Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breaking the Chain

Several times a week I will receive chain letter emails. I guess if I would seriously pass them on I could be receiving tons of money in the mail right now, I would know how many people loved me, I would be guarenteed a healthy life and no doom would ever come to me. One of my friends is infamous for sending these things. At one point I had told her I don't respond to them and was told she would continue to send them regardless as she is very supersticious. She has become engrossed in them and even the virus didn't stop her.
I will also receive the "tell us about yourself" emails. I'll usually respond to the funny ones sent by close friends. Yesterday I received a bucket list email. This requests that you put 10 things on a bucket list and pass it on. I thought about it for a while and since it's not from any close friends I have I decided to delete it. If I'm going to come up with a bucket list then my family and close friends will know about it. They may be the ones that will help me fullfill my list when I'm on my last dying breath. So after some thought I came up ten items on my bucket list:

#1. Get back to desired weight (by my own doing-not because of an illness)
#2. Convince my husband to fly.
#3. Take a vacation to Italy.
#4. Ensure that my parent's and mother-in-law are well taken care of.
#5. Pack up all my grandchildren and take them to DisneyWorld.
#6. Purchase a vacation home up north.
#7. Attend a Rolling Stones Concert (better get on that one quick)
#8. Fly-Not in a plane. I want to have a jet pack like George Jetson and fly.
#9. Watch a sunrise and sunset on a beach in Hawaii.
#10. Enjoy a week of pampering with my friends at a top notch spa. (in order to do that I'd probably have to win the lottery and I'm over the top ten so I'll have to save that for my wish list.)

What's on your list?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is This A Pattern

Years ago I read a book about a man who had insomnia. It had started with him losing an hour or two of sleep a night and eventually turned in to him not sleeping for days on end. Strange things started to happen and he eventually couldn't separate reality from dreams. I thinking of trying to locate the book again because I can't remember how it ended. I more so want to find it to see how I'm going to end up.
There seems to be a pattern developing with my sleep. In the past I've worked some crazy hours and was able to function on little sleep for a few days and then have a day or so where I'd sleep well past 8 hours. Not a healthy way of life and I paid for it. A few years ago when I went to a straight day shift (if you count a 4:30 am start a day shift). My sleep was good and I could fall asleep shortly after hitting the pillow. Then I started to wake up after about 3 hours of sleep. It is very hard for me to fall asleep afterwards. It's almost like I took a nap and am now refreshed and ready to go. Problem is that three hours usually means I'm up at midnight. We purchased a new mattress and that seemed to have solved that issue or so I thought.
In the past I had issues initially falling asleep. I made sure that I had eaten well before going to bed. If I worked out it was at least 2 hours before going to bed and I refrained from any caffeine drinks at least 2 hours prior to sleeping. Reading would usually get me pretty relaxed and prepared for a good nights sleep. I also don't nap. Napping just throws me off.
The past few Sunday nights I have gone to bed around 9 only to wake up an hour or two later and lay awake. The sheep counting is for the birds. TV off or on doesn't matter and reading just seemed to wake me up more. Warm shower also showed negative results. Soothing music does nothing but make me move my feet. I'm not a sleep aid person and drinking myself into sleepiness isn't the answer. Up until last week this problem was only on Sunday nights. Now it has begun to creep into the weeknights. Makes for a long workday. Last night I was tired and in bed by 8:30. The phone rang at 9:30. I then tossed and turned until around 12:30. Alarm went off at 3am. My magic sleep number appears to be 3 1/2 hours.
I'm wondering if my body and mind are telling me that they're ready for camping season. I never have an issue while camping. Maybe I could have my husband set up the pop-up and just sleep in the driveway.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey Now

We have a morning ritual at work. Get in, read the paper, drink coffee (or diet coke if you're me)and for a few of us-step outside and have the morning cigarette and talk about the previous nights TV. Depending on the season we catch a little wildlife.
Spring is in the air. The raccoons have come to life. With the snow being gone it must be a little easier for them to find food. Birds are starting to chirp and the geese are angered as the pond isn't thawed out enough for them to swim yet. They've been walking around on the ice showing their anger by squawking. This morning we saw two coyotes prowling for food. Then we were treated to a show.
It seems it is mating season for the rabbits. At first it was a little humorous watching. One rabbit-I'm assuming it was the male, was in hot pursuit of the other. She wasn't having it and kept trying to hide from him. After watching this for a few minutes one of the girls said "Isn't that cute how they are playing". Had I had drink in mouth it would have been spewed somewhere. As soon as the words came out of her mouth the act was in progress. The look on her face was priceless. The next words that came out where "Oh my. I had no idea". I proceeded to head in and give them their privacy, with hopes that they were wise enough to be aware of the coyote prowling the parking lot.
On another note-Today would mark the anniversary of my first marriage. I received a text this morning. "Happy Anniversary". I get a text or a call every year. Every year I reply with some negative remark. This time it was "Probably wouldn't have been-given the history. I'm thinking that maybe if I replied back "I'm still missing you" he would stop.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Goes Around

