Friday, March 30, 2007

The Silence Is Broken...but,,,

I spoke, however I am still a little angry. I was going for a little discussion but someone played dumb once again. Here is the conversation upon his arrival home last night.
A- "you still awake"
A-Bob didn't call did he
A- hmph (silence for a few seconds)
A-do you know when they're getting here
me- I have no clue what you're talking about
A- (goes on to explain how some friends of ours are moving here from Virginia and he is helping him unload the truck)
me-Well, I guess if you would take the time to tell me things I'd know this..good thing he didn't call as I would have felt like an ass. (a gets riled up now) You know that's what ticks me off is your inablility to tell me things.
A- Well I wasnt sure what was going haven't been talking much.

Now at this point wouldn't one think that he may have asked "What is wrong dear?" NOPE.
So I offered up a hint "Well, I just don't like getting screamed at is part of what's been wrong"
And here it comes...exactly what I predicted from the mouth of my husband. " When did I scream at you?. THE END.

That's right, that was it. I continued to lay on the couch and watch World Trade Center (ok movie) and he sighed and went off to bed.

So I will continue this chrade until he figures this out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Silence Is Golden

Today marks day six that it has been pretty damn quite in this house. I read my horoscope this morning and found it quite fitting " you need to stop being so stubborn". I chuckled as I thought to myself...nope, I'm not quite ready yet. The history here is that my husband and I don't fight, we don't even really argue. I found out years ago that he is very sensitive and can also be quite stubborn. He gets into a mood and just doesn't say much for a day or so and I leave it alone. I'm usually the one who gives in and tries to drag him out of his mood. Last week in one of his moods he started screaming at me for what I considered a simple question. Stress at work or not, there was no reason for it. If he wants stress, I'll give him stress. I've worked 50 plus hours a week for the past 5 to 6 months with fucked up hours and stress. I'm not saying that I come home and turn into June Cleaver but I have a 25 minute ride to shake it off.
So after getting yelled at I went into silent mode. By Saturday it was just answering questions asked of me. This has continued through today so far. I will say that when I went to his OpenHouse Sunday I was polite as I had Dylan with me. I'm waiting...waiting for him to ask me what's wrong. Waiting for him to say he's sorry at least. I don't want no freaking flowers, or nice gestures like doing laundry...just an apology.
Now, most people that know us will say...Ahhh, poor Arnie, he's so stressed at work with the holiday, he's such a good guy, give him a break-he probably doesn't even know what he did. This is a man who months after I called him a jerk brought it up in conversation. He knows exactly why I'm mad. So anyone who wants to feel sorry for him and make up excuses for him I can only say blah...blah...blah....I've heard it all already.
On a not so lighter note, I've seen no evidence of a move taking place as of yet. One would think that they'd better start packing at least. I heard a little rumor from one of boarder brother's daughters the other day that it wasn't going to be until the middle of April. He did deny that one. Maybe I'll bring some boxes home from work to kind of hurry him along a little, or at least give him a hint.
Everyone have a great day!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

One Week Later I Got It!

Thanks to some helpful people I have finally figured out how to blog again. When I switched over everything went a little haywire.

Can we have any better weather right now? Every year my husbands company has an Easter Open House two weeks before Easter and today was the day. Two years ago when it was freezing out they had ice cream cones dipped in chocolate in the parking lot. Today they had hot chocolate. When you're planning this event a year in advance it's hard to get that little perk right. There was quite a crowd when I took my grandson around 11am. No special treatment there, we had to stand in line like the rest of the people. My special treatment was the 30% discount and free 6 ounce bag of jelly bellies.

I'm sure someone won't be to happy with the fact that I tore the plastic off some of the windows today to open windows and let some nice fresh air in. It only took him until January to put the crap on the windows in the first place. While I was in the living room opening windows I noticed that I still have snowflake window clings on from Christmas. I took all the Christmas related ones off a few months ago, but because it was snowing I left the snowflake ones on. I may leave them for awhile as it keep the birds from flying into the window.

