Thursday, November 30, 2006

22 Years of Wedded Bliss!

First of all, I know it's Hmong, but as I explained to someone else, if I'm Crawcasion, they're Mong. I probably should have written that yesterday. Thanks for the further education though JoGoggle.
Today marks 22 years of wedded bliss for A and I. I think we picked a bad date as we've never really done much to really celebrate. It falls when everyone is wrapped up with Christmas, including us. We always plan to go to dinner but it usually falls through somehow. Being in the candy business this is a busy time of the year for him at work. I can't exactly remember how he even got off to get married. My hours are usually screwed up this time of the year also. All in all I guess it really doesn't matter as we seem to have a pretty good marriage. I guess if you don't see each other very much that it keeps things healthy. I'm very fortunate to be married to someone who is very understanding and caring. So what if he nods off in the middle of a conversation once in awhile. One thing that I found quite interesting is that he has recently started to do laundry. I was a little scared at first but he's doing a great job. Things are put away in the right place and nothings turned pink yet. The poor guy probably figures if he wants clothes he better wash them. If I could just get him to cook it'd be great.
That reminds me of another thing..I have not been to the grocery store in almost two weeks now. I was wondering why there was an excess in the checking account. I haven't paid my dues to Pick & Save in awhile. Seeing as I was forced to bring a PB&J sandwich to work the other day as there was no lunch meat or soup left I should probably get my butt there. I'm shocked that they haven't called me yet to see if I switched stores or something. I'lll have to buck up and go shopping with the elderly people tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

12 hours of Education

I came to the conclusion this week that you can learn a lot in conversation by working twelve hour days. It's actually hard to stand next to someone and not talk for any length of time. A good conversation can make the time go by a little faster. But you have to engage in a conversation with those who can actually talk and work at the same time, not someone who pauses and holds you up while gabbing away. Of course at 5am the conversation starts out light as everyone's tired. By mid-afternoon it turns silly as everyone's overtired. Today we learned all about mong's. There are only 18 different last names in the Mong culture. (I retained that). We also learned that they have no real land. This was learned when we were bored of trivial conversation such as "What'd you do last night, and "Hey, it's supposed to snow tomorrow".
There was about an hour long topic on our mothers. Some good, some bad. I guess I really appreciate my mother now. The silly one was calling the maintenance guy Don Juan and seeing the blank look on his face. He had never heard of Don, and was persistant I tell him who he was. The reason we called him this is that he is always hanging around the ladies. The problem is if you want something fixed you have to get him away from the most recent one he's talking to. So I told him to go look up Don and see what he found. 1/2 hour later he returns and recites this whole little story. I think he may have gotten the picture.
There was some bodily functions topics in there and a little conversation about vibrating slippers and the Happy Feet commercial. There was a great idea for manufacturing steel-toed slippers so one's feet would never hurt while standing all day.
The best topic (or it seemed so at the time) was about falling on the ice when walking thru the parking lot. A few years ago we had a girl who fell and was out of work for a week or so. Since this incident our company has come up with a policy for winter parking and safe walking through the parking lot. We make light of it sometimes by warning everyone to walk safe. It is a serious subject, but very repetitive at times. We ended up with a saga of not seeing each other spralled out on the ground and one by one running each other over. We figured they'd be all up in arms on who to give the 3 day suspensions to. Seems like a lot to go through to get a day or two off.
I'm working with the same people tomorrow, so I can only hope that one of us has something of some interest to talk about that will make the time go a little faster.
In the meantime I'm going to rest my aching, sore feet.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Last Day Off

Today is the last of my 5 days off. I sure was busy for not getting much done. Like right now, I'm supposed to be wrapping some presents to get them out of the spare room and here I am blogging. It'll get done.
I've been observing A putting out Christmas lights. He's working pretty hard as a matter of fact. So far there have only been two trips to the store but he's looking mighty grumpy. Guess I shouldn't have mentioned putting them up today to get a jump on things. It always seems like he's out there two days before Christmas getting the lights up. But, behold, this is not an afternoon project. This guy actually has a plan. I stay completly out of this and learned so years ago. I just watch the dial on the meter go nuts when he plugs everything in. I will then get the lecture on how it's once a year and to stop being a miser. So be it..
We had a little birthday gathering to attend last year for my friend I've known since we were 10. Her parents live up the street from us and she now lives up north. We don't see each other often but stay in touch. It was a little funny how I walked into her parents house and all these memories came back. Her mom was always kind of blind to things that were going on so we did get away with a lot. My mom knew instantly when something was amiss. I usually got in trouble but my parents never were one's to call the other parents so she never got caught. Last night her mom brought up the fact that it seemed like I was always grounded. Barb told her that she probably should have been grounded also. Her mom wanted no part of true confessions at that point in her life.
We had received another drunken phone call last night, however I think someone was thrown for a loop as A answered the phone instead of me. We thought about stopping for one after the party but it was 10:30 and we figured the phone call masters would be long gone.
Sorry I missed OMW on his 45th birthday. wish I could have seen his attempt of riding the broken bike home with a pizza. His blog gives a good review of it. Must have been like a laugh in rerun.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmm. Not to Bad

