Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Squish and Ouch

Today was the day for the annual squishing. My women friends will probably all agree with my comments. Actually when I arrived there I was a little shocked to find out it's been 1 1/2 years. I shamed myself for that one. For a woman, as much as this test can be life saving it is degrading. Not as much as an anal probe I'm sure but close.
My appointment was at 7pm and I arrived 15 minutes early as instructed. The place was empty. There was a note at the desk to have a seat and someone would be with me shortly. Shortly turned into 20 minutes. I read some article about Kristie Alley's weight loss. It did not really inspire me. I was half way through the "How to Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating" article when the tech showed up and explained that she was all alone and would be right with me. Here's a robe, remove everything from the waist up and have a seat in this chair.
Ten minutes later I was being lead down the looonnnngggg hallway to doom. This woman talked more that anyone I know. It didn't take me long to figure out why she was so behind. When I'm nervous constant chatter does nothing to calm me down. So for the next 25 minutes I was "sweetie and honey". At least the flopping tray and her hands were warm. Her parting words after the ordeal were "Hopefully we won't see you until next year. If there's anything wrong we'll notify you by Friday". This is not true. I had to go back once before and it was over 10 days when they called. I thought I was in the clear that time. Enough said.

On my way home I made a stop at Walgreens as they had an item in the cosmetics department on sale I wished to purchase. This required me having to stand at the cosmetics counter and await help. The girl arrived, I asked about the item. Just then this crabby looking man walks up to the counter with a loaf of bread. I was one second away from asking the clerk to check him out first rather than look for my item when he says "Could I just pay for my loaf of bread before you start going through the entire store looking for what she wants". My first instinct was to reply "Duh...isn't that what the cosmetics counter is for" but I held my tongue and instead I turned toward him and smiled. She checked him out and as he was leaving he looked at me and said "I'm sorry miss, I didn't have to be that rude". I smiled again. He said " Don't smile, you're making me feel worse". I never uttered a word. Just smiled. Bet he thought I was some deaf mute. I prided myself in not lowering myself to combat his rudeness.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Birthday Is Officially Over

I have called an end to the birthday month that my husband usually celebrates. We had the kids and grand kids over for dinner and cake for his birthday tonight. End.

The best part is that my son bought the main part of the dinner. I admire his knowledge of cooking and wonder where it came from. Granted I can cook but he is always trying new things. He made some rib eye's that were the best I've ever had. At first when he told me he marinated them in Italian dressing I was a little skeptical but they rocked. I love a good Rib eye and this is the way I'll be preparing them from now on. I think I may have mastered E's shrimp salad. Of course no one will ever be able to make it as well as E, but I'm close. I freaked my husband out by asking if E put pea's in his. The man hates peas!

It's always a blast to have the grand kids over. This is my turn to watch my kids reactions when they say or do certain things. It's pay back time in my eyes. I love the fact that these 3 are polite 95% of the time. I have to remind the parents that they are kids. We had a good game of ladder golf going and it got better when I told them about the heckling rule. Of course this didn't apply to me. Our dog has tennis balls that she plays with and she was a little confused about the two tied together for ladder golf. It was funny watching her chase our thrown balls until she got mine in mid-air. I'm pretty sure she took the winning point away from me.

It's hard to believe my weekend is over. I managed to get a lot done, but need another day to rest. I am not ready for another 50 hour week. I am sincerely hoping that the AC guy shows up tomorrow at work to get our AC working properly in our area. If not it will be a long hot week. One lousy fan doesn't do much. The weather outlook for the week has be a little scared. 91 by Thursday. I can only hope for a change.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Perfect Shopper

I know I've said this before, but I hate shopping. The only thing worse is shopping with someone else. I wanted to make a quick run to the "Super Saturday Sale" at Kohls to purchase some much needed new pillows. I tried to make a hasty exit only to be asked where I'd be going. Maybe I should have lied and said to the nail salon or something, but I told the truth. I then had to wait for the garage to be closed up and the bathroom run to be made. I'm a freak about where I park in store parking lots. I know the store well. I go in a certain door and have my path planned way in advance. My husband becomes a little upset with me when I point out a spot that is convenient to the door I plan on going in. I'm not in to finding the closest spot. He was in search of new tennies and socks. We entered the store and I started out on my way. I then noticed him following. I nicely told him to go find his shoes and off he went. I'm pretty sure he felt somewhat relieved as this got him off the hook of going through the intimates area. Hint to women...want to loose the guy, take a hasty turn into that area.

