Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Outta Here

In 11 hours I will be flying away from Milwaukee where it could be snowing and heading for Phoenix where it will be sunny and warm. I think I could label this a cheater prelude to summer. I look forward to this but don't look forward to the boring plane ride. I get the thrill at take off but once in the air boredom sets in. I have problems reading on a plane and staring out the window is only good for so long. This is where the portable DVD player comes in handy. My daughter is supposed to be borrowing it from my grandson. Something is terribly wrong when an 8 year old has better electronic equipment then his 50 year old grandmother. If that doesn't come true I'll be renting one and hoping it's some type of good movie. Snakes on A Plane won't fly with me.

I was scheduled to work 8 hours today but when we weren't running from 830 and 11 was getting closer I did the deed and took 1/2 day of vacation. I'm glad I did as there was a lot of things I needed to get done yet. At the moment the sky has opened up to dump some more rain on us and our power has flickered several times already. Glad I got the laundry done so I didn't have to leave it for the hubby. My guess is it would still be sitting there when I got home. I was kind enough to clean the house for him. He's pretty good about not making a huge mess. I'm sure that next Saturday he'll shovel out the food wrappers, start the dishwasher and throw all the dirty clothes down the magic chute.

It's been a pretty stormy night so far. Sadie is a little nervous which is unusual as a good thunderstorm usually doesn't bother her. Maybe in her older age she's getting to be a worry wart. I did go to look for a flashlight just in case the power should go out. Found two of them, both with dead batteries. I have resorted to finding a few candles. The annoying weather alert on my husbands alarm clock has gone off a million times already tonight. I still can't believe I bought that damn thing.

On the local radio station I listen to on my commute to work they got on the subject of American Idol. I'm not a big fan of the show and will watch the first week or so and then if I think of it will watch the final few shows. Paula annoys the crap out of me. She always sounds like she's whining and ready to break into tears. This morning the DJ commented that her breasts look unusually large and pushed up the other night. "As if her chin was resting on two pillows". That was comfirmed at work this morning by a few of the guys. I'm finding that more men at work watch the show then women.

Hope you all have a great week. Go Brewers!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dad Is Good

My dad was released from the hospital today with an rx for medication. He did not require any surgery. He did have three strokes, two which he can account for. The speech therapist came in to see him and told him by the time he saw her for his appointment next week that he'd probably be back to normal with his speech. When I talked to him today he sounded much better. A big improvement from Sunday night. Now if we can just get him to take it easy he'll probably be okay.
They both seem to go through a lot when one of us visit's and I tried to convince them that I need nothing special. I just want to bask in the sun and relax. We'll see how well they listen. As he puts it " He'll listen as well as I did as a child". I find that unfair as I did listen (to him). He had a way of making you feel really guilty when you did something wrong (without talking).

So I am as well as my siblings very relieved. Thank's to all of you for your concern and well wishes. It just beats us up that they're so far away. We've had the talk before about them moving back and I can see it in their faces that they are not ready to give up their independence yet. My parents are both very stubborn and have very rarely asked for help from anyone. (some of that may have rubbed off on a few of us). There may be some convincing that maybe coming up here for the warmer seasons might just be a good idea. I remember my parents going through this with my grandfather. He lived part time in Florida and at 85 was still driving back and forth. Had he not had complications I'm sure he would still be doing so. I was told that all is well now as they have On Star in their car. That makes me feel so much better (not). So now instead of flying into Phoenix in case of an emergency I can have the airline pilot drop me off in the desert some where between Phoenix and Laughlin.

I took the liberty to pack early just in case. Probably not a bad idea aa I have already thought of several things I had forgotten. I did see the weather forecast for Milwaukee on Monday. 46 sounds a little chilly.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Stroke

Finally we had a great weekend weather wise. The rain forecasted for Saturday never happened. Instead we had a full afternoon of sun and temperatures in the high 50's. We caught our grandson's baseball scrimmage, when each and every one of the boys is hoping to get the position they really want. Dylan started out on 3rd base and in the 3rd inning went to catcher. He did a good job and should be splitting this duty with another boy. Hopefully he can maintain that position as he is happy and seems at home there.

I managed to clear the remainder of the fall leaves from the yard yesterday. When I finished I remembered the the helicopters will be falling within the next week or so which means I'll be right back at it. I threw all the neighbor kids balls over the fence to their yard and noticed that Sadie only poked a tooth hole through one of them. I don't even feel bad about it any more as they've been warned. At one point last summer I was stupid enough the replace the ball. I have now seen the youngest purposly toss the ball over the fence. Although his father did yell at him, he continues to do it.

