Sunday, February 25, 2007

You Call That A Blizzard?

What the hell? This was no blizzard. I know the snow is wet and heavy since I had to shovel a path for Sadie to go out. But I expected worse. Some channels were on at 5am this morning watching for the big storm to hit. Once again they had people posted all over the city and surrounding areas waiting for the snow. All seems to be back to normal now. I hear that now we are out of the snow emergency and expecting just some sleet and about another inch of snow by tomorrow a.m. Last night they were showing video of people grocery shopping. I found it funny how this one guy had two carts of food, just for the blizzard. Wonder if he's just having a party now instead?
I have contacted one hell of a cold from someone. It's not good. I feel like crap. I'm hot one minute and freezing the next. I have gone through my stolen from the hotel box of kleenex already and the thought of food makes my stomach want to hurl. DayQuil is a wonderful thing and I plan on relying upon it today to help me feel somewhat better. This would not be a good way to start out a long work week, so I'm hoping to kill most of it off today while drowning myself in medicine, 7 up and keeping my ass on the couch. My big plans of the day of going to Menards for a new kitchen faucet are now down the tubes. Hopefully it won't spring a bigger leak by the time we get around to buying one.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

We Are About To Get Blasted

So the weathermen say. Depending on which station you watch or listen to we are about to receive anywhere between 9-16 inches of snow. This should start sometime after 6pm tonight. Apparently the entire city of Milwaukee is a little nervous about this as Pick & Save was extremly crowded yesterday afternoon. My usual zip through the grocery store turned into one hour. This is unusual for me and I was very close to just leaving my cart and chucking it in. But I couldn't as in my cart were the ingredients for my sister & J's birthday cakes for our family celebration tonight. I damned myself for not having these things on hand in the first place.

It was a short week at work this week. After working around 50 plus hours a week for the past 3 months we were given Friday off. At first we thought it was because the 3 of us looked like hell and maybe they thought we were going to crack, but we found out later it was due to some guarding that needs to be installed on our line. It should be a little bit of a shock on Monday when we arent' able to get to the usual parts of the machine due to guarding. We also go back to long hours. It was nice to get a break though. Did I use it as a break? Hell no. As soon as we found out we were off Friday the plans were made to hit the bar for a drink or two Thursday after work. The beer was cold and went down good. I even partook in the free hot dogs they offer. (this was after I checked and found out they were indeed Oscar Mayer).

I saw a picture in the JS this morning that puzzeled me a little. There was a vigil for the pregnant girl that was shot the other day. There was a sign posted that said "Baby Doe". I'm a little confused as this baby even though unborn had known parents. Am I wrong in my understanding that the "Doe" name is given to an unknown person. It just struck me as being a little odd.

Happy shoveling everyone!

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Suckie Monday

My day pretty much sucked. First off we have this new maintenance guy that thinks the world cannot run without him. The nice part of me tries to give him the benefit of the doubt but he talks so much I want to stuff a rag in his mouth. If he could just fix what needed to be fixed rather than tell a 1/2 hour story about what he's doing and why, to every person who comes near him, then we'd be fine. He also needs to quit puffing up his chest and taking credit for things he hasn't done. I have this motto that all good things come to those who wait..I'm pretty sure he'll hang himself soon.

The good part of the day was getting out at 330 rather than 5pm. But it came with the knowledge that we ran like crap today and what was broke at 3 pm wouldn't be fixed for an hour or so. After being told we could go we all took off before we got put on another line. It was on my way through the office that I received the crappiest news. I will be going to 2nd shift. For the next 2 weeks I'll be working some split 10am-7pm shift. After that it looks like a straight 2nd shift until there are enough new people trained to go it alone. I couldn't really find anything to kick in my boss's office that wouldn't get me in trouble. I'm pretty sure this is going to be at least a 6 month thing on 2nd. It's a good thing that all my camping vacation days are in. On the way home I started to get a little angry about this thing and tried to figure out again...who to be angry at. None other than myself.
This particular situation is due to the fact that there are two of us who are pretty much leading this new line. It so happens that the other girl has more senority than myself. This line has been a huge learning experience for both of us and we knew of the possibility of having to work an off shift. Six months ago when they drew this whole plan up on paper it just seemed like so far off. Guess today was time for reality to hit. It did, like a ton of bricks.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Talk About Dysfunctional

