Thursday, May 27, 2010

Open Your Wallets

It's that time of the year again. The time that WKLH holds it's annual Miracle Marathon for Children's Hospital. We need to open our wallets and donate for the kids. You can wait for the power hour when a certain company will match donations, you can donate a lump sum or you can choose the $20.00 for 12 option. It that doesn't suit your fancy you may also partake in the live auction. I've viewed this and found several summer music packages that may appeal to some.

Then if you really need a push toward donating you can tune in and listen to some live interviews from those with good outcomes and those with not so good. They all have the same thing to say in the end, and wouldn't be taking time to share their stories if they didn't think Children's Hospital was an outstanding facility.

We as a family have made several trips to Children's. We've been blessed with having the outcome of each visit be good. Years ago my son was involved in a pretty bad car accident. As he was 16 years old he was taken to Children's. I have nothing but good to say about his continuous treatment over 2 years and the staff that took care of us. At 2 years old Dylan spent several days in Children's for a blood issue. Can't say anything but good about the care and concern given at the hospital.

Bottom line is..we all know someone who's child has visited Children's Hospital and I'm sure in the future will know of more. Donate...It's the right thing to do.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Another trip to Menard's is in order. This time to return the ceiling fan purchased the day before. It appears the fan only runs with a remote. I commend my husband for telling me before he installed it. I just don't think we need to search the house for yet another remote to turn a fan on. Apparently we should have read the foreign language on the box a little better prior to purchasing it. I picked up one that would more fit our needs at my local WalMart last night. Problem solved.

On to baseball. A good majority of Dylan's games are at a later time this year. When I saw the 7:45 start last night I had second thoughts on going. I have an early start this week and was really beat due to lack of sleep the past few days. The time rolled around and my final decision was to go. Barney told me to go and if I got tired I could leave early. I knew that wouldn't happen.

The game started out bad. The first inning had them down 4-0. They were hitting but the Sox were quick and accurate in fielding. The A's (Dylan's team) stranded a few in the first 3 innings. As all the kids are given a chance to play Dylan sat out the first two innings. He came on in the 3rd and hit a double and two batters later was driven in. 3-1 end of 3rd inning. Sox score 1 run in the 4th and manage to get out of a bases loaded situation with a 2nd to home double play that had the stands on their feet. 5th inning- A's have bases loaded and 2 outs. Dylan hits to the outfield and 3 runs score. He ends up on 2nd and then on a wild pitch gets to 3rd and then is driven home. They held them the rest of the game. Final score 5-4.

In the end I made the right decision by going and staying for the entire game. So what if Grandma's a little tired today. The game was played well and the game ball went to Dylan. I admire his modesty in saying his coaches should receive the ball for their coaching, hard work and patience with all of the kids on the team. "But I'll just take it".

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Wanderer

Ever wonder why when one thing you own breaks and requires repair that other things will soon follow suite? It started with my truck making a noise for the past few weeks. It would only happen once in a while and therefore was hard to diagnosis. Well of course it decided to act up when we left for camping. My plan was to take it in Monday morning. My husband had other plans and after talking to our neighbor (a service manager) found the problem and fixed it for $10.00 and a few hours under the truck. My hero..he save us at least $100.00. Well we all know when you save on one thing that something else will break. In our case it was the ceiling fan in our dining room. I went to turn it on after work yesterday and it had one speed-super slow. Then it began to make a grinding noise and just stopped dead. Once again Mr. Fix-It to the rescue only this was a lost cause. This would require a trip to our local Menard's as the light also went out.

Menard's wasn't exactly on my list of things to do last night, but I we decided to kill two birds with one stone and get some other things needed for the yard and repairs. Once there we went right to the ceiling fans which took about two minutes to irk me. I had no problem finding a fan from the tons they have on display, but apparently we should have brought along someone able to read another language. Every box we looked had the Spanish side of the box facing out, requiring us to turn each box in order to read it. Now to be fair, maybe they could have turned 1/2 the boxes with the English language facing out. I saw this as not only a huge inconvenience to a customer, but also a safety hazard. There was an elderly couple also looking at fans and he was having a problem lifting and turning the box so he could read it. I realize a company wants to appeal to all customers (money is money) but is it to much to ask that they appeal to the natural origin customers also? BTW the ceiling fan ended up costing as much as the savings on the truck.

