Thursday, February 25, 2010


I left work a little after 3 yesterday. It was snowing but the roads were just wet and traffic was moving along normally. This is until I hit Layton Avenue and headed east. It was like I turned the corner into a whole new world. Traffic was slowed and the streets were a little bit slick. I had plans to make a few stops but with the way things were going I took the safe route and headed home. I saw two little fender benders on my way home, one of which could have easily been prevented by waiting until traffic was clear before pulling out. Some things just take a little bit of common sense.
When arriving home it appeared as if we had quite a bit more snow than the western part of the county. I switched on the TV to catch the latest weather report. The stuff was really coming down and I one point I could barely make out the house across the street. The little kid inside me got a little excited. Could it be the big one? Could we be snowed in? When is the last time Milwaukee had a full blown blizzard? Could it last long enough to have my work called off? And then it was done. According to storm tracker tracker it's heading out east. They shall once again have snow days and everything shall just shut down. I know deep down inside all of you are hoping for a full blown snow day. I'm good with it as long as it doesn't impact any Brewer games.
Because of production needs this week I've been coming in early to catch up on the prior days testing. I have been able to do what would normally take me 3-4 hours in half the time. It is a wonder how much you can accomplish without interuption. My boss had mentioned staying later rather then getting up so early. Not a chance. There are certain people that once they notice I'm here late will suddenly have a need to ask me questions or just chat. Early mornings at work are peaceful and productive.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm going to look back at my postings and find how many times I've written about rudeness. I am sure that no matter how many times I write about it, not much will change. I like friendly people. You can be having the crummiest day and run into one person who will smile or do something nice and they can change your outlook on the day. There's the person you walk past in a hallway at work and give you the "Hey, how's it going". Not much, but they took the time to acknowledge you. The person who will hold the door open for you rather than let it slam, the person who will take your grocery cart back because they are going that way and the fellow driver who will let you out of a business lot.

I don't think it takes much to be that kind of person. I've never know an act of kindness to take away from your time. How much time does it take to smile? Where are you going in such a hurry that you can't let that one person out of a business lot? And how hard is it to take a cart back for someone when you are heading that way?

What prompts this is a trip to the grocery store yesterday. I thought I was safe as it was a Tuesday. Wednesday are usually rude days. I got behind some High & Mighty lady that felt she was to good to bag her own groceries. You must then get on a full service line. Hats off to the cashier for not losing it as Ms. H&M was giving orders on how she wanted they bagged.

I try to be friendly toward others. I'll take a cart back, I'll hold a door and I will let other drivers out. Your act of kindness is acknowledged by the friendly nod, wave or smile. Better than a glare, snide remark or the infamous salute.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Slush Anyone?

So the little guy that is my profile picture is no longer with us. The picture truly represents his attitude. It was a rough decision but in my heart I know we did the right thing. Little guy gave us a lot of laughs and joy.

Woke up this morning to some pretty heavy snow. Heavy meaning I could have used a firmer snow brush to get it all off my car. The roads were quite slushy when I left for work and had to slow it down a little. I scored and got the prime parking spot at work as it was the only one plowed out. Nice plow guy saw me pull in and plowed it out for me. One of the perks of getting here early. Once again we're not getting as much as the hype predicted yesterday. It is some good packing snow though so be careful of the mysterious snowballs today. I think the fine packing snow brings out the little kid in all of us.

Just listening to the story on the radio about how some group wants to ban the Betty White mud commercial claiming it shows violence. Really?? Someone needs to get a handle on these crying groups. Next thing you know the backwards horse commercial will be banned.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good Times

My ride in today was a bit slow. I wondered if the cities of Milwaukee & Greenfield had woken up their plow drivers yet. Our street not being plowed was understandable but when I got to the main roads I began to wonder what was up. I found the same mess on the freeway. Along Highway 100 I saw dozens of private plows doing parking lots and such but still no sign of a city plow. The scene was to follow the ruts from the cars before you. A bit like in the pioneer days..follow the wagon trail ruts. I come in a hour or so before the beginning of rush hour. I can tell you there is a lot of work to do before then. My "spot" at work was plowed out and the two plow guys were working really hard to clear the entire lot. With the additional 8 inches to come during the day today it should be a nice ride home. Today I can't blame the fellow drivers for slowing down, it was pretty slick out there.

