Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What the Hell?

I read an article in our Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning regarding a child whose parents were being charged with abuse due to burning the child with a spoon. As I continued to read this article it stated that the mother heated up the spoon for 10 minutes before applying it to the child's skin. What goes through these peoples heads? In that 10 minutes wouldn't one begin to think more rationally? What is the purpose of this, and what will it solve? What happened to a good old smack on the ass and being sent to their room? If I were the judge instead of putting these idiots in jail I'd make them suffer the same abuse. Lock them in a room with nothing but a mattress, put them in some scalding water, burn them! I don't know how anyone can be so out of it that they can do these things to kids. It doesn't solve a thing. There are so many agencies out there that will help. Hell there's childless people who will take these kids off your hands and treat them right.

I work with a girl who talks about how she beats her kids. I asked her once " Are you talking beat or spank?". "Beat" she says. She claims she was beat and a better person for it. She was beat, left home, married some jail bound junkie and divorced him 5 years later and then found the Lord. Is she a better person because she was beaten or because she grew up? I'm waiting for the day the welts are noticed at school. This is just my beef, I can't stand hearing about that crap anymore.

On a lighter note : What the heck happened to Bradley Tech?

Monday, January 29, 2007

He Chased the Dog out of the Room!

Had a pretty decent day yesterday. The kids were all over for a dinner of Mexican food prepared by my son and I. It was quite tasty. I did observe my husband going for seconds on the Chili Cheese Burritos that Shawn made and wondered how gassy he'd be later. Seeing that just about everything he eats emits gas I figured it really didn't matter.

I was pretty tired so I opted to go to bed around 8pm. Around midnight I woke up to this God Awful rancid smell. My first fear was that we didn't hear the dog, but she's so past pooping in the house. Then I heard he crying at our bedroom door and feared she shat in our room. I kid you not this was bad! I was a little afraid to get out of bed for fear of stepping in something, when I heard it. A loud, yet slow release of gas from the person next to me. I wanted to smack him but figured even that smell would wake the dead. Not a movement except for more releases. Good God! I had to leave the room. I came back with Frebreeze in hand and sprayed the room and him. He never budged. I sprayed more so I could at least stay in the room and continue my nights sleep. I slept with the bottle next to me. The dog then came back in.

When I got home today he asked me if my stomach was feeling okay. Appears he had a little stomach ache this morning. I told him of his gas and driving the dog out. I think his chest puffed up a little as if he was proud. "I drove the dog out" was his reply with a little giggle.

There are some leftover burritos in the fridge that I am tempted to throw away rather than wake to that smell again.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday is Catch Up Day

Saturday is not supposed to be catch-up day for me, Friday is. Since we've been working Fridays it almost like I have had one day of the week taken away from me. It was nice getting all my shit chores out of the way on Friday and having the entire weekend to relax and do whatever. I spent the day today doing laundry, cleaning and my most dreaded chore of them shopping. It was close to 3pm when I got there so it wasn't crowded, but I was once again slowed down by the hubbie. I think a few more trips together and he should have the routine downpat. I told him today if he feels the need to stroll that he should get there ahead of me to scope out what he wants and have it ready. I surely know that if I ever need to get him out of my hair for a few hours I can send him with a list.

After a loooonnnnggg week at work a few of us came up with a plan to stop for a quick one after work. The quick one turned into 2 1/2 hours and probably 6 beers. I completly lost track of time and received a phone call from A wondering where the hell I was. Oops. I had called him earlier but there was no answer. I guess leaving a message would have helped. It is a good thing he called though as we did have plans and if I would have stayed much longer I may have had to call him for a ride. At the bar they were talking about some bar that has an All You Can Drink for $10.00 until you have to pee promo. Now I'd have to prep myslef for that one. I can usually drink about 4-5 before I have the urge to go. Sometimes I have to go after the first one. So I'm thinking it would be worth it to me if I could hold 6. But then, how do they know when you pee? Is this on the honor system or what?