We then went along our way, picking up a few things and then it was on to the paint department. I suggested I wait for the paint while he went to get the last thing on the list. I told him that I would come over by him after waiting for the paint. As he walked away I knew I had made a mistake...again. From where I was standing I had a clear view of him walking toward the window area. I saw him take two detours then I lost sight of him. After securing the paint I started off toward the window area. I did not detour, but rather stayed in the main aisle and glanced down each window aisle. Not a sight of him. I ran into a neighbor , a former co-worker and the Dillers. Staying in the main aisle I chatted with them for a moment while still keeping my eye out for him. As they walked away they promised to send him my way if they spotted him.

I continued to look around in the area and then I pulled out my cellphone. I'd had enough at that point. As I was making the call I spotted the Dillers once again and saw that they were sending my lost husband toward me. He was on the complete opposite side of the store. Back by the paint. I saw he was carrying a roll of tape and wondered if he had ever gotten over to the windows at all. Turns out he had no luck in that area and rather than coming back to the paint area right away he stopped to look at a few things. As we were walking toward the check-out I lost him two more times. You would think by now I would learn my lesson in going to the store with my husband. I think I go with him because I fear that if he goes alone he may not come home for a few days and I would really miss him.

Monday, May 24, 2010

That Was Just What I Needed

It had been 8 months since we had been camping. Last season we ended up canceling the last two trips due to weather and changes in plans, so I had been looking forward to this trip. When I woke up Friday morning to rain and fog I didn't even care. But luck was on our side as by the time we left it had cleared up.
Once we got to our destination everyone went about their own little duties of setting up camp. One by one others arrived and within no time things were set up and people were relaxing with a beverage of choice. The rest of the weekend went well. Beside one or two useless June bugs we weren't bothered by bugs unless you want to count the few ticks that were found on shoes or socks. The only critter we saw was a chipmunk that took an interest to the peanut shells that didn't make it into the fire pit.
The weather was great. A little toasty on Saturday afternoon but those who did not care for the sun were able to find shade. As usual the food was good and the silly songs made up about the food drew plenty of laughter.
The most enjoyable part of the weekend was my ability to sleep straight through the night. Both nights I heard or woke to nothing until 7 hours later when the sun hit the camper. There were no trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I slept through someones car alarm, barking dogs and others getting up. I woke up well rested and feeling pretty good. My hubbie also noted how well he slept. We discussed this on the way home and I suggested he set up the camper in the driveway and we'll just sleep out there. Who would think that sleeping on a piece of plywood with a thin mattress would give you such comfort?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Her Momma Is a Hooker

Ah the knowledge and innocence of 12 year olds. Since my daughter has returned home we see the girls more often and have become involved in their every day lives. The highlight of dinner usually starts out with the daily gossip but I try to turn it into what they may have learned in school that day. In the past eight months I've come to know some of their friends and listen to the frustrations that 12 year old girls have. I now know the boys they have secret crushes on and although I continuously tell them they are much to young to think of boyfriends yet, I still listen to "just how cute he is" and "he ate lunch at my table" or "he asked so and so about me". Come on, we all have to remember back to that stage of life.

Yesterday I picked the girls up after school and in route I spotted this girl about their age walking down the street. I had to do a double take. This girl was a little chubby and had on some short shorts with a belly top. May have needed a size or two bigger because she was hanging out all over. The jean shorts were barely covering her butt and the bright yellow shirt exposed quite a tummy roll. What made me really look was the bright orange spike heeled shoes. Both the girls expressed shock at what she was wearing and then both looked back and said "Hey, she didn't have that on at school". They said she was dressed normal at school and had flat shoes on. They commented that she must have changed her clothes after school. Then one of them says " You know they say her momma is a hooker". Grandma double take. Should they know what a hooker is at this age? Well they don't because the "Grandma, what is a hooker? question came next. I did my best to explain and added that they would never hold that profession. I also commented that if I was ever driving by and saw them dressed in that way that they would be in the car so fast they wouldn't know what hit them. I was told I'd never have to worry about that. Let's just hope so.