Thanksgiving at my home turned out to be a much smaller group than usual. Although there were some key people missing (K & J) my daughter was in awe as she got a seat at the adult table after 26 years. She did mention that her joy was not all well meant as she did miss her favorite Uncle and Aunt being there. I managed to save them enough side-dishes to bring over yesterday.
It's always been kind of an annual thing for my two sister-in-laws and I to shop on Black Friday. In the past we've been crazy enough to go to the Craft Fair and Southridge. One year we stupidly carted our kids to Best Buy at 6am for a tv which was sold out by 6:02. Of course they only had 5 in the store. One year we also went to Target at 6 a.m. for the "hard to get" Cabbage Patch Dolls, only to find them in abundance. So we quit the early thing, stayed away from Malls and just kind of go whenever. Yesterday we met for breakfast at 7:30 and planned on only going to two stores. The crowds weren't bad. We never had more than two people in line in front of us. Kohls on Howell was the worst. Of course their Early Bird Special went until noon. I walked out of there with two items that were not even on my list. I then sat outside with sister-in-law one and we people watched while waiting for sister-in-law two. That was probably the most fun. As it was nearing noon, we were able to catch the people rushing in to get the goods before the price went up. The hot item seemed to be a DVD player which they had plenty of.
We parted ways at a little after 12 and I ended up hitting a few more stores. I am glad to say that my shopping is 80% complete. Trying to get suggestions from my father is alway a joke, and as usual this year my mother gave me a list for him. The hankerchiefs were not on there this year. This year was a hand held Monopoly game. I have never seen that but she swears that a few years ago my brother bought him one. So, like a dope I searched a few stores and got some interesting looks when I inquired about them. I finally broke down and called my brother who cannot recall ever buying him one. We then came to the conclusion that it was either Yatzee or Scrabble. I then asked my mother again and now she's not so she yell's out to my dad to inquire and he, in his patient answer to my mother, tells her that he never had a hand held Monopoly game.."what the hell are you talking about, you silly old woman". So ends my search.
I went to visit J last night. She's doing very well. Looking a little tired but she's in great spirits.
After a long day, and feeling quite beat I went home and just wanted to veg out and maybe view a little tv. I came home to my brother and his children who have overtaken my living room and were watching a movie themsleves. I then opted for the bedroom tv and found my husband spralled across the bed searching desperatly for the station that Vegas was on. My next option was the tv in the basement or the garage. No DVD players in either area. I felt completly homeless for a second. My homeless wonder was interupted by a drunken phone call from someone. For one small second I pondered getting back in the car and venturing out. I ended up going to bed by 10 with the man who was still desperatly searching for his show.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Day at the Hospital

"She's looking good. I'm very happy with the surgery and am very confident that we got it all." Of course she'll need some follow up but she made a wise decision for treatment and I'm happy that she chose the option that she did". The words of J's doctor last night.
It's been a rough few weeks for her but the little trooper held up. I commend my brother also for his strength. While sitting in the waiting room for a few hours last night, I could just see the strain and worry showing on his face and in his actions. Jiggly boy was nearly shaking the entire room. After the doctor came out and talked to us, his entire face just changed. The tension lines went away. He fired questions at the doctor and I'm pretty sure he wanted to hug her. When they came and told us we could see her I swear he ran. I started to tear up a little at that point because I realized how much he loves her. And rightfully so.
So on this Thanksgiving Day I plan on giving a lot of thanks, because this day isn't just about who got who's land and who ate dinner with who. It's about giving Thanks. Not that we should only Thank Him once a year on a certain date, but this day reminds us of what we should be doing everyday. I know that she would want to extend a huge Thanks to her family, K's family and all her friends for their prayers and support through-out these past few weeks.
Tomorrow, instead of shopping, I think I may have scared J a little by telling her I'm coming to her house to lay on her bed with her and watch movies all day.
We are providing meals on wheels for her and K today. Complete with pumpkin pie. I'm pretty sure she's getting a double dose of that today as her parents were also planning a meal run.
Wishing you all a good day! Don't eat to much.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Power Outage!!!