It's been a little crazy the past few days. My boarder brother's ex-wife has struck again, only this time not to him. It appears she had the current live-in boyfriend locked up the other night. From the bits and pieces I've heard I have to wonder why he didn't just take off while he was ahead. Apparently she's had her sinister mind in the works for awhile now. She was waiting on her tax return and was going to do a quick move while he was at work. They started fighting the other night and she slipped up and told him. Where did being honest go? So the man threatens to kill himself. Call in the Franklin, Greenfield & Greendale Police. He's sitting for 72 hours and she has now been confiding in my brother about all the problems they've had. I can tell that if it wasn't for the kids he wouldn't give a shit but there is concern for them. He then tells me that this is, including him the 3rd guy who she has ended a relationship by having them jailed.

I had the kids this morning while she went to the DA's office to file a restraining order. I'm sure she wanted to talk about it when she got here but it's not something the kids need to hear. They've been through enough already. Besides that I have nothing to say to her. I wish no one ill but she has now screwed up another persons life. If she didn't want to be with the man she should have come clean and found somewhere to go rather then play some stupid game for a few months. She told my brother that once she moved he wouldn't be able to find her. How dumb is this girl. He knows where she works, knows where the kids go to school...My brother found her within 24 hours without going near where she worked.

As I sat in my living room yesterday morning listening to my brother I popped out the question "You are not planning on getting back with her?" From the shocked look on his face I'm hoping he is truthful with the "NO" answer. I'm a pretty supportive sister but I'm not sure I could stomach her at any family functions. This could be one on my worst nightmares come true.
On a lighter is tax day. Last year we had them done through A's work's accountant thanks to a gift card he received. They are a little to expensive for me to shell out money to this year so in a bit I will be sitting down with the pile of papers and calculator and going to work. As usual A will be hovering over me wondering if I know what I'm doing. Duh!

Another long week is in store at work. It's getting a little easier as we're learning more each day about how to run this new line as efficiently as we can. The day does go by fast as we're constantly busy. I'm hoping that my itchy ears and sore neck are not the start of anything major. The flu hasn't hit our line yet. Not that there is ever a good time to be sick, but this just isn't.

Unlike my dry weekend last weekend, I was able to stop for a few beers after work Friday with some people from work. My husband didn't care to drive all that way to meet up with me and seemed perfectly content to sit home in his basement and wait for his wife to get home with his Kopp's burger and shake. Did you know that Kopps does not have a public restroom? It was a long ride home on a somewhat full bladder. Good thing they repaved Grange Avenue.

Hope everyone's weekend was good.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sundays Suck Now

What can I say about Sundays? Especially Sundays in the middle of winter. They suck! I hate that there is no football, I hate that it's fricking freezing outside and I hate that I hate shopping otherwise I'd be doing that. It's the final off day before starting another long work week. It's the day I like to plop as I tried to get everything I had to do from the past week done and now I'm tired. It may be because I had not one drop of beer this weekend.
We went to the Home Improvement show this afternoon and looked at all the things we'd do to our house if we had a lot of money. We did get some ideas for replacing our screen porch. At least we're on the same track with how we want it to look. We then swung by J's parents as her dad and Arnie had some air compressor deal going on. He didn't like my comment about trading the snowmobile for another air compressor. We did manage to "move" some things around in Connie's kitchen as we were unsupervised at the time. Hope she's not to upset by the re-designing of the fridge magnets.
Pizza was next on the agenda. We picked the right time to get there but it seemed as if everyone had the same idea today. Long was okay. Poor J almost got a bath when the waitress tipped over her glass of water. I'd surely return on a less busy day. So after returning to K & J's my husband was out warming up the truck. Now I know all you guys will be proud at this...I go out to get in the truck and open the door only to be knocked on my ass by his gasious fumes. A giggle followed. As cold as it was outside I rode home with the window open.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Got my Butt Kicked

I got the call last night from my son to watch my grandson during the day today. After he was here for about an hour and I prepared him breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage links (I got zero points for not having bacon) we started to look through some games we could play. I refuse to play checkers with him as he kicks my butt everytime. We chose Packer Monopoly. How stupid of me to think that a 7 year old can't play the game well. This kid was like a Trump. He bought up everything he could get his hands on. He had hotels on all his properties. But the tables turned a little when I got hotels on the two most expensive properties. He had to start to mortgage properties. We called it quits before I totally took him out- lunch time.