One of the guys that stopped with us last night cannot hold his liquor. I have seen him drink several times before. He turns into this limber worm looking thing. Jo can probably back me up on this one. He was trying to stand straight and I couldn't figure out how someone could bounce around so much and not spill his drink. I can't figure out what was funnier, him moving around or the other people trying to catch his drink or get out of the way so they wouldn't get doused.

I have 8 more Saturdays to get out of my house or be subjected to the boarder family. Tonight we are going to K & J's pumpkin Lounge for some cards. Last night K came up with the idea to also have J's parents come. He slightly mispronounced his mother-in-laws name as :Conswallow instead of Constance. Good thing I wasn't drinking at the time. I'm sure C is going to love her new nick-name. (we did ask J if she could picture it)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lottery Pool

Seeing that the Power Ball pool is way up there again we started collecting for tickets at work on Monday. One by one the people were joining in with the fear that if the group actually won, they'd be stuck there alone. (I put my boss in as he was sick Monday and I knew we couldn't leave him behind). We've been very busy and very stressed at work for the past two weeks, so as this week went on we had a few more jump on the bandwagon. If by some slight chance we should win a bulk of money there may be only 4 people still working. I did have one very cheap girl tell me that she wasn't getting in on it because she knew we'd take care of her. "Fat chance Toots" ran through my head. She is the laziest person I have ever worked with. You want to be in fork over your money.

I started to think about what I would do with a bulk of money and I came up with a few things:
Get a lawyer
Take care of both our families in a lump sum payment. When it's gone, it's gone.
Take my sisters, daughter and close friends to some ritzy spa for a month.
Buy my husband his stupid yellow Hummer so he could drive around looking like an idiot.
Travel and see the entire USA.
Find a house somewhere warm
Find a house up here somewhere.
Donate to a charity of my choice
Buy Pete a new bar so I'd have some place to
Have one big ass party

That's about all I could come up with for now. I'm hoping not to go bankrupt or have a million scandels like that hick guy who got robbed several times. Sometimes having to much money can be a bad thing. But I can dream can't I?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

68 More Days

The countdown has begun. March 31st, not April 1st is moving day for the boarder. As I woke this morning to the usual Sunday morning sounds of my brother and his girls and their Sunday morning routine that thought entered my head. I wondered to myself how many Sundays I've layed in bed and listened to the usual conversations. There must have been many as I can answer them in my sleep:

"Dad, get up" "Yeah, Yeah, I'm up" (this repeats at least 5 times)
"Dad, what's for breakfast?"- (why do they ask, it's also some sugar coated cereal unless I get up and make them some french toast or eggs)
"ohhh, dad, I'm telling Auntie Aleta"- this either means he spilled something or overflowed the coffee pot"
"Shelby, get in the shower"- this is ten minutes of things falling in my bathroom and a yell for a towel (would it make sense to have this ready for her)
Shelby get out of the shower-more crashing and usually back in the shower to rinse the soap out of her hair.
Then there's a whole getting dressed routine. At 8 years old she still tells you she can't put her socks on. I'd let her go home barefoot.
I usually get up then and sit with her while he takes a shower otherwise she stands outside the bathroom door and yells things to him. They are like a tornado coming into our house and a tornado leaving. There is no organization and usually two or three trips back in to get something they forgot.

I layed in bed this morning and watched my husbands eyes roll back into his head. I think there may have been some steam.I said to him as I got up- 68 more days dear- 9 more Sunday mornings. There was the hint of a little smile there.

