ended up with cloudy and a high of 64. We were able to get a quick look at the sun Saturday around 7:30 pm. I have learned to pack for the unexpected so I was good. I did however, leave my winter jacket at home this time.

Within a few minutes of arriving at group camp we had a visit from the camp host. He was just letting us know where he was located in case of any issues. We got to chatting with him and he broke into a story about some recent destruction on the site we were on. It seems some college kids reserved the site. He said he knew there would be trouble when there were about 60 guys and 1 or 2 tents. The party was broken up and tickets were given when the kids decided to burn the picnic tables and fence for firewood. Did the story shock me? No, it immediatly made me angry. He went on to tell us that some of these guys lost scholarships & State grants for destruction of State property. "Good" was my first thought. I bet their parent's are damn proud of them. Idiots!

My tolerence for property damage is zero. I'm sure alcohol played into this but wouldn't you think that out of 60 or so people that some would have the sense to stop it. I asked that question this weekend and the peer pressure excuse came up. I don't buy it. Maybe it's my appreciation of State Parks. I feel very strongly about obeying the rules and not doing any damage. Maddening is also the writing in the bathrooms at the campgrounds. Just because a portion of your taxes may go toward State Parks & Forests doesn't mean you have the right to destroy them. I'm thankful to live in a State that has one of the best park systems. The small fee that I pay for an annual sticker and campsite is well worth it.

This is where I also have a strong appreciation for my family and friends. I know that I can go on an outing with them and will never, even if they over indulged, need to stop them from any type of property destruction. People need to start showing some pride.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Pub Crawl

Can I blame it on the weather? We did not plan to attend the pub crawl but with the forecast of rain for Saturday afternoon and evening we opted to join Ben & Nannette to benefit Easter Seals.

It started out at a locally known Irish Pub. We enjoyed a few beers while watching the Brewers battle against the Cardinals. We thought maybe we could get a quick glimpse of two of our friends who ventured to St. Louis for the game. He said he'd be a blue shirt in a sea of red. There were quite a few blue shirts and maybe we weren't looking hard enough. There was the Brewer fan with the foam cheese on his head, but that wasn't either of them.
After the first tavern we ran through the downpour across the street to stop number two. We were given a free drink ticket. The tickets were only good for certain beers, non of them being Miller Lite. Call me anal but I have become accustomed to a certain taste of beer. I will try others but just don't like the bitter after taste that some dark beers have. To me they all taste like I'm drinking a cup of coffee and I am not a coffee drinker. But I drank two beers and don't recall the name of them. On to the 3rd pub. At this one we were ushered into the basement. I immediately knew this would be the one where people got crazy. Maybe it was the beer pong that was set up and people immediately flocked to. There was another game that Nannette got in to with drinking your beer and then tipping the cups on the table. Ben, Barney and I watched the beer pong and drank a few beers. Nannette introduced me to a guy who claimed to be one of the Brewers cousins. Had the same last name . On opening day a few years back we had sat behind one of his cousins but that is another story. I remarked that this Brewer must have a lot of cousins and was told that basically the entire city of Oconomowoc is flooded with them.

On to stop # 4. This is the one that I do believe did us in. This is the one where all the drama from the younger people unfolded. After about an hour of listening to sob stories and feeling like I was Oprah I found an open spot next to Nannette on the stage and sat down. This is when the texting began. Two women sitting on a slightly dark stage attempting to text. I can use the excuse that I didn't have my glass's for the misspelled words in one text. Our husbands were seated not far from us and kept wandering over to see if we were still there. I'm still not quite sure why they seemed ticked off. I was just happy that I could get Miller Lite there. Sorry, call me a wimp but I can't keep up with the Irish and their high alcohol content in their beer.

Back to the starting point. By this time we were all starving and decided to order food. As I was eating my soup I wondered if I was the only one who felt as if their lips were swelling from the saltiness, Nannette leaned over and asked if my soup was salty. I thought maybe my swollen lips gave it away but we all had the same issue. The food came and was good yet again overly salty. We came to the bright conclusion that salty food makes you order more beer. Ha! I outsmarted them and ordered water. (at that point it seemed I did) All in all it was a good time and for a good cause. And once again I blame it all on the Irish.
Oh, and I am hoping to get my key chain from MO.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Analyze This

I have some crazy dreams at times but last nights has me stumped and ready to go out and purchase the dream book.

In my dream I had a stomach ache that wouldn't quit. Arnie urged me to see a doctor. At the doctors office I was informed I was pregnant. I was confused and listened to the doctor explain to me that the fertilized eggs and sat dorment for over 30 years which (in my dream) they will do. The shock was the realization that this was my ex-husbands baby. Arnie didn't bat an eye. It turned out that I had twin boys. I had nothing for them. I took them home from the hospital in a box and was worried I would get caught. I had questioned the hospital about car seats and was told that because they were unsafe they were no longer required. We had no crib so we put the babies in Dylan's old pack n play. (funny because I just saw this in the attic the other day). My ex husband came to see the boys and identified them as his but said we'd get no help from him because he already had enough mouths to feed. Shocking! I asked him if he could at least go pick up some diapers so I could take them to the doctor and he brought over two diapers. (cheap as always). In my dream I was stressed over what I was going to do but was re-assured by my husband that it would all work out. I think he was just happy we had twin boys as now there would be someone to carry the coolers at camping.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hurry Up Scrap Man

I though going back to work would give me a break from yard work. Once my alarm clock went off I felt differently. How nice it would have been to just shut it off, roll over and catch a few more hours of sleep. Then I'd get up and at some point wander back out into the yard and do a few things or just plop in a lawn chair for a few hours and relax. Dream over...back to reality.
I'm not alone in this as just about every one of my co-workers have expressed their opinion on being here today.

Between trips to hardware stores and a lot of pulling of weeds, planting and moving plants around my entire 4 day weekend was consumed. We took a few hours on Friday night and headed to a Brewers game.

There were a few times when the heat consumed me and I headed in for a cold drink and cooling off. Our AC should be back in action within the next week or so, but as much as I dislike AC I did feel the need for it this weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love warm weather. Just could do without the 94 degrees with humidity.

Last night Barney and I were cleaning out behind the garage. This area seems to have become the heap of junk pile. I spotted the old and rusted out wheelbarrow parked back there with old leaves and a few pieces of wood in it. I thought he'd gotten rid of it last year. It was my grandpa's and then my fathers and when we bought the house it became ours. If I'm not mistaken I think it was my great-grandfathers. The thing has to be 80 or more years old. The bottom is rusted out. At one point my husband tried to repair and it worked for a year or so. Last night when I spotted it I immediately told him to take it to the curb. He said he was saving it for me in case I wanted it for flowers. Not a thing to say to someone who just finished digging in the dirt and planting for 4 days. I walked behind him as he wheeled it to the curb (mainly to ensure it made it there and not into the garage). I had to explain that you don't just hang on to something like that for sentimental reasons. I have many more things to remember my grandfather by.

As we walked away from the rusted wheelbarrow I hoped and prayed that the junk man would come before my husband had second thoughts.