I received an email from my ex-husbands third wife. "Ron and I are officially divorced. I would like to thank you for being so patient and understanding through-out the years. I know he owed you a lot of money and I thank you for never pursuing any action against us. You've been a very nice person and I hope we can stay in touch."
I replyed "Good luck to you". What I wanted to say was- How about giving me a chunk of change out of that house you're selling.
When I heard of their maritial issues I felt a little sorry for her. In the end though I think she'll be fine. She's already gone through blaming the break-up on herself, feeling sorry for herself and is now in the moving on mode. The truth of the matter is I can't find it in my heart to really care. Over the years she has voiced her opinion one to many times. Acted the part of the perfect marriage and made to many references to his past marriages. Wife #3 must not have been an easy spot to handle. She was really under the impression that the two ex's were completely at fault. He didn't drink when he met her. Big shock to her when he started up again.
So now he's in a relationship with a drinker. One who actually drinks more than he does. In a very rare conversation the other day he told me he's thinking of dropping her as she drinks way to much. They had some errands to run after work and when he got home she was already drunk.He said it was looking in a mirror. He went alone rather than be embarrassed by her. I try not to reference our marriage to him, but given the opportunity I said "Oh, boy. I know that feeling" He apologized. Went on to say he really thinks he made a mess of things and finds that he drinks a lot less when he's with her. Come on! Put the bottle down and get your life together before it's to late. Oh, and pay me the money you owe me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have A Meatball

Dreams can be crazy. I've woke up many times wondering what the meaning of the dream I had was. The scary dreams can leave an eerie feeling with you for several days. Almost like you're waiting for something bad to happen. The crazy, way out of line dreams can leave you confused and wondering the meaning. Then theres the sad dream where you may wake up feeling the effects. My favorite is the totally out of line funny dream. The one you wake up from that puts you in a good mood. The one you can remember details of, but yet wonder where it came from.
I woke myself and husband up laughing so much I had tears in my eyes. It took awhile to fall back asleep and I was about to take the hint from STBs blog and quick write it down for fear I'd forget it. The memory was fully intact this morning and I was still chuckling about it.
The dream started out somewhat scary. I was with a group of friends and we were going winter camping. We were setting up our usual camp in the snow, but were all in summer wear except for my husband who had on shorts, his winter boots and a flannel shirt (of course). Brother Ben had his knit hat from my mother with the embroidered "K" on it. I was hell bent on wearing my sandals and was amazed at how warm my feet were staying in the snow. We put an electric blanket under the boys tent to keep the bottom warm. Can you site the safety hazard there?
We were all set up and Nannette kept talking about getting the meatballs in the slow cooker going. We discovered we had no electricity. She started throwing a fit and had this huge wooded spoon in her hand and was stomping her foot yelling to Ben to rig something up cause there's no way she spent hours making these meatballs and we weren't going to eat them.
Ben and Barney got the fire going and we were all sitting around the fire when Cleve came up with the idea to cook the meatballs in the pudgy pie makers. It made no sense to me as we had a stove. It seems the guys forgot fuel. So they're loading these giant meatballs in the pudgy pie makers and they wouldn't close. Nanette is still throwing a fit that they're now squishing her meatballs.
Next thing is some critters coming out of the woods and surrounding us. They were like large raccoons/bears. Ugly things that were drooling. They were after the container of meatballs that Nanette proceeded to grab and throw to me. The critters were circling us and we just kept throwing the container around like a game of hot potato. The strategy was to tire them out. She kept saying over and over again that she was not giving up those meatballs.
It didn't work. Each time we tossed the container, more critters appeared. We saw a car approaching and were hoping for a Park Ranger to help us out. It was a group of pretty seedy looking guys who got out and walked over. One guy said "I'll take those meatballs. We've been looking for them for a while". (huh) Nanette proclaimed that in no uncertain terms was she giving up her meatballs. Not after working so hard on them. The guy was eating a sub sandwich and all of a sudden the critters seemed to tire of the meatball game and started sneaking toward him. The others noticed and they began to back up and get back in their car leaving the spokesman on his own. One of the critters told him to drop the sub. He refused and ran off into the woods with them in pursuit.
We continued on with cooking the meatballs which were now on skewers. Nanette put them on a fancy tray and began to walk around to each of us saying "Have a meatball. You don't know how hard I worked on these". I took my skewered meatball and noticed it had jelly beans coating the outside. Everyone else had them also but I seemed to be the only one who found it odd. I hesitated and Nanette was suddenly up in my face waving her skewered meatball at me and yelling "Aleta Gloria if you don't eat that meatball I will never speak to you again". I woke up laughing and her facial expression. What made me laugh the most is her outfit. She was wearing Connie's housecoat.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Short and Sweet

If you're given the gift of life each day shouldn't you start out with a clean slate?
I too have a disliking for a few people but they are in my past. I try to put them out of my head and hope I can make it through much of life without running into them again.
When I have to work with people I don't find to be my "best friends" I try to make the most of it and be pleasant. Not being out on the lines full time has given me the opportunity to walk away and not be involved in the daily squabbles. I don't care to be dragged in to the drama and when being complained to will usually smile and offer some sort of positive comment. I find carrying "the grudge" will make for a long workday. At the end of the work day it's over and done with. Go home and enjoy you evening with your families. Don't take it home, sleep on it, and then bring it right back the next day. These people are all adults and should be able to talk it out without pointing fingers. From the outside view, they are all guilty.