And now it is quiet. Not that I like it that way all the time but I can't take 4 to 5 hours straight of noise. Now that this room will be empty we need to make a plan. I opt for completly removing it from the house. I think A and I are going to practice saying NO for the next few years. I have to keep thinking positive as with our luck there will be someone waiting on the doorstep on March 31st. I'm sending them on to South 9th Street.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A great Man

I have a freind that I grew up with. By grew up I don't mean from when we were little kids, I mean from when we were in our mid 20's. I met her when we were both working in the same hell hole. I was recently seperated from my husband and she was trying to get rid of her dead beat live in boyfriend. After working with her for a year or so and many after work beers we came to the conclusion that moving in together would benefit both of our broke asses. She booted out the dead beat and I moved in. I had my two kids and she had one daughter. The kids thought it was great as this began the every morning adventure of what could they have possibly gotten into now. We worked nights and started out with one sitter that would come to our house. After about 3 months of her being late, feeding her boyfriend and making his lunches off our weekly allowance of food and screwing us out of money we let her go and went on to taking our kids to my friends house. This meant picking them up every night at 1230. They'd be wide awake and we'd be dead tired. These kids would then get up at the crack of dawn and get into everything. Our girls invented the Maxi Pad ski. We had this never ending hallway and they sprinkled powdered sugar down the hallway and proceeded to attach the maxi pads to their feet and have a ball. To her and I of course this was at first funny and then turned to grasping the fact that they used a whole box and those suckers were expensive.

People would come over and think we were the cruelest mothers in the world as we had a lock on the fridge and the cupboard door. We had to or there would be a food fest every morning. We were poor, we couldn't afford for them to pour 1/2 gallon of milk on the floor or feed the cat leftovers. These adventures would be by 6am in the morning. We tried for awhile to take turns on 6am patrol only to find if we got up they didn't.

I lived with her for about 2 years. In that 2 years we both recovered from financial doom to getting our heads above water , each bought a decent car and had money in the bank. We figured we were doing okay when one day we were able to take the kids out to eat twice in one day. I remember the day I told her I was going to be moving back to the south side as my son was going to school there and the commute daily was rough. We both cried. But it was time for each of us to get on our own. We still worked together and went out together.

It's been 23 years and to this day we have remained friends. We were at each others weddings and of course giving the message to the new husband to "take care of my friend". We see each other at weddings and unfortunatly funerals. Kellie's dad passed away last week and his funeral was yesterday. The entire time I have known her we shared the same thoughts on our fathers. They had the most influence in our lives. When we would need help with household fixings it was either one of them we would call. They didn't just come and fix these things, they showed us how. They had equal hugs and hidden candy in their pockets for each of the kids.

Her dad had cancer and it spread throughout his entire body. She never told me until she wrote a little note in her Christmas card. Her husband called me the other day to give me the news.
Kellies family is very close which is a great advantage for her mom. At the service the grandchildren got up and spoke of their Grandfather. I was impressed but not shocked at how well they got through it. I'm not quite sure I'd be able to get through a speech like that without breaking down. Then again, I think people would not expect you too.

To my friend I say I am so sorry for your loss. Your dad was a great man, a loving father and like my dad knew exactly what to say to get us on the right track.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well Color Me Happy

Boarder Brother came home today and told me he had news and wanted to wait until a better time to tell me. Well, five minutes later he told me that he will be vacating my home on April 1st. I tried not to cry....seriously...I smiled. I did tell him to make sure he's set as once he's out this is it, he'll have to go to K & J's instead of back here.

It's just those little things he does that are frustrating to me. Like leaving the sliver of bar soap in the bottom of the tub, like leaving a trail of crumbs across the kitchen and leaving his clothes in the dryer for 3-4 days. Yesterday I had appointment which happened to be next to National Bakery in New Berlin. I had to kill some time so I went in a got some lunchmeat and 4 doughnuts. When I brought them home I told A to eat the one with the nuts so I wouldn't have to sweep the floor after D ate them. Low and behold if I didn't come home today and see the trail of coconut from the other doughnut on the floor and counters.

Around noon today some of my co-workers and I started talking about how we could all use a beer. We made a plan to stop after work. Around 2 ish we were asked to stay later if needed and all declined. A little part of me felt bad for second. An attempt was made by the higher up boss that if we waited until Friday he'd come along and buy. We turned that down as the taste for the beer was today and they went down way to good. We stopped at Lynch's tap on Hgh 100 and Lincoln. Small bar, working class place. So I go to buy a round and give the bartender a $20.00 for 10.50 worth of brew. My change was 58.50. Being the honest person I am I quickly pointed out the error to her. My reward....a round of drinks for me and my 3 co-workers. We then got into a conversation about how we're hiring right now and all agreed that she might not be the best person for our needs at work.