After securing what I went for I went in search of shoe man. I found him walking along with new shoes tucked under his arm. I was in awe. Nice shoes and on sale. We then had the sock dilemma. He had checked them out already and needed my approval. It was actually a very legit question. He thought the price of the socks was a little high. I asked him when the last time he purchased his own socks was. I'm pretty sure it was prior to our marriage.

On to the grocery store. Rather than visit our usual P & S we went to one on our way home from Oak Creek. The atmosphere is totally different. I always feel like I'm in Stepford in this certain P&S. There are no rude people, there are no crying children and the cashiers and baggers are all smiling. This on a Saturday afternoon is frightening to me. Something is amiss at this store. Employees walk past you and ask if you're finding everything okay. They offer to take the groceries to your car. They are all either paid extremely well or all criminals on work release.

The trip was completed without any arguments. I stick with the fact that I just hate shopping. I especially don't like shopping with anyone that lolly gags along or follows me. I have a few friends who are the perfect shopping companions for me. We get to a store and don't see each other again until it's check-out time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Meatloaf & Famly

After four days together and a 2 1/2 hour car ride both ways my husband meekly asked me around 3:30 yesterday if I'd heard from his sister. "Duh" I reply. "What about?". He then goes on to tell me that he talked to her a few days ago and she mentioned having a little get together for her daughter's 21st Birthday. In his eyes she said she was thinking about having something. I never heard a word from her. Around 5:30 I get a phone call inquiring as to our where abouts. They're waiting for us. I nicely explain to her that her brother does not pass on messages very well. This is a little known fact but they keep trying. I go on to explain that he said she told him "she was thinking about having something". I then tell her that he will call upon his arrival home from the gas station. He does, and declines.
I talked to my sister-in-law later in the evening and although I feel bad for his niece about not going I'm a little glad we didn't. There's a bit of a family feud going on. This may be why my husband declined. He has nothing to do with it, but avoids drama in any way. In my eyes, you go for the person and put your personal indifference's behind for an hour or so. I have learned my lesson and now stay out of any confrontations and no longer take sides. Life is just too short. Plus I will not be a hypocrite and talk about that person and then smile and be all good to them. Like the saying my dad stole from Thumper "If you can't say something nice, then say nothing at all.
Speaking of meatloaf......My husband prepared a yummy meatloaf tonight. Now I don't want you all to get the wrong idea. He received his training for the meatloaf via cell phone. My ride home consisted of walking him through it. (for all of you cell phone driver haters-I had my earpiece in). A hour or so after eating the meatloaf I came to the conclusion that there will be no meatloaf at camping. I understand that we are in open air, but some people can knock birds from trees with their flatulence. Plus I'm sure there would be some sort of contest and Richard may loose his title of most visits to the john. Sometimes I wonder what I'm thinking by serving these types of food to my husband. But then again I think air makes him gassy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Happens While Camping.......

We were fortunate to have yet another great weekend. The weather cooperated, the bugs (except for daddy long legs) were absent and we were not bothered by raccoons. Once again we had way to much food and the drink was plentiful. I may be on to something here...in the past my fellow campers have instituted the rule that the Jack comes out when the rain comes. They have become a little lax in this rule by going as far as saying they get credits when they are planning the trip and it rains. I have never joined in the drinking of the Jack, but this time said I would if it rained. Not a drop. Could this be the claim to future rain free weekends or will I need to grit my teeth and drink this in the future? We shall see in a month if this will work again.