He then sucked A into a game of checkers and won. Against my better judgement I went for it. Almost had him. I know you're all thinking that we must be pretty lame to be beaten by a seven year old, but I have to tell you, he's got it all under control. We had a good day with him. I had thoughts of teaching him some poker but I figured he'd clean me out on that also.

My daughter and girls were in an accident the other night. The other driver ran a red light and plowed right into them. She was able to swerve to avoid worse damage or injury but her van is done. They are very lucky to have not been injured. She has been going to Physical Therapy for her back for the past few months so this didn't help much. Luckily the man was insured and admitted fault. Prior to this happening she was trading in her van this weekend on a new car. I'm not sure what the plan is now or what the insurance is giving her. Just glad that they're all okay.
Boarder brother does not have his girls tonight so my Saturday should be good. Part of me wants a beer, the other part wants to kick back and watch some movies I've had laying around for several weeks with no time to watch. Let's see which part wins.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Another Week Over

Since October I have worked some hefty overtime at work. The past month has been an average of 58 hours per week. We had to go in today to run a trial and as usual things were pretty mixed up. As workers we've come to deal with and accept these things. I guess we pretty much figure with this new line we're all in the same boat as far as hours or stress at work. Just doesn't pay to get upset at anything or anyone. I just have to say that I work with a great bunch of people.
Recently there have been some new hires. One in particular is driving me nuts. He was hired in a maintenance position but basically to aide in getting this new line running. He has seen and done everything. He does not shut-up. This guy spends more time trying to look busy then actually doing anything. I give him credit as he does know how to fix things but he's been on this line for 1 week less then myself and another girl and he doesn't have a clue what's going on. Thank God I work with people who feel the same otherwise I may just have went off the deep end today. The guy who hired him is on it. I don't forsee him making it.
My truck is sick. I hate having a vehicle that has an issue. Two days in a row after work it started up fine. I let it warm up a few minutes before leaving as it's cold. There I am driving down Highway 100 and poof, she dies. Starts right back up and has no further problem all the way home. Yesterday I went right to Dodge City. I think I had the Forest Gump of service men taking care of me. I'm not quite sure he processed anything I said. I left with an appointment for Monday. I'm sure this is all happening due to the cold, but I need to get it checked out for peace of mind. My husband was gallant enough to switch vehicles with me today as I drive 15 miles...he drives 3. I remember when I drove that truck all the time. It sure did seem a lot nicer. I felt like I was driving the Volkswagon of Dodge Rams. Not much pickup on the freeway entry, not at all like the newer truck. I just have to make it until Monday night.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Holy Crap It's Cold

We were up in Reedsburg for the weekend and it's actually 5 degrees colder up there then here. Guess the lake effect is good to us in that way. We kind of watched the temperature in the car waver between -7 and -5 yesterday on the way to the Casino. I managed to play a poker game for 2 1/2 hours on $20.00. My total loss of the day at the Casino=$25.00. I'm not quite sure how anyone else did. The unsmiling faces would tell me not good.
The Hotel Reedsburg is an interesting place. Nice rooms, not expensive and excellent service. We would see the same tiny woman in the bar two nights in a row and pretty much know all there is to know about her. It seems to be a local stopping place for some locals. The bar is attached to Marty's Steakhouse which besides on New Years several years ago has always been good. One waitress is very friendly and seems to be there everytime we are. We watched the Bears Choke in the bar last night (free ribs at half-time) and then walked briskly next door to the local bowling alley which was dead. A had some kind of munchie thing going on and we missed the food serving time by an hour. Off goes this man across the street to the local grocery store to purchase none other than Pizza Rolls. Microwave Pizza Rolls leave much to be desired. We won't mention his and K's churning stomach's this morning.
All in all we had a pretty good time. A won some bucks in his pool at work. I thought I did but can't find my numbers.
So here lies the end of football for the season. Here begins the long lull before camping starts. Guess we'll have to start the Friday night Happy Hour club to keep us coherent until the long winter is over.