The only problem with tipping a few tonight is that I have to get my ass up for work tomorrow

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Thirst has been Quenched

Driving home from work yesterday I was thinking it's been awhile since we've gone out for a few. I happened to drive past the famous bondo car with all the Jesus sayings on it. I'm still not sure what to make of this guy as he's been driving around in this car for years. I've seen him every where from South Milwaukee to Wauwatosa.

It didn't take much for me to talk the husband into going out for a few. No arm twisting, no pouting, no promises to be home early. He was up for it also. I did warn him that it could get ugly as it's been a little of a stressful week. He did ask the question " Is this going to be a UV night?". Nope, there will never be another UV night. I've done it and don't care to repeat it.

We met up with K & J and a few other friends and ended up having a good time. We sat at the end of the bar and kept a close eye on the door for possible hoodies. Some goof came in with his jacket decorated with what seemed like a couple hundred hat pins and a hat that Mark wanted to fit properly on his head. The burley man bartender tried to give K a little extra head on his beer and gave me a little bit of a beer bath instead. What sucked is I didn't even get a free beer off that one. I did get an apology though so I guess that's what matters the most. As much as J is trying to sell this one...sweet tarts do not taste good with beer.

All in all it was a fun night. The beer was cold, the food was okay and the company was good. The best part is I woke up without a trace of any kind of hangover.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Store Ratings

Lately on the radio I've been hearing commercials for the new, hot store in the Milwaukee area. Tuesday Morning was on my way home (sort of) so I thought I'd stop and check it out. It advertises home furnishings and clothes and stuff. It is a dump! It is a store crammed full of other stores rejects and priced way to high. If you're looking for the most hideous colors of linens, towels and pillows check it out. If you're looking for ugly kitchen accessories and old people bathroom furnishings then you'll be at the right store. I felt like I was walking around in Big Lots. Lauren Bacall does a little radio spoof on the store. I think she was either really desperate for money like other celebrities she endorses places she's never been. Maybe she got a nice gift card from them.

Another store that has been advertising a lot lately is Anna's Linens. I walked in there a few months ago looking for a comforter. It just reaked in there. I gave it a shot though and walked down two aisles and split. I'm probably better off sticking with chain stores or shopping online. Once in awhile though one has to spread their wings and see what's out there.

Anybody up for a Sunday afternoon Bears whipping? I may be able to talk the hubbie into venturing out for that one?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Silence Is Golden

I had to work until 5 today and was wondering what to expect when I got home. In my mind all I wanted to do was come home, drink my after work diet Coke, look at the mail, check out the fridge (nothing ever interesting in there) and just be alone for a little while. Last night I walked into boarder brother and the girl with 1000 knock-knock jokes. I was hoping for a non-repeat of yesterday. My wish came true. A had gone over to help my brother with his basement project, my cold diet coke was waiting for me, nothing of interest came in the mail, nothing new appeared in the fridge and my house is dead silent. To top it off my magic chute must be working. Either that or I am loosing my mind and have no recollection of doing some laundry last night or this morning.

I've been trying to figure out why I've been in such a good mood lately. Could it be the morning glass of orange juice and vitamins? Could it be the change in the diet? I seriously have this " I don't care" attitude going on. I still have Christmas stuff around my house. Maybe if I put it away my mood will change to a depressing one. I was even trying to answer the jokes last night. As an eight year old I'm sure she thought they were funny and she was trying so hard to stump me.