I enjoy camping at few state parks. I'm prone to liking the ones that are not to crowded. Some state parks have up to 300 or so sites with half of them being very open. Somewhat like camping in an open field. We have found a few parks that we like and will return to. I think next year we'll be adding another one or two into the mix. We do tend to stay within an hour or two from home as no one likes to spend 4 to 5 hours driving to a park on a Friday night after work. When I was younger it was nothing to hop in the car on Friday and drive 5 hours, set up in the dark for just a weekend. Plus with the cost of gas now it takes away from other things you could be indulging in on the weekend.

So tomorrow it's back to work. Hopefully we'll still be cut back to 10 hours a day. This is still a long day but a little more manageable then 12.

Here's to a good week to all!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Much Needed Vacation

On my way home from work last night I had to make a quick stop at Target to purchase a birthday gift for my husband. (it's his Birthday Month). Our south side Target is usually void of any riff-raff and a quick in and out. Last night must have been white trash night. First I see this woman who seemed to be in her 40's struggling to make her way to the check-out with two lawn chairs. The around 15 year old boy walking with her was trying to juggle some balls. I wondered why he would have such little respect for his mother. But then again he could have been an oaf and she feared he'd bump into everything therefore costing her more money.
In the card department I witnessed a woman with several children. She was looking at card, her kids were whipping out cards and throwing them on the floor. It was obvious that she was not paying attention to them. These kids were probably between the age of 6 and 10.
A few aisles down I came upon a family with two kids in the cart. The parents were looking at radios, the kids were just about falling out of the cart. Once again, not paying attention. As I walked past the little girl just about took a dive. I put my arm out and said "Careful there, you could fall". The mother glanced over at me and said nothing. Whatever lady...I suppose the kid would have received a smack if she fell.
Then I came upon something that made my heart melt. A little girl around 5 or 6 with her grandparents. Grandpa wandered off and the little girl was very shaken. She kept telling the Grandma that she thought maybe Grandpa was lost and they should go look for him. Grandma kept assuring her that Gramps wasn't lost. He'd find them. She then said "Grandma, he can't always be the hero. Sometimes we have to help him". She then told Grandma that her mother would be very upset if they lost her dad. This is what makes us forget the bad things we see.
I saw them at the check-out and she very proudly told me that they found Gramps.

I have started a much needed mini-vacation. Well, it doesn't seem like it right now as I'm waiting for the last load of laundry to dry and I've managed to pack. But just knowing that I don't have to drive to work in the morning makes it all seem worth it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


One more day of work this week and I will be on my merry little way to a long and very needed weekend. I don't even care if it rains. I may even partake in a Jack & Coke if it rains. I will do my best to put aside every thing else and just have a great time with my friends. My friend and I from work came very close to stopping off tonight but I had this fear that I would then over-indulge therefore becoming hung over. What could be worse than working 12 hours with a hangover. I'm not a young lass anymore and I'm not sure I could handle it.

I was thinking about that this morning...about how in my younger years it didn't even phase me to stay out until bar closing and make it to work by 7:30 am the next morning. I'm pretty sure there was a day in there that I just came home and plopped. I do remember pretty much going out every night. I worked for a Home Medical Supply Company and did office work. We didn't have to many customers that came to the office, mostly phone work and a lot of clerical. That was back in the day where data entry wasn't on a computer. I'm showing my age now for sure.

We hired some college kids for the summer and one in particular was coming in a 7am every morning obviously hung over. This kid could barely move throughout the day. He was trying to be impressive by telling us how he'd be out until 3am and get 2 to 3 hours of sleep. I have to hand it to him he was never late nor called in. He was just useless and I could tell that everything I tried to teach him was lost in his foggy hung over mind.