29 hours from now I should be in the car in route to the campground. I'm really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The weather is still looking promising. If not, I don't really think it will be a problem. I'm just looking forward to a good weekend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FT 9005

Yes, that is you. Mr. Litterbug. I had the pleasure of driving behind you on the freeway this morning and discovered that you must either be quite the chain smoker or felt the need to empty your ashtray along the way. The three or four cigarette butts that came out your window and toward my truck irked me a tad. I'm not a butt flicker so I have no tolerance for people that do. Use an empty water bottle or ashtray and then take the time to empty it in the proper place. So if that wasn't enough you felt the need to toss your empty coffee cup right out your window. WTF! Carry a small trash bag in your car for these things. Good thing you exited because Lord knows what was going to come flying out next. Our city streets & freeways are not a giant garbage can and should not be used as such. Do you think you have people for that?
Done with that soapbox and on to the next...

Let's talk rude people for a minute. I'm at the local WalMart and walking in the entrance. Guy is coming out with his cart. First off I am going in the door clearly marked "Enter". He is coming out the "Enter" door. He's not moving to the side, just walking right through the middle. I figure he's not going to move so I move to the side. As he walks past I politely say "excuse me" to which he answers "F You". I was a little floored and wondered what I had did wrong and my moment of confusion turned to anger and I nicely replied " F You Too Asshat". Didn't feel any better after I did so. I wasted words on a jerk. Apparently I wasn't the only confused one because Mr. Cart Giver-outer had the same confused look that I did.

On a lighter note...3 more days until the first camping trip of the season. It's been a long 8 months. I think making a list may be in order to ensure nothing is left behind. First non-drinkable item on the list will be my shiny new flashlight. Then of course come the other essential items- cold cup, Lawn chair, some clothes, blanket, pillow, shower shoes, notice there is no rain gear in this list, that's because there is not rain in the forecast (for now), I guess some food would be a good item to pack also, a book, some rag magazines, toothbrush, comb, a hat, and that's all I have for now. Three days.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Call In The Family?

In any failed relationship there are two sides to the story. When my first marriage failed my parents were instant on my moving back home. There I went with two kids in tow. I appreciated it then and to this day still do. I didn't tell my parents all the details of the marriage because I -#1 didn't want my father to do injury to the father of my children and I felt I was old enough to handle my own problems. He pulled some pretty nasty crap after I moved back home and I often wondered why my father didn't go nuts on him. Instead he kept his cool and later I realized that he did so to not badmouth him in front of his children. Believe me, he voices his opinion now.
We have a similar situation now. My daughter has moved back home. She shares custody of the twins. I have tried to remain neutral in the situation siting the "two sides to every story" theme. He's pulled some crap like loosing their tax return to a student loan he swore he paid off, not telling her about the state refund (swearing it never went in the account) and promising her money and having some bullshit excuse when he can't pay her. Problem is he likes to spend money. He likes to go to Cigar bars and buy expensive booze. The final straw came this weekend. In lieu of some money she had borrowed him last year he made the agreement to continue to cover her car insurance for 1 year. On Saturday she found out he hasn't paid it in 6 months. 6 months she's been driving around with her kids and no insurance. To some people this is no big deal but to me it is. Her car is parked now until her doctor releases her to drive but we are now in the scramble to insure her car. But of course there is a road block as Mr. Responsible cannot locate the title so we can have his name removed, switch it to our name and insure her car (much cheaper rate) which now means a mess at the DMV. Not my favorite place to go but it is what it is. My problem is having the will power to not open my mouth in front of the kids, so I found my latest release is working outside. This could be a long summer and I could have a beautifully landscaped yard when all is said and done. I think it might be less stress on me to call in the family. Ooops, did I say that out loud.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who Opened The Flood Gates?