My next big decision tonight will be what to eat for dinner. I hate left-over anything so that wipes out about 4 things in there in containers. Someone seems to have devoured all the lunch meat so that's out. There's some pizza creation that I think my husband made before he left today. To assure I would not eat it he seems to have put some green peppers on it, so that's out. I could really go for a salad but that's useless without lettuce. I am in a total dilemma here. I'm already home so it's to cold to go back out and get anything. This is why tonight when I win the Powerball I will be hiring a cook ( and maybe a pool boy).

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


So our cities recent tavern robberies has made the Sun City West News. I imagine as there are so many Wisconsinites there, they feel the need to keep them informed. I received the clip and a little warning note from Dad regarding these recent robberies. He simply noted "don't try to be a hero or anything". Apparently my Dad doesn't recall that my bark is way bigger than my bite. First of all I have to say that after I wet my pants I'd probably hand over my money. Not the hidden away stuff, just the stuff in my wallet. I know for a fact that I'd be pissed as hell that some low life scum had the nerve to take money that he didn't earn.

The police want our help in this matter, however they do not want you to take matters into your own hands. They do not want anymore shootings or deaths as a result of these robberies. That's only because if a civilian or owner would shoot the scum they would be the one's going to jail. We all know that the robbers would be defended by some out for a buck lawyer. They would be the "victims" not the person who tried to defend their property. Just like the guy in Racine who tried to prevent the kids from stealing his girlfriends car. Maybe he shouldn't have shot them (I don't really believe in shooting) but I also don't believe that he was "waiting for something like this to happen so he could take out his aggression on someone". I guess whatever the case, something is wrong with the outcome of that trial.

So to all my fellow bar visitors, I warn you to watch out for the three guys with the masks or hoods. Carry only the money that you think you'll need. You're probably good for a bar tab if you frequent the place enough and:
Please don't try to be a hero. I wouldn't want to make a trip to the State Prison to visit any of you.

I could use a beer right now...some not so smart person bought my neice a book of knock knock jokes and I have already paid her .25 to stop.

Monday, January 08, 2007


I got out of work around 330 today and after listening to the traffic report opted to take Highway 100 instead of getting on the messed up freeway. Sitting at a stoplight on Bluemound I noticed the car in back of me. In it sat two young AA kids, one was smoking and flicked his butt out the window, the other had a bag of Fritos tipped toward his mouth, crumbled up the bag and tossed it out the window. They were behind me for a little while and then switched lanes. I then saw one flip into the backseat, duck down and saw a lot of smoke coming from the back seat. I was certain he didn't want his momma to see him smoking. The driver then proceeded to weave in and out of traffic nearly causing several accidents. I was at a loss whether to laugh at their plain and simple stupidity or to be angry at their total disregard to others around them. WTF!

When my kids were young I know they weren't that punky. Just from the way they are now and how I never minded having them or their friends around and how they are with their own kids. I also don't recall being overly punky as a kid. My dad put a stop to that. Why is it that people just don't care what their kids do?

As mentioned by my friend Stb, what to do on Sundays now that their is no football. I will watch the Bears choke again this year, but after that I really don't care who is in. I did so bad in the football pool at work this year that I think if I don't win soon they may take up a collection for me. I have won once, and once on an instant win. I keep telling them I'm saving it up for the Superbowl where I intend to win all 4 quarters. And then hell will freeze over.

J wants to make some camping plans. I'm all in for that. The weather we had last week was nicer then some of the trips we went on in the past few years. Maybe we should have taken advantage of that. There's just something about sleeping in that nice crisp, cool air that makes it all worth while. Something to look forward to.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

15 Days to Go

That's how many days I have left on my "resolution" to not say mean things about people. I don't think it counts if I'm by myself cussing out the person who just cut me off. The article I read regarding trying something out for 21 days seems to be holding true so far. I've just gotten used to the idea that I'm not going to do it (out loud at least). I've also noticed how totally stupid it sounds to listen to a bunch of people standing around gossiping about the poor soul who isn't there to defend themself. Now if I could just resolve myself to quit smoking and exercise more I'd be doing fine. One thing at a time though.