I saw my first bee today. I'm pretty sure he no longer exists as he flew right into my face and when I swatted him I just saw his poor little body go flying and hit the ground. That's gotta suck to be on your first flight of the year and taken down already.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sick Day

Yes, that's right. I have taken a sick day. This started around 1 pm yesterday. I had gone with our Engineer to the company that is putting our new line together, just to get an idea of what's coming. On the way back we thought we'd be nice and stop off and get lunch for some co-workers. Burger King (not my first choice) was our first pick as Engineer man had to make it quick and get back for a meeting. At the BK drive-thru was a sign that their broiler was down. No burgers-no fries. As my co-workers had ordered burgers, Engineer man suggest Sammy's which is right across the street. I wasn't to impressed upon walking in but they seemed to be moving fast and that's what we were looking for. We placed our order and were out the door in 5 minutes. I found out when I got back to work that freedom fries mean free...from any salt at all. I don't like overly salty fries but just a tad would have made them taste better. Their cheeseburgers are huge, but after eating 1/2 of one I chucked it. I'm not quite sure if it was the fried onions or the burger itself. I sometimes don't get along very well with fried onions. Around 3pm I started to develope a stomach ache. Needless to say I needed to stay home today as this progressed throughout the night. I ate nothing else besides some noodles last night so I'm placing the blame on Sammy and his burger.

For some reason I am having problems logging onto my blog. If I didn't have a headach also I would spend some time investigating this mess. I switched over and have had problems ever since.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my hip replacement surgery. One year and a whole lot better. I still get a little reminder once in awhile but I'm glad I did it. I need to go for my one year check-up which includes the x-ray to see if all has mended right. I may then get the go ahead for running in that marathon. (insert chuckle here).

Sunday, March 11, 2007


The other morning as I was doing the daily routine of brushing & flossing my teeth I felt a little pang and made a mental note to call the dentist. I got to work and spoke with my boss for a few seconds, popped a piece of gum in my mouth and ventured off to my work area. After a few chews I felt a crunch and instantly , as we all do, took the old tongue and did a tour of the mouth. Low and behold, right where the slight pain was earlier was now a nice hole. I lost part of a filling. There was immediate pain. Luckily I work for a place that was nice enough to let me leave after calling the dentist (which is 5 blocks from my house) and getting right in. Because I had hip replacement surgery my orthopediac surgeon requires me to take antibiotics whenever I have dental work done. Have to start the pill one hour before and take one every six hours for 24 hours. I had enough time to run home and take one first. My dentist is very nice but reminds me of Fred Flinstone. He's got huge hands but is quite gentle and will shoot my mouth full of numbness prior to doing any work. I don't think I'm alone in saying that any dental work has me digging my fingers into the arm rest. The problem this time was that I just got over one hell of a cold. Prior to going in I blew my nose to assure there was nothing left in there that could run down my throat. About half way through the drilling I felt this glob moving to the back of my throat. I started to panic thinking I was now going to have this coughing jag but his assistant was right on it. This is the closest I have ever come to up-chucking in the chair. She took that suction tube and sucked it right up. She must have known by the scrunched up look on my face that it grossed me out. I got this little pat on the arm and nod from her. Guess it was our secret that the dentist didn't notice? I went back to work numb and hoping that I was not going to drool for the next few hours.

I was brave enough last night to take all 3 of the grandkids overnight, plus the two neices that stay every Saturday. I must say it went well. I played a game of Trivia Pursuit with them all and by 10:30 pm they were off to bed. I didn't get a nudge until 9am this morning. This is when the production of French Toast began. Not the toaster kind, this has to be home made with Texas Toast and a side of sausage. These kids are trained well. I don't have ask them to take their dishes to the sink. I'm not sure if their parents are that strict or if they're just scared of me. I wish it would have been just a little nicer out and drier as they could have then been shot out the door to play.

We seem to have a river running through our garage and down the driveway. The problem is part of it veers off right to the corner of our house. Needless to say we have a little water problem in our basement. "A" sandbagged a little detour yesterday which is helping but I can see a huge expense coming in fixing the driveway to avoid this and the basement also.

After work Friday I met my hubbie, brother and J for a beer. There was focus on the "machine" as it was ready to hit. There was money up there like quarters on a pool table. I got in once with no luck and then after awhile played again and hit. I didnt' hit like my mother who called me from Laughlin twice in the past 4 days to tell me she hit...twice. I won enough to put away for my trip to Laughlin.

Quite a few of us have off from work tomorrow due to some work being done on our line. As usual I have a home project lined up. Tomorrow is paint the bathroom day. It's overdue. I have to get my painting practice in as boarder brother moves in 3 weeks (did I mention how happy I am) and I'm sure I will be repainting that room. I need to find a sofa sleeper that has the most uncomfortable mattress on it so people don't want to stay here. When he moved out the last time I remember how happy I was painting the room. My husband was even helping and he hates to paint. I think he moved out before because he didn't like the color. Yeah, it doesn't take me long to catch on.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things I Wondered Today