We really do need this rain so I really shouldn't complain. Right now it doesn't bother me because I'm at work and can't do much outside anyway. Just wondering if Dylan's first baseball game of the season will be rained out tonight. I just heard the rain is to diminish early this evening with a high of 47 degrees. I foresee one large mud puddle of a baseball field. To the boys it might be fun. To the observers it could be a little uncomfortable.
Sounds a little silly seeing as I stand outside and watch him play football in the rain and cold. My logic in that is it is later in the season and I expect it to be cold and rainy. I guess only time will tell today whether or not I will be sitting on the bleachers in the cold and rain cheering his team on.
I was going to write about our fridge at work today but I see my friend Super Steve has already written a blurb on his work fridge. I just have to say that ours is nasty. It's been said that it was cleaned out last Friday but I have my doubts. We are told that on cleaning day "all containers, bags, and leftover food will be thrown away". The same cottage cheese container from a month ago is in there. There is a bag of cantaloupe cut up that has turned to mostly all juice. Our fridge is now used by more than 15 people. Some office personnel have just moved to our area and with it came their lunches, water bottles and bags of food. Plus, when a fridge is cleaned out wouldn't someone wipe the shelves clean of the ketchup goobers. I'll just keep my little lunch tote on top of the fridge as always.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Headache Gone

I woke up this morning to the birds chirping and a nice breeze blowing in my window. It was almost as if the morning went out of its way to greet me. As I went about my morning rituals I found myself it a very good mood. Packed my lunch which included a Jell-O pudding (one of many that I received as a birthday gift), fed the dogs and off I went.
The ride in was good as there isn't much traffic at 5 am. I found myself singing along with the radio and didn't even have the dreaded Monday morning feeling. Got to work, did a few things and at 7 went out to the line for the daily production meeting. My mood was great! My headache was gone! Yes, the headache in the form of a person has been transferred from our department. No longer will I need to listen to her complaining or witness her mood swings. It could be better noted as the thorn in my side has been removed. See, good things do come to those who wait!.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Plan

Yesterday I made a plan for today. It was simple. Go to Dylan's baseball game, come home and lay out on the deck in the new lawn chair my husband purchased for me for my birthday. This is what really happened:
Got up at 7:30. Phone call a little bit later that mother in law was having issues with her lawn mower. My husband said he'd stop in the afternoon and check it out. Got to Dylan's game by 9. Throughout the game I made note of the weather. By the time I would get home the air would be warmer and the conditions would be perfect for an hour or so on the deck with good book and maybe a nap. Left the game at 10:45 and mentioned to my husband that he should stop at his mother' s house on the way home instead of making another trip. My first mistake. We pull up and see his niece and sister by the garage with the hood open on the niece's truck. Didn't pass emissions and they were trying to replace a part. Of course Barney got right in there. During the stop I received a phone call from my grand daughters who had a tragic story. It appeared that their friends were all going to the mall and the friends mother was suppose to pick them up however got called into work. She was willing to pick them up but wouldn't be staying with them. Of course my daughter would not be able to take them as she can't drive nor walk around the mall and didn't want them going without parental supervision. Some sucking up was done to get me to go. Figured I could kill two birds with one stone and do the mall walk and return an item . This could delay the original plan. An hour later we left the mother in laws house with the lawn mower in the back of the truck. The impatient girls were waiting and we took off for the mall. I walked the mall they walked around with their friends. I gave them one hour and them were good with it. Upon leaving the mall I noticed some clouds forming. My plan was starting to fizzle out. Got a call to please stop and pick something up on the way home. Another 10 minute delay.
Turning the corner of my street I saw there could still be some hope for my plan. Parked and got out of the truck and walking up the driveway I hear the neighbor call out my name. Damn!
1/2 hour long driveway conversation. Made it into the house with one thing on my mind. Here it is now 3 hours later and my plan has been completely wiped out. "what time is dinner" I think if I get up early enough tomorrow I can pack my chair in my trunk and find a nice secluded spot somewhere. The phone will be accidentally left behind.