Last night I received a call from my mother that dad was in the hospital. He was having some difficulty speaking and felt dizzy. My parents are not one's to tell us all the details of their health (mom's breast cancer that they didn't want to worry us about). Of course receiving this call was a little bit of a shock. My dad had a heart attack about two years ago and I spent some time out there checking things out. He had shown improvement and was on medication which he was weaned off of within a year. He continues to walk daily and while walking the other day felt out of breath and dizzy. Of course he didn't tell anyone until after he landed in the hospital yesterday. After talking to my mother and siblings I didn't feel I could fall asleep without talking to him. He was his usual humerous self yet was having some speech problems. The staff made the mistake this morning of telling him he'd be having some additional tests this morning. As of 3 pm our time he was still waiting. The tests they ran this morning showed he had suffered 3 strokes. Hmmm...guess that walking incident should have been reported. Regardless he's waiting on one more test which will determine whether he will have surgery or be home tomorrow. His speech was much improved this afternoon. For right now the doctor is calling this aphasia.

Maybe it's a stroke of luck that I'm heading out there on Saturday. I'll have to be pretty nosey and check things out. I'm not sure what if any limitations he'll have. Knowing dad he'll work hard at getting better and will soon be taking his walks again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Count Down Begins

I fetched the suitcase from the attic today. In nine more days I will be venturing out to Sun City West with my daughter to visit my parents. (that is if MidWest can hold on for that long). The last time I used this particular suitcase would have been last April when I went there. I was pretty sure I cleaned it out well. It has a ton of side pockets and when inspecting them I found : 2 brand new pair of socks (bonus), 5 quarters (must have been all I had left from the Casino) the comb I had looked for, my Gold Nugget players club card (there's points on there) and a pencil from the Colorado Belle (I think I was going to give that to J) After those finds I dug more hoping to find money. I came up empty. I'm in complete hope that this vacation will do my daughter good. She is still not fully recovered from her back surgery last May. I'm in complete hope that we'll get there and she'll be able to relax and have a good week. I may need to get a wheelchair to get her to and from the plane. I picture her in the wheelchair with suitcases piled up on her lap. I'll try to leave her a little room to see where we're going.

Last week my husband offically started his summer hours. He now works Monday through Thursday. He will be off every Friday until the end of August. I'm just a tad bit jealous. More so on Friday morning when I'm leaving for work and he lets out the overly dramatic yawn. We went a few years at work with 4 day work weeks and the Fridays off were nice. Last summer we went back to 5 days. There was an attempt to go to 4 days this summer which was shot down for reasons I won't get into. Maybe it's best that I'm not home on Fridays as the porch demolition has begun it's next stage. I came home yesterday and saw the back of his truck loaded with insulation and the carpeting from the porch. He is now starting to break up the cement. I think the jack hammer is coming into use soon. I'll figure that out when I get home and he has what appears to be a nervous twitch and stutters.

Good trivia night last night. We were able to take first place and collect another gift certificate. Good weather, good friends, free beer= good time.

Monday, April 14, 2008

She's In Her Glory

The weather Gods have finally decided that it's time to give us a little taste of brighter things to come. The sun is out in it's full glory today. It could be a tad warmer but we must be patient and take what we can get for now. The rest of the week looks promising. We could reach 65 tomorrow. I let my dog out around 1pm today and she seems to have found her favorite spot on the deck. I've gone to let her in several times and she's just sprawled out under the sun looking so comfortable. I figure within the next hour or so she'll be at the door. This also means that the rabbits and squirrels will once again overtake our back yard while Sadie basks in the sun.

