Tuesday, April 28, 2009

At What Point?

We have a family living next door to us that have a few children. When they moved in the man of the family had asked if it was okay to attach his fence to ours. Not a problem. The kids were all pretty small at the time. Last summer we began the daily ritual of throwing their balls back over the fence. I had nicely explained that if the dog is outside when the balls go over that I'd try my best to get them back in one piece. I asked them not to go into the yard if she was out. I even talked to their father about that. We have a fence for a reason.
When the snow thawed earlier this year I threw 4 balls over the fence. They did heed my advice in not coming into the yard. Since the weather has now turned nicer the balls are once again flying. They have now taken to ringing the doorbell and asking me to fetch their ball. This has now become a daily routine, sometimes two to three times a day. Once is an accident, two to three times means maybe you better take a walk to the park which is 1/2 block away and play baseball there.
The other day I caught the younger one sticking a stick through the fence and teasing Sadie. I told him that wasn't a good idea. Dad was not around as I think he works several jobs. Stay at home Mom was not around. I have yet to see her even look out the door to see what these kids are doing. A few minutes ago I answered the door and went and threw the ball back again. I suggested maybe batting the other way. "My dad doesn't want us to hit the garage" was the reply I got. Here I'm trying to nicely say "Stop this".
I had a memory flashback of when our soccer ball went into the yard behind us and the old guy came out and just took the ball. We didn't even have a chance to ask for it back. It was gone. This was a one time thing. I remember I thought he was the biggest jerk. I also recall the former neighbor yelling at my sisters once and they smeared her garage with dog pooh. I don't want my house or fence smeared by these little guys. All I want is for the ball to come over when Dad's home so he can maybe warn them. For now, if I see the balls in the yard I will return them although they may be chewed. I may be disconnecting the doorbell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should Have, Would Have....didn't

Why didn't I go to Vegas with Nannette & Ben? I'm thinking it was because I had planned to go to Arizona the end of the month, but that got put off until September. I also had this little pang of guilt going on because my husband chooses not to fly. I know the whole "Stand by Your Man" and " Till Death " story but sometimes I believe you should get a free pass on that. He just better remember I made this sacrifice the next time he's at the store buying steaks. If I get a chicken breast in lieu of a Rib eye steak there's going to be some words.

That's all I have to say about that.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hurry Up Spring!

I though maybe spring wasn't to far off until I was getting gas and being pelted by little balls of ice this afternoon. They said light rain, they did not say frozen rain. According to the weatherman warmth is on it's way. I'm either coming down with something or it was just plain chilly today.

Another good reason for spring to come quickly is that I'm loosing my patience with my husband. I think he's gone into hibernation. As I'm typing I can hear his gentle snoring coming from the living room. I've come to the conclusion that I need to purchase uncomfortable furniture. Maybe I will purchase a nice over-stuffed recliner and place it in the middle of the basement. This way I would be able to do things I want to do when I get home. It's either that or I re-decorate the basement to be me friendly. Maybe just the threat of doing such a thing would give him the hint. Enough picking on my husband for now. I hear him moving around so his hour nap must have been enough. If I can just keep him upright things will be fine.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sign Of Spring

Sometimes its the little things in life that excite you. The coming of spring excites me. Although the calendar states it was to begin almost a month ago, beside a few warmer days and the traces of snow being gone, it may be finally upon us. In my book anyway.

Today marks the opening of baseball in Milwaukee. There are still a few days here where we may need to hold our beer in a gloved hand and wear a second layer of clothing but these minor things can be over looked and well worth the sport.

When we think of baseball we automatically think spring and summer. So even though it may still be only 40 degrees, or raining you know that what lies ahead is good. Maybe it's the green grass, the hearty atmosphere of those around you while tailgating or all the grills going that make you realize that Milwaukee is coming out of hibernation.