Had a great Superbowl Sunday with great friends. Once again way to much good food! Those of us on diets are now working extra hard to make up for the day of indulging. K & J did a great job hosting. I wasn't keeping an eye on my husband and didn't notice until the end of the game that he had become a bit snicked. It was right after one of our friends came upstairs and announced "I don't want you guys to be shocked or anything but my wife is drunk". We weren't' shocked! Her voice raises up a pitch for every drink she has. Dead give a way every time. He was sitting with her so I figured he must be getting there also. I went downstairs to find him complaining that someone had made him a drink and it was way to strong. Sitting next to him was the bottle of coke to add if needed. Never saw him add any coke. Once everyone else had left I figured it was time to go. Well he got his gab on, which he does when he's had a few. There was no shutting him up. Thanks to Ben for lending his ear. After the fourth "Are you ready to go" he finally gave in.
It's always nice to have a person who is unable to drive give you instructions on the way home. After 5 minutes I made the comment that it's a wonder I can get to work every day without him sitting next to me. That didn't shut him up either. Once home he was able to carry in our loot without dumping it, and then announce that the burritos were his midnight snack. Within 5 minutes I found him on the bed and out. I'm not sure he moved at all the entire night.
I had an early appointment and when I had come back in the room prior to leaving I noticed a cartoon channel was on. He wasn't awake but mumbling something. Dora was on TV and he was either singing along with the song or just calling her name. Of course he's denying that now.
I got home around noon and he was lounging and didn't seem to be moving to fast. He was fine though (according to him). He doesn't do this to often so I kept the ribbing at bay. Needless to say not a lot got done yesterday and he had big plans for his day off.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Move It To Lose It

While I was doing my routine walking on the Wii Fit last night my mind began to wander. Of course I was able to continue walking at the set pace, daydream and manage not to fall off the board. I started to think about how many times in my life I had attempted to lose weight. How many exercise routines I started and followed, how many diets (healthy and fad) I had been on and the results I've had.
Thinking back I tried to remember the first weight loss kick I did. Funny how weight loss commercials have been around forever. I remember my mom taking Ayds. The little chocolate tasting candy that was supposed to suppress your appetite. She had a box hidden in her night stand. I think I was around 12 and was called fat by one of those gangely boys at school. As luck would have it he was the one boy I had a crush on so I was devastated. I recall asking my mom for help and her telling me I wasn't fat, a typical mom answer. So I took matters into my own hands and "borrowed" a few of her candies. I also went on a diet of jello and hot dogs. My summer vacation was spent eating as little as possible and riding on this rickety old exercise bike my dad picked up from a rummage sale. Success had me at about a 40 lb. weight loss. My mom was a little ticked that I needed all new school clothes. I somehow managed to keep this under control for several years. I'd gain a few pounds and work it off.
Then came the marriage and the first baby. Whoa momma! Whoever told me it was okay to eat for two needs a swift kick. By my eighth month I had the gain under control. I was also so naive that I thought the rest would melt away when the baby was born. Another routine of losing weight. This time it was some stupid fad drink twice a day. Once again worked, but once I started eating again I had to watch it. Stuff creeps back on you.
Over the years I tried other drinks which are off my list now. Of course they work, you're not eating anything. Once you go back to eating it's all over. Weight Watchers was the single most successful thing I've ever done. Years back I met my goal and felt I didn't need to go to their meetings any longer. Thought I learned enough to continue on my own. This is where the neglectful part comes in. I knew exactly when I was eating more than I should. I knew exactly when I needed to exercise more. So now I will once again take my punishment and will once again tell myself that I need to keep this in control.

Monday, February 01, 2010


We were pretty busy leading up to and through out the Holidays. It seemed like there wasn't enough time in a weekend as it was taken up in some type of social event. Then there was the few weekends after that were also quite busy. The past couple weeks have been quiet. Beside two dinners with friends we have gone into a social slump. If it wasn't for basketball on Saturday mornings we may not have even left the house. It is a sad day when grocery shopping gives you a little rush. Not at all for the shopping part, just the fact that I left the house.

Barney has been using the time somewhat wisely. He has begun to tackle his workshop. I ventured downstairs Saturday evening to see what he was up to. Laid out on a table were assorted tools. I could hear him moving things around and noticed a few bags of garbage stacked up. No need to stop a man in motion so I made a hasty retreat back upstairs.

This lull in social activities has given me more than enough time to begin a work-out routine. Maybe to much time. I've gone into the stage of working out for at least an hour a day, but then find myself walking on the balance board for another 1/2 hour or so while watching tv. I think it may be more out of boredom. Over the weekend I purchased the 3 inch height extension for the balance board. This investment really makes a difference. The old calves haven't seen this much action in a while and they were screaming at me a few hours after that workout. It's a good thing!

This lull in social activities have also forced me to cook dinner more often. That and the fact that with 3 more people in the house (on various days) there are no left-overs. I've been forced to become more creative in dinner planning. Healthy yet stretchable. The cobwebs have come off the slowcooker and the meals are being planned out.

As much as this lull can be a good thing I'm getting itchy for some social activities. Good thing I have something to look forward to this weekend.