I made a trip to the newly opened Woodmans this weekend. For all the hype I didn't find it very impressive. Keep in mind that I hate to grocery shop in the first place. But I had heard so many great things about it that I figured I'd check it out. Here are some things that I observed.
#1) The prices are a bit lower than P&S.
#2) The produce was not as great as I had been told. All the bananas were green, the oranges were not huge as I was told and nothing appeared cheaper than else where. You want good produce visit Sendiks.
#3) The entire store is like a maze. The 2 aisles of bread are just one aisle and two square displays. There is more of a selection of breads but most of us get stuck on a few certain brands of bread and don't really switch to often.
#4) The bakery is mostly imported things. I saw Grebes, Muerer's and a few different Kringle places. It didn't appear that they do their own baking.
#5) The deli did not have a very big selection. All the salads are packaged.
#6). Almost everyone I walked by had the same look of confusion on their faces. The women mostly had smiles, the men had the "Get me the hell out of here" look.
#7) If you are looking for any type of ethnic food you will find it here. One aisle each dedicated to Mexican or Asian. One aisle, both sides dedicated to all natural food items.
#8) It has the warehouse shopping appearence. I was looking for the crayons to write the prices on what I was buying.
#9) Checkouts are slow. The girls are still learning. However they are friendly enough.
#10) If you work there you will get a lunch break. They will announce for a relief cashier to take over on lane whatever for a lunch break.

I would say that it may be worth a second visit if I am in the area, but it's not worth the drive just to go there. I didn't go into the liquor area (which is seperate) but it looked pretty big. So for now it's the usual P&S or Sentry for me. If I feel like grocery shopping.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Purse

With enough comments from my friends about my suitcase sized purse I went in pursuit today. With my 30% off coupon that came in the mail along with the Kohls advertisment I made a slight detour on my way home from work. This is anal I know but I have to find just the right purse. I may purchase one once every 6 months or so and I do not have a collection of them. I have the every day purse, the casino purse, the wedding purse and another smaller standby purse. I need my everyday purse to be large enough to hold more than just a tube of lipstick and it has to have a shoulder strap. I'm not about the small strap that you cock your arm and walk around like an old blue hair. I'm also not about the purse matching the shoes or the seasonal purses. (white or cream in summer, dark in winter). Not happening here.

I made my way through the purse aisle. I knew this was no easy task. This thing has to be sturdy, not gaudy (hate big buckles or any decoration on them). Just simple brown or black with a shoulder strap. I don't need the added extra cell phone case or checkbook holder. After about 1/2 hour of pulling out just about every purse in the section I was almost ready to give up when I spotted it. The Vera Wang purse. Not sure how I missed that small rack the first time through. It may have been because I looked at the prices. But I consider what I got a bargin. Or shall I say with the sale price and extra 30% off and the balance on a gift card I paid what I would have paid for a normal purse. Not as long of a strap as I wanted but I did downsize. I can fit a tube of lipstick and a lighter in it.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


What can you say about Opening Day? The weather was good, the crowd watching was great and the Brewers won.

We left Ben and Nannettes house around 9 ish and began the trek to the stadium. We had bets on what time we would actually hit the lot. 10:30 was the magic time. Don't know who won that as I don't think we ever put money on it. We were able to enjoy a few cocktails and dogs before going into the game. We were also able to do some crowd watching. The hairy bearded man in the tan colored skirt walked by a few times. There was a guy with a "Virgin Tailgater" shirt on that was pretty funny.

We had good seats thanks to Nannette and her connections. Did I mention someone stole her jersey. Yes folks walking over the bridge right in front of us was a man with "Gambino" across his jersey. I pointed it out to her but I think she refrained in taking it back due to the crowd. We sat up by Bernie which gave us a good view of the game. We were in a small section which was good for entering and exiting. There was a good crowd of people around us which made for a better time.

We lost the boys for a while. On a trek to smoke we got all the way to the smoking section and realized they were no longer behind us. When they did finally show up we were ready to head back in. My husband in his drunkedness tried to convince us that there was a shorter route. I've been the victim of his shorter routes in the past so opted to go back the same way. On our way back Nannette and I were behind 3 men until one reached over a felt up on of the others ass. Quick veer off to the left passing lane and we were outa that view. Needless to say we did beat the boys back. A good 5 minutes ahead. They took a wrong turn. This is why I will not follow a drunk.

When we got back to our seats there were a few differend faces. Or may a few more drunken faces. There was a guy in front of us, I'd say maybe in his early 20's that struck up a conversation. He made note that I looked unhappy because my beer was empty and he wanted to find the beer guy so he could buy me a beer and make me happy. After he left my husband was joking around about my "flirting" with the young lad. I was then labeled "Mrs. Robinson". He thought it was funny (it was a little). I didn't think so at first. We all know what Mrs. Robinson was. Priceless was the look on his face when I said "Mrs. Robinson was a whore". I guess you could just say it was my way of getting back at the situation.

Speaking of drunkenstines, the man just got up. He looks like hell. This should be a good day. I'm off to watch my grandson's baseball practice.