Today must have been one of those days where I tried to make sense of many things. It started when I read the morning paper and found an article about a 7 time drunk driver being caught once again. Why wasn't he in jail? How did he slip by the system? On to the next article of interest...The man who was being charged with drunk driving that had his three kids in the car and one was killed, two others were injured. Why was he driving around drunk with his kids in the car. I know there are two sides to every story but why do people put their kids lives in danger?
On to work where on the way I wondered why a truck driving with an odd shaped sign reading "Support your Local Police Department" would be totally holding up traffic on the freeway. Guess he got everyone's attention.
My work day brought on several more questions. Why did we work so much overtime and so many odd hours to meet our production goals and then we are shut down for 4 hours today so they can do some wiring. Save it for Saturday. Why is our new maintenance man such a, and am I the only one who see's this? I avoid asking him for anything as I know it's going to be at least a 15 minute explanation which has nothing to do with what I asked him. Why does he wait until 15 minutes before we're shutting down for the day to start cleaning things up? And why does he think he can send 2 people to break and then walk away with no one watching the machine. If I could have found a nice solid pole nearby I would have been banging my head upon it today. My need to chew gum has intensified greatly in the past several weeks due to my gritting my teeth when he's around. If I don't chew the gum I'm afraid I won't have any teeth left.
After work...Why is it snowing again? Don't we have enough? Why was my car the only one in the parking lot that had ice under the snow? Maybe because it's a truck and higher up? Beats me. At least it didn't have goose crap all over it like the car next to me. I did get a chuckle out of that one. Nice frozen crap right on the windshield. To bad it was someone I liked and not maintenance man.
On the freeway I wondered why there was a 7 car pile up on the westbound side. It didn't look like anyone was hurt but the cars didn't look all that great. As ususal this caused a delay due to the gappers. Then I have to be in front of the jerk at the exit that clearly says "NO TURN ON RED" and he has to lay on his horn. To be a smart ass I should have sat there through the light but it wouldn't be fair to the one's in back of it. My thought on that one...Why are there idiot's?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

May I Recommend....

We received a gift certificate for Christmas for Steven's SteakHouse in West Allis. Last night we took J & K there for J's Birthday. I was pleased with both the food , pricing and the service. Although four people eating Baked French Onion Soup can be quite dangerous, it was well worth it. Three of us had prime rib which I found very good, while my husbands did have quite a hunk of bone in it. J enjoyed lobster tail and some chunk of meat. The atmosphere is very homey like.

My day today has been spent waiting for people to vacate an area I wish to clean in. First I waited to do laundry until showers were taken. The hell with that noise, from now on they can take an unregulated water pressure shower. Then I waited to vacuum until someone finished watching some sappy movie. Hello...we have tv's downstairs. I then proceeded to hurt my husband's feelings (not on purpose). I have been after him to do some re-caulking in our bathroom for some time now. I know he hates that little job. So this morning I said I would call my son, he lays flooring for a living. Caulking the bathroom would probably take him 1/2 hour tops. Oh Boy! did I get the look. He just rolled over on his side and said I made him feel useless. Sure did get him moving though. He's at the store purchasing the needed supplies.

Thanks to K & J I am now hooked on the Chuzzle game. I downloaded the trial last night which lasts all of 60 minutes. I now have it downloaded on my PC and will probably spend numerous hours playing it rather than doing things I should be doing. I don't start work until 10 a.m. tomorrow so I'll have a little time in the morning to play.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another 3 Day Weekend

This may be the end of the 4 day work week/3 day weekend for me. It sucks that I still feel a little crappy and have a nasty cough. Next week we go back to 5 day work weeks. I can't help feeling that I was a little spoiled for the year or so we worked 4-10 hour days. Having that Friday to myself was nice.

Boarder brother is on track to vacate April 1st. The cleaning of his room has begun. He has done more laundry in the past two days than I do in two weeks. I'm sure my water bill will reflect that. But I'm sure that I'll recoup that cost within the first month or so of him being gone. I see a lot of work ahead in cleaning the room after he's gone. I just need to figure out what to do to make it not so homey looking just in case some other relative has any ideas. We discussed knocking the wall out and enlarging our bedroom but that would totally knock down the resale value of our home. In a sense I don't care as I don't see us moving. Mention moving sometime to my husband and watch the look of panic come over his face. He has half of freaking Menards in his workshop and garage.

Hat's off to the brave bar patrons that held off the attempted robbery. It was just a matter of time before they were foiled. And how about this 10 year old kid who was caught shoplifting at Mayfair Mall one day and requested a lawyer. The kid goes back the next day with his 8 year old brother in tow and rips off Boston Store. I'm puzzled as to where his parents were. And what does a 10 year old want with almost $600.00 worth of jewerly? In agreement with this another one of these "society done him wrong" cases?

A very special "Happy Birthday" wish to J (whose parent's left today to visit her brother...a.k.a. baby precious).