Some of us were not fortunate enough to secure tickets for the home opener, therefore will be gathering for our own tailgate party. This could be the "first annual" . Ben & Nannette have offered their backyard and home to a group of us. In preparation the brats & dogs and numerous snacks have been delegated to some, the onions & green pepper smell is still in my car from my husband painstakingly chopping them and transporting them to Ben, and the beer is being kept cold. The advantages of this event are many, no long bathroom lines, no fights, good food and the company of good friends. All this to welcome the boys of summer!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Comfortable, Or Just Plain Rude?

I haven't been all that impressed with my new supervisor so far. I just haven't gotten the feeling that he's all to happy that he's been transferred over here. It's a situation where he's not familiar with our testing methods but claims he knows what to do but does the testing incorrectly. Yet, he doesn't seem to have the time to learn.

Today was my trainers last day so I had to cram a whole lot of learning into 8 hours. This would be the day he decides to come and ask questions. She left it in my hands. So, here we are standing in an environmentally controlled room and I'm explaining a test method to him , when I hear the all to familiar sound of a fart. (a squeaky one mind you) Him and I were the only two in the room and I'll not lay claim to it. He made no attempt to excuse himself. Then came the smell! Just then my trainer walks in the room and proceeds past us. He had his back to her and she turned around and looked at me. Eye contact made it known that it was him. Still no pardon. This is just wrong. It's not like we've known each other a while or camped together.
After he left I though she was going to blow a gasket. "You'all take your stinky ass out of my room". "Good Lord, that mans got no manners what-so-ever". I have to agree.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fish Fry Review

Once again the fish fry at Bonnie & Dick's gets a 5 star review. I can sum it up with a simple yummy. The apple pie and Leon's custard was the perfect ending. Can't wait until the next one.

My Wii took a poop! In the past several it has frozen up in the midst of a game. I tried several things and it had been good for the past two weeks so I though the problem was solved. Yesterday it started again and freezes up no matter what disc you have in. I called the trouble shooting hot line and explained the problem. The response I got "Ah, that's crappy" wasn't what I wanted to hear. So they emailed me the information to send it in for repair. This was not good as I was told it would be at least two to three weeks to get it back. If it were for the fact that I just wanted to play games I'd be okay with that but I've been on a roll with working out. I couldn't bear the though of getting a lecture from my Mii for not working out for two weeks, so today I went and bought another Wii. Got a Walmart employee discount, which saved me 10%. Then the dilemma was how to save all my workout statistics from the one console to the other. First I was told it couldn't be done. Ha! Never tell a stubborn woman that something can't be done. After 3 hours, a lot of frustration, a few phone calls, help from my 10 year old grandson, and one more call to Nintendo's help desk (a very helpful girl) my Mi person appeared on the new console and my Wii fit profile and statistics were intact. "Color me Happy". I may have gained enough information to help someone else out in this situation. So console #1 is off to repair land. Of course, I'm the only person they've heard of with this problem.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ahhhh..To Sleep In

Or so I thought. I was awaken by my husband fumbling around with his alarm clock at 5am. I was a little groggy so at first I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I damn this alarm clock since the day I bought it for him. He cannot figure out how not so set the alarm. Several times I've seen him put his glass's on and look at the settings. It appears it's easier for him to just let it go off. My mission today, when he's not around is to find that certain setting. It would be the wise thing to do if I ever want to sleep past 5 on my days off. This has gone on long enough. It's either I discover the mystery of the settings or purchase a new and easier alarm clock.

Today looks to be a nice day weather wise. Another "calm before the storm" weekend. Let's look ahead to the fact that one month from now is our first camping trip. It seemed like a good idea back in January. I think we Wisconsin-ites forget that spring doesn't come until well into June. But there is always that one weekend in May where the temperature will hit 80. I'm just hoping for the 60's so I don't have to freeze. There is nothing worse than taking a shower when the outside temperature is 40 something and it's not much warmer in the shower building. This is, of course, if they have the water turned on by them. There should be no worries because I'm sure, as always, we will go and we will have a good time.

Looking forward to a yummy fish fry at the home of Bonnie & Dick tonight. I'm told there will be apple pie also. Right now I'm heading off for at least an hour of work out time to prepare for this feast.