In my time at my current place of work I went to work once very severely hung over. It was one of the infamous drunken Sundays. I figured we'd go out for the noon game and be home by 6 or so. Wrong!! At 9:30 my husband reminded my that I had to work at 5am. I think we left around 11 pm (I had to catch the singing of Afternoon Delight). I got up with no problem and I remember it hit me on my way to work. I must admit I was in a fog until around noon. In the future I would make sure I was home early enough to sleep most of it off. Like I said...showing my age.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Much Noise in the Hood

Our neighborhood is drastically spinning out of control. What was once a quiet, mind your own business place is now noisy and spews nosiness everywhere. This morning I woke up to some shrill barking dog and small child yelling. The child was next door, the dog across the street. This dog would continue to bark all day. It's a small dog that looks like if it grew would be a doberman. It just hasn't grown since they got it. They tie the poor thing up in the middle of the yard. It's fine if no one is outside. If the kids come out it starts and doesn't stop. I heard the wife tell the husband to quiet the dog down and he replied that it needs to learn.

At one time the neighborhood consisted of all families with kids and dogs. It was a little noisy, but in a good way. Kids playing in the yard, or in the pool. Fun noise that didn't annoy people. My kids were noisy but it was stuff like "Marco Polo, basketball games, swing set or playing in the pool noise. Not some kid standing in the middle of his yard screaming his fool head off while his parents ignore him hoping he'll stop. That is the child that you take in the house and let them know that when they can act civilized they may join the rest of the family.

After dinner tonight the hubbie and I were sitting on the porch and all was quiet. Within in 10 minutes it started up again. The Arab people next door have 4 children. They are under control. They play in their yard and may yell once in awhile but dad has control on the noise. The Mexican people across the street are the noisy ones. Trouble is going to brew as the man next to them who has been here for 40 years walked out and stood in his front yard just staring at this dog. I was watering my flowers and we exchanged glances. He shook his head and returned inside. He has got to be steaming mad. This guy is Archie Bunker times 10. I'm waiting for the wall to go up between the two houses or the dog to be let free.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I had a tough decision to make this morning. Which tee shirt to wear to work. I have plenty of just plain tee's but today I felt like making some kind of statement. At times we have upper management coming through our line so we have to be somewhat respectable about what we wear. I had already worn the "I'm really excited to be here shirt" and had some sarcastic comments on it. I figured the Betty Ford or I hear Voices shirts wouldn't be a good choice either. The newly purchased Bong shirt wasn't going to fly as I didn't want it getting all full of crap from work. I made my decision when I saw it hanging in the closet. I would wear my "Miller Lite" shirt. I'm already being accused of being an drinker so why not let more rumors fly. One of the first comments made by my co-worker friend was "Crap, you know we have to work 12 hours...what were you thinking dangling that in every one's face". From the departing 3rd shifters I heard "That's where we are headed". Through out the day as I looked in the mirror in the rest room I sighed when seeing the reflection of my shirt. I actually thought about calling home and having the hubbie meet me for a beer because I knew if I went home first I'd stay there. This plan seemed to be rolling until the last two hours of work when everything kind of went to hell. We were short one person and running a new part of the line.

The three of us took a break around 5 and headed out to the picnic table outside. Never has a picnic table bench looked so inviting to me. As we were sitting there I kept imagining myself just laying down on the bench and going to sleep. My body wanted to, but my stupid brain got the best of me and forced me back into an upright position chugging in for the last two hours.

The ride home was pretty smooth until the Hale where Mr. Sheriff was standing outside his car with his radar gun. Like STB's post, one should never hit the brakes, just take your foot off the gas. Well the chain reaction started with the first guy and caused a little bit of a traffic jam. I made a hasty exit one ramp early without incident.

Upon my arrival home I prayed I wouldn't enter the house and find my husband sleeping. That might have been the last straw in my week. Instead I found him watching tv on the porch and after a quick hello and a quick entrance to the house to get my shoes off I saw that the nice guy had actually cooked a dinner. Not a casserole or burger...but chicken breasts, potato's and corn. A real dinner. Either I am really loved or the poor guy was just plain sick of his wife not cooking. I think I shall now go join him on the porch with a beer.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Polish Festival