After what seemed like the longest week in the world, I added to it by working 5 hours today. It was more of a favor for our Engineer than anything else. We've got a new line starting and a customer coming in on Monday and he wanted to get things ready. It went pretty fast as we were busy and he is very amusing.

What to do with the rest of my day was on my mind all the way home. I took the tree down last night and I'm sure the entire world heard my scream as I stubbed my ouch toe on the end table. So what was pretty much healed up is now sore and bleeding again. (no pictures stb). For some reason I just feel like watching some movies and just vegging out. I was going to collect the rest of the Christmas stuff and put it away but for the last 6 weeks I have done so much running around for the holiday and I just don't care if the stuff is still around. Maybe mid-month would be a good time.

The best part about the post-Holiday is I have no want to go near any stores. I don't care about after Christmas sales. I won't be ready to go into a store for anything besides groceries for at least 2-3 months at which time I will be probably buying some stuff for my April vacation to Sun City West. I just wish I could talk my husband into getting on a plane. I've gone with my sister or daughter for the last 12 years. My daughter will be going with me this time. Mom & Dad are excellent hosts.

I did forget to mention that last week A & I went to the grocery store with the intent of picking out a few steaks to grill. We all know the story of his meat picking out marathon up north this summer. I told him he should go ahead to the store and I'm meet him there in an hour or so. He shocked me by picking out a steak before I did. I don't even think it was a full minute. He made up for it by putting things in the cart that caused our bill to amount to about $40.00 over what I usually spend. He did then comment that we should do this shopping together more often. Don't think I can afford that.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Click Your Kids In

I do believe the law is to have your children in the proper car/booster seats and belted in. Why is it that I can drive down 27th Street or into any stores parking lot in the area and see kids standing in the back of mini-vans or in the back seats of cars? What is wrong with these people? Not just because it's the law, because your children cannot yet think for themselves, therefore their parents should care enough about them to think for them. When my kids, neices, nephews, ect.. were in my car they were buckled in. My car didn't move until they were safe.

I know that there are people who think that a seat belt will not save you and disregard it, but shouldn't one give a child a chance? And why is it that it is usually the same race of people. (oops I don't believe I typed that out loud). And that will end this rant of the day.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I feel like crap! Every freakin bone in my body hurts, my neck feels like it has a football growing out of the side of it, my nose has been bleeding on and off all day and I'm tired as hell. How's that for a New Years gift? (oh I might just be a little crabby from all this).

New Years Eve was fun but quiet. I drank all of two beers, two shots of pucker, one shot of Black the black shit I like and one glass of bubbly in an 8 hour span. I felt fine during the day, but as the night rolled on I could feel something coming on. We got home around 330 and I was up by 9. Did a few things and was back laying down around 230. I heard nothing until 630 at which time I got up and took a stroll around the house. Searched out the hubbie, got a drink, consumed some cold medicine and went back to bed. 330 am came to quick. I was like the picture of excitment yesterday.

I meant to take the tree down, I meant to start putting away some Christmas stuff. Does meaning to give you a credit toward trying? It's artificial, so what's another few days, cause it's not happening today either.

I made one resolution. It's not really even a resolution, it's a promise to myself. People at work have a habit of just ripping certain people apart. Last week as I was standing outside I thought of how nasty it all really sounded. There are a few of us that are good enough friends that we kid around with each other , which to an outside can sound pretty mean. I resolved to not join in . To keep my feelings about others to myself. There are two people at work that know this is going on. I made it today, with a few instances where I could feel something coming out. They are both thinking that if I hold this all in I will eventually blow up. I don't think so, because I said I'd keep my feelings to myself. I never said I wouldn't walk away or go into the restroom and let out a steady stream of how I felt. I'm pretty sure I can do this. We were handed a flyer from our EAP program the other day regarding resolutions, or changes in your life. It stated that whatever change you make you should at least give it 21 days before giving up. Then the change becomes more of a routine and you are more apt to stick with it. I figure that on January 21st I will be the nicest person in the world (on the outside) or I will blow up.