We were humming along just fine at work last night when all of a sudden...poof. No power! Now usually a person would welcome a power outage, but to us it meant just plain "crap". I have been blessed to work with people who like to keep busy. Time seems to go buy a little quicker. At the time I was in the warehouse carting out some boxes and if it wasn't for the lights on the forklift I would have been totally in the dark (more than I usually am). This happened at 11pm. By 1:00 the lights were back on, however then we lost our server and data logger and could do nothing machine wise. So cleaning it was.
My mind really wasn't on work anyways. My mind was on my friend-a.k.a. Gambino. My mind was on trying to figure out why bad things happen to good people. Is this something we'll all find out someday? In my heart I know she'll be okay. She just has too. She's a very strong person, but even strong people need to break sometimes. We both broke the other night. I knew it was just a matter of time before we both shed the tears. What got to me the most is my husband hugging her. He is not one to share his feelings but he truely cares for her and is shaken by the past months events with her. So I have to ask all of you who read this to take a few minutes today and send some messages up above asking HIM to watch over our friend. I know he'll listen. Then tomorrow we'll all have more to be really Thankful for.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fa La La La La

After a rather hetic weekend I decided to top it off by starting some Christmas shopping this morning. I had a plan : Walmart 9a.m/Southridge 10 a.m-12:30 ish and home by 1 to take a little nap before my 5pm to 5am shift today. Walmart went as planned. I whisked through the store without incident and right through the check-out. I was shocked that there were three open lanes with no one waiting. Three cashiers standing at the front of their checkout lanes calling customers over. I should have seen who would give the largest discount if I came to their lane. I left Walmart at 9:50 and made my way to Southridge. This had to be carefully planned out as I had several stores to go into. I managed to get a parking spot right outside of Penneys. This store was my biggest holdup. I had all my purchases on the upper level made within 1/2 hour. Let's add the time on the checkout, with no one in front of me (15 minutes). I wanted to scream, but kept my cheery composure. Took two large bags out to my car and went back in. Lower level at the same store. Ten minutes for selections-18 minutes on the checkout. Two people in front of me. Off to Hallmark-no problem. On to Vickies- no problem except for the saleswomen that wanted to sell me some stupid gift box for $10.00. Kohls, in and out, no problem. I saved the store I knew would take the longest for last as it's a collectibles store. If the woman would have taken every number off every item I wanted and went to the back room all at once it would have made sense. She got the picture after her second trip back.
This brings me to 12:30. Still not bad. I made one last quick stop at Quality Candy to purchase this years MACCStar.I suggest this to anyone looking for a small gift for someone. It's for a worthy cause and they're only $10.00. To sum it all up I was home 20 minutes later than I planned. (might have been that stop at McDonalds). Now, if I were a secret shopper I would have to rate Penney's the lowest on my scale of shopping today. The cashiers and not friendly and are very slow. I would have to rate Quality Candy (I'm not being partial toward A's work) the highest as the ladies were friendly and gave me a chocolate covered pretzel.
I have no plan of going near any store on Friday. I may drag the hubbie to finish some things up on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That's Crap!

Pretty much says how I feel today. I'm usually a pretty up person and try to keep my darker feelings to myself so as not to drag anyone else down with me. This past couple days I've had my mind on my sister-in-law /great friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing several tests and frustration of waiting for results and calls from her doctor. Right now I am so proud of her for her positive attitude. I also feel very positive about this whole thing, as we made a pact several years ago when she married my brother. I could never have asked for a better sister-in-law and friend. Prior to her coming into our lives I had to bear the brunt of spending many nights at the bar with my husband and brother. Although I had some great times with them something was missing. Fate brought them together (actually darts, but fate sounds so much more interesting). When I found out she camped and wasn't a whimp things really started shaping up. I was fortunate enough to take the two week trip by car out to Vegas to make sure they really did get married (she wasn't getting out of this), and several other vacations which always end up to be a blast. She has made my brother very happy.
Enough of the mushy stuff. All I can say is that she's going to be okay. Like I said...we had a deal!. Who else it going to tell me I have my shoes on the wrong feet or my lipstick is not on my lips or my sweater is buttoned wrong or my wig is on backwards, when I'm senile. Yeah, that's right Gambino/aka Julie our Cruise will be you. We love youu!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Winter Storm