I have come to the conclusion that my husband is a festival junkie. We went to what is possibly the smallest church festival in Milwaukee tonight and this guy maybe sat with us for 5 minutes. The rest of the time was spent walking from one booth to another purchasing tickets for raffle's. It was freaking hot and we found a table with somewhat of a breeze. Had to drink the beer fast as it was getting warmer. I switched to wine coolers as at least they had ice and stayed cold.
My dad won a ham within minutes of arriving at the festival and then a cheap bottle of wine. I thought my mom was going to blow when my dad gave my brother the ticket for the ham. My brother is single and has no use for an 8 lb ham and gave the ticket back to dad. Then he won his own. Mom & Dad are taking the ham & 10 lb. salami home on the plane with them (she won that).
I think we may have seen the man with the biggest nose in history. He could have just about put Pinocchio to shame. There was a man with what appeared to be one single tooth in the front of his mouth and he must have been damn proud of it because he kept on smiling. Of course this was a Polka Fest so the mixture of people is weird. The older couples that know it's Polka Music only and are out there dancing, the people like us that just go because it's in the neighborhood and usually win stuff, and the people that look really shocked when they find out it's only one band and all Polka music.
The entire time we were there I kept seeing my husband just strolling around. He'd then come back to the table for a minute or two, look through his wallet for tickets he purchased and then head back out. Pretty soon my dad started following his pattern. I knew when he came back to the table and stayed that he was either broke, or won his fill. One ham, one large salami and one bottle of cheap ass wine.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

The day was hot. Unlike my sunburned friends, I managed to just add a little touch of pink. I think my skin is done with sunburn for the year. I suggested to KM that she tan naked in her backyard so as not to glow every time she's out in the sun.
Taking the bus is great. We had a pretty empty bus on the way down and also on the way back. The little girl with the fake dog seemed to have taken a liking to STB, not to mention that she totally took my seat. I'm pretty sure it was so she could get closer to her man. I think Momma had a plan. We did however forget to stop for our Martini.
Spent the day with Mom & Dad & K&J yesterday at our local Casino. I've been there for Bingo and only partook in the slots once for as long as my $20.00 lasted. Yesterday was a different story. I couldn't loose. Mind you it was on a nickle machine but it kept paying me off. I walked out 225.00 ahead. At one point after cashing in Mom and I were debating moving to another area but then she hit and I stuck another $20.00 in and just went up from there. I quit before greed got the best of me.
The family is joining us again tonight for some Chinese food and maybe a fire if it's not to hot yet after dinner. We've decided to make use of our deck this year rather than let it sit idle.
Tomorrow will be a trip to K & J's with a walk over to their local church festival. It's small and they play only Polka music but we always manage to have a good time. Besides, I think my husband needs to stock up on beer and salami.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sauce Saga

Yesterday the family descended upon our home for Mom's Spaghetti and Meatballs. The preparation for this began with mom making 52 meatballs at my house on Friday afternoon. I think she was a little nervous about leaving the giant bowl of meatballs unattended by her until Saturday when they would be placed into Mom's sauce. But they were all there.
Mom gets a little freaky about large meals and will always think she's not going to have enough. She came with 4 large jars of sauce and her other "special" added things and began brewing up this sauce around 230. I stepped away for a moment and returned to find Dad missing. She sent him for more sauce. As I opened my cupboard and showed her two jars I had and explained that she could have just used them she then remarked that she thought she had enough and would just send Dad back to the store to return the sauce. This was just plain silly to me. I assured her that I would be able to use the extra jar by it's expiration date. I could bet all of you money that she will inquire between now and Jul 08 if I have used that sauce yet.

When the sauce was complete and the water for the pasta ready I made the mistake of questioning why she was making 5 lbs. of pasta. I was shushed. I dropped the subject as I could see here sending my poor father back to the store with one box of pasta. Needless to say when all the troops were fed we had around 2 lbs. of pasta left and 3 lonely meatballs. We also had a side of J's Italian sausage & green peppers which has an abundance of left overs also. There's something I could use that sauce in.

It was nice to have the entire family (one missing) together and without fighting. The weather was great and I had a lot of help from dishpan hand J. Mom did put a damper on things by saying this was the last spaghetti dinner she was having. Later it came out that it was because of lack of room. For this delight I guess we can all make the effort to suck it in a little to make room for mom's dinner.