Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When I asked my 51 year old husband what he'd like for his birthday this year I expected him to have an idea in his noggin for me. Some things ran through my head like a new weed whacker or trimmer. He had mentioned a smoker for his grill. I did go looking for that but wasn't quite sure what he had in mind. I then asked for his assistance in finding this. He headed off to the store for something else and upon returning home announced that he changed his mind and wanted a pool instead. I think the pool was more for the kids then himself because that is the kind of guy he is. Although hesitant at first, I gave in and the pool was purchased, set up and filled.

As a kid there was always a pool in our yard. Throughout the years my parents purchased several pools. It was a ritual to uncover and clean the pool over Memorial Day weekend. As it was filling we'd all be eager to swim. It would usually be ready by the the next day but usually the weather wasn't. I can remember sitting on the deck and sticking my feet in to sub-zero temperature water thinking I could handle it. My mom would be the one to lay the law down as my father would say "Hey, if they want to go in, let them go." He'd more often then not join us. I remember the first dive in and how cold it would be. Within a few minutes your body would become numb from the cold and the enjoyment of the pool would take over.

On Sunday after returning from a rather hot weekend of camping we decided to test the waters. Dylan was over and took the first step in. I watched his face for signs of frigid water but his expression didn't change. I stuck my foot in and instantly felt the coldness of the water. After standing on the ladder for a few seconds and being heckled by my grandson I took the plunge. Yes, it was a blast of cold water and a blast from the past. The air outside was 92 while the pool water was 74. It took a few minutes to adjust but as in the past the enjoyment of the pool took over.

When buying the pool I wasn't sure how the kids would react. It's not a huge pool (39 inches by 15 ft). I thought they might not get much enjoyment out of it. Yesterday I couldn't get them out of it. I went to bed around 9:30 and Michelle and the kids were still in the pool. Might have been a good idea on my husband's part. I just hope he'll be able to get in it once in awhile. I also think that next year we may need a bigger pool.

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Hot One

Yesterday when I got home I had two cats and Sadie waiting at the door. I think they smiled when I got home. Either that or they were trying to rat each other out for something. I checked out the house and nothing was amiss so in my head I'm telling myself they were happy to see me. Bella's been gone for a few days and I think she must be the social director as they usually don't greet me at the door.
When my alarm rudely went off at 3:20 this morning both cats were on my bed and sprung up as soon as I got up. Sadie was laying at the foot of the bed and also woke and followed us out of the room. Couldn't be the need for food or water, all the bowls were full. I gave them fresh water and got a nudge from Sadie and a meow from the cats. They were all clustered by the bathroom door when I came out my shower and proceeded to follow me around. I let Sadie out to do her business and the two cats sat by the door waiting. I was beginning to wonder if they're trying to tell me something. Am I sick and they feel they need to be lovable so they can get a free pass in also? Are they waiting for me to leave to start the daily ruckus? Are they bored, or missing Bella? Whatever the answer to this is, it's just weird to have all three of them follow me around. Especially the evil Lilo. You can pet her to your hearts content but if you try and pick her up she will give you a piece of her mind. She's a true cat bitch. But as I sat down to check emails, she jumped up on my lap. Something is up I tell you. Bella will be back today and I'm sure she'll set them all straight. Usually she is the attention seeker and will butt in between whoever is currently receiving attention. She's an attention hoarder. That could very well be the answer. The big Momma is gone and the other guys want some attention.
Heading out for a hot weekend of camping (weather wise that is). Mother Nature has already been cursed by someone, so it's quite possible we may seek the nearest air conditioned bar for a break from the heat. At any rate it'll be good to get away and have a relaxing weekend.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


We received a flyer in the mail the other day from our Neighborhood Association. I felt a little out of sorts at first because in the 19 years we've lived in our home I never knew we had a Neighborhood Association. It seems to be just a bunch of neighbors that get along. Sure you have the occasional griper but I'm not aware of any feuds going on.
We seem to be a neighborhood where everyone minds their own business, yet watches out for each other. When the hoodlums came through with their paintball guns, we all got hit. When the storms ripped through a few years back, we all helped each other move tree branches and returned lawn furniture to it's rightful owners. There are the friendly waves and idle chit chat or talking over the fence. We're pretty good friends with our neighbors to the south and across the street. The people who's backyard butts up against ours are a little on the snobby side. This goes back a few years when she wanted to pull the fence down. I had commented that if she did choose to pull it down that we'd be putting another one up for our dogs. She was all about matching the fences and wanted to "pick out" the fence we'd be putting up. It's chain link now and she didn't like that I said I'd be putting chain link back up. I'm pretty sure the fence issue is over. Plus they have a dog now, but I think it goes to the bathroom inside, as we never see it in the yard.
So, back to the letter. We can join the association for $10.00 per year. We then can be involved in the block party, movies in the park and Friday night round robins. The round robins are explained as "one family per week (Friday) opens their home/yard to other members. The round robin starts at 6:30 pm and ends by 8. The host is not obligated to put out food or drink, people are expected to have eaten before coming over. You are allowed to bring your own beverages, however if you need to keep them cool you must bring your own cooler. If the host chooses to allow people to stay longer they can, but as a visitor you must not over-stay your welcome. I didn't see much problem with this. This is basically to get to know each other and discuss any problems in the neighborhood and to solve them. Well, that is where I had the slight issue.
Like I said, we've lived here for 19 years without any major problems. Yes, I would like to be informed of any incidents involving crime in our area. I passed the flyer onto my daughter as the kids would probably enjoy the park events they have posted. Maybe she can find a nice husband.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Such A Waste

I have a friend, Kellie, that I have known well for about 28 years. We became friends when I began working at a packaging company right after my daughter was born. She was going through a break-up and I was going through a divorce. We clicked right away, thus began a good friendship.
Both of us had some serious financial hardships (dead-beat ex's that wouldn't pay support) and within two years of working together decided to move in together. The main goal was to get out of debt and actually be able to open a savings account. We worried that working together and living together would put a strain on our friendship, but for the most part things worked out well. We managed to make a good situation out of a bad one. We still look back on those years and find so much to laugh about.
With my son starting 1st grade I made the move back to the south side. It was hard to tell her, but we had both achieved our goals. We remained friends and still socialized outside of work.
Met our husbands and stood up for each others weddings. We didn't see each other as much but talked often. Any social events we were at together were always fun. We caught up on the kids doings. She had two more children after marrying. Our husbands got along great which is always a plus. They're also very much alike.
We saw each other in the sad times also. Her father who was her idol in life passed away, my brother passed away.
Her son was in trouble. At 15 they discovered he was using prescription pain killers. This girl wasn't having it and was extremely upset that she didn't see the signs earlier. They took him to rehab several times, they tried the tough love approach, they racked their brains and their pocketbooks to help him. She thought they had succeeded as he was passing drug tests and got through high school. He was arrested for possession with intent to sell. He went to jail and back to rehab. Again they emptied their wallets to help him. I talked to her several times through out the years they went through this. She was tired and hurting. Her and her husband stuck together on this. At 20 years old they got tougher. They booted him out of their house. He went to live with his older sister and husband and they thought he was doing better. About 8 months ago he went back to jail which they got him out of and into an in-patient rehab program. After getting out he started his life over again without drugs. He went to counseling and seemed to be on the up and up.
On Sunday he died of an overdose. My heart goes out to my friend & her husband. I called her on Tuesday after finding out and thought I'd be at a loss for words. I didn't need to say much. Josh is now at peace.