I left Pewaukee yesterday around 4pm into the crappiest weather conditions I've driven in for some time. I thought the lightening show was quite beautiful, but he could have left out the large hail balls that were pounding my truck.
I got to my own driveway around 515 and when I stepped down from my truck I discovered that the driveway was a nice thick sheet of ice. I proceeded to do the shuffle up the driveway. I'm still a little nervous about the hip.
Of course being lately being the last minute person for everything, I hadn't done any grocery shopping or gone to the bank. This pretty much had to be done last night or at 5am this morning and that wasn't happening. To make things fair, I took the hubby with me. He complained about the weather, the traffic, the people in the store and having to walk through the rain and pack the groceries in the car. "Welcome to my world" wasn't exactly the response he was looking for. I then made him stop at McDonalds. I am a avid fan of the McRib sandwich. I know it's only some pressed riblet with sauce but I will partake in them when they are back for a limited time only. I'm sure if it was a regular menu item I would probably not bother with it so much.
Monday is back to work at the shop. It's been an interesting two weeks out in Pewaukee, and I'm glad I got to go. The group I worked with made it fun instead of stressful and the ride was worth it in the end. It was an huge learning experience. Once this whole line gets set up at our shop it should be somewhat exciting yet messy.
Well, we're off to Keshena. Guess I'll have to make a donation.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

So sick of Pizza

I'm not a huge fan of pizza in the first place, but I have to say if I see another slice of pizza in the near future I may scream. During the past two weeks a few of us from work have been working at a company that is building a machine for us. We've alternated lunch between Cousins or Pizza. Cousins at least can give you some variety, but they continue to order the same pizza selection every time. I know I really shouldn't complain as they're buying it for us. Today I had actually packed a lunch but forgot it in my haste to leave this morning. I was hoping that I wouldn't come home from work today and find that my husband made a pizza. Poor guy hasn't had a decent home cooked meal in about 3 weeks with the hours I've been working, but hey, the freezer is full and the cupboards are stocked with items that he can easily make. Besides that I am plain bored with cooking. I find no excitement in it. It's more of a chore to me than anything else. Maybe it's from so many years of doing it, that I just am cooking burnt out. I envy my friend as her husband does all the cooking and prepares these nice healthy home made meals daily. My trade for having a cooking husband would be cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. I don't mind the dishes it's getting the spaghetti sauce off the ceiling that I have a problem with.
We're going to Keshena this weekend with friends. I'm using it more as a get away and relax weekend. Haven't had one of those in awhile. Maybe I'll put a few bucks into a slot machine and see what happens.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

$25.00 Richer= 1 loss

I won a Packer Pool today but I have to say it wasn't worth the loss. I'm still stunned but not shocked by them passing the ball rather than running it in on their last play. Chalk another botched game. Other than that I had a good time with friends. That's all that really matters.

We've been so spoiled at work with a 4-10 hour day work week that it's hard to get back to working Fridays. I feel as if I'm being robbed of my weekend. Don't get me wrong, the overtime is good but the feeling of not getting much accomplished is starting to take over. The part I hate the most is grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. There is no easy way to get in and out of the store in less than 45 minutes, and believe me I do not linger. Yesterday I was behind elderly man "Harold" and his wife in the baking goods aisle when Harold let one loose. His wife gave him Holy Hell for that one. "Harold, you stinky man!" I personally would have used the word bastard just to show how annoyed I was. She then told him to say sorry to the lady. I assured him that I also had a husband who does that but then quickly runs to the next aisle so it appears that I have done the nasty deed.
Did anyone catch the rubber floor Bud commercial during the game? I vote that the winner for the week.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

It May Just Be Miller Time

I'm thinking that by the time I get done with work tomorrow I will be completly exhausted. Two weeks of 12 plus hours a day is taking it's toll on me. At least this week it was not 3rd shift. I've been spending a few hours at our shop and they off to Pewaukee to a company that is building a new machine for us. This is to run trials and be at our Process Engineers beck and call. Today my co-worker and I refered to ourselves as his "clean up bitches". It's been an interesting few days working closely with him and others on getting this whole thing together. It's also been a killer ride home each evening. Coming from Pewaukee at 530 pm is not a good thing.
The thought is in my head to hit a drinking establishment tomorrow night. My fear is that I will have one or two and my head will slowly sink into my glass or bottle. Do I want to stay home and catch up on everything that's been neglected (poor A hasn't had a home cooked meal all week), nah...that's what Saturday is for. I'm thinking if I do this tomorrow night it'll be out of my system, therefore I won't over do it at the Packer Party on Sunday and be hung over MOnday for the start of another 12 hour a day work week. I think I will call that Alcohol Prep and Planning. I'm sure one would say "there's no planning in drinking".