Soap box has now been taken down.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Road Rage

Didn't expect any action on my way to work this morning. Once in a while I'll run across someone making their way home from an after hours party. You can usually spot them out. The very slow and cautious driver or the one with no headlights. The best is the "wrong side of the street" driver. Hopefully they are making it home without injuring someone.
Today was the 10 or so mile road rage drivers. It started on 27th and Layton when the little car decided to cut in front of the truck. They went at it down Layton and both got on the freeway on Loomis. It continue with each one passing each other and then hitting the brakes. I think the little car tried to avoid confrontation and veer off onto 43 but truck guy cut him off forcing him onto 894. I stayed a distance back as I don't care to be involved in stupidity. Around Lincoln I saw the red & blue lights flashing in my rear view mirror. I slowed hoping that they weren't after me. Zoomed past and went after the truck and I saw another coming that went after the car.
Now I wonder-did they call each other in or did another driver also observe this and call it in. Regardless they were both pulled over about 1/4 mile apart and off the road. Bet the little car thought he was home free.
What a crappy way to start their day. Keep it off the road guys.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Words of Wisdom

You would think that by now I'd be a little smarter with dental visits.
At my last exam a month ago I was cavity free. I was happy. I figured barring no emergencies I was good to go for another six months. Things don't always work out the way you plan. It seems my dentist wasn't happy with two older fillings I had and wanted to replace them. One had a crack. Looking on the logical side I thought it best to have these taken care of rather than run the risk of losing one or both of them.

In the past when I ignored these things I've had to make emergency appointments. Thus I shall never again eat another Milk Dud. Pulled a filling right out and left a very painful exposed nerve.

I've had one or two painful experiences with dentists but have faithfully kept appointments and kept up on things for many years now. But I still dread going. My dentist is a pain free guy and looks for your comfort. He's very assuring. I always have the same issues. Can't stand all that stuff in my mouth! I've finally overcome the gag reflex by breathing through my nose. The problem seems to be that when I'm tipped back things run down your throat.

I've written about his assistant before. I was hoping she'd be gone by now. I wonder if she has something on him that is keeping her there. I heard her voice when I was in the lobby and almost bolted. I don't know what is up with this woman but I don't think she's all there.

She came and led me to the room and started a silly conversation about being ill. Then went into how she had the stomach flu so bad and began to describe her lower body portion mishaps. I just stared at her thinking it was not suitable conversation for a professional office. My dentist walked in to her saying "I had to finally send my sister to the store for depends as I was messing myself". His face was priceless. He proceeded to numb me up and then left me with her. I hoped she'd find some other subject to approach and she began to chat about how "back home" they have swap meets. While still chatting the dentist returned and the tubes and other needed things were now in my mouth. He asked her to rinse my mouth and I think she heard "wash her face" cause the water just sprayed all over my face. She was sorry, he was ticked off. I then tried to put my mind anywhere else but there.
I wanted to ask for a blindfold so I wouldn't have to look right into the light. I try not to look right in the dentists face but hate to close my eyes. Her rinsing abilities were horrible and I was close to gagging several times. My "happy place" was not working out to well. She started to ask me questions "What kind of perfume are you wearing?- Where did you get those pretty earrings? What shade of eye shadow is that? Do you have highlights in your hair or is that natural? Each question brought a eyebrow raise from the dentist and a grunt from me. The final straw was "Is that a tatoo you have on your shoulder? WTF? How did she see that?
The dentist, who was trying hard to do his job, then put the drill down looked at her and said "Could we just focus on what is at hand here? I'm sure Aleta enjoys the diversion , but she cannot answer these questions. Please rinse and suction."
There was some quiet for a minute or two and then she began to talk about a TV show about people who go around the US and pick up other peoples junk and sell it. The fillings were going in so I knew it wouldn't be long now. Yap, Yap, Yap...
The final rinse was on it's way. Wait the final rinse was once again a face wash. The dentist gently touched my hand and shook his head. As I was leaving I heard him softly ask her to step into his office. Hopefully she is looking elsewhere for a job.

When I got home I needed to rinse my mouth as things weren't rinsed out very well. Not a good idea with a numb lip and side of your mouth.

I have my fingers crossed that she is long gone in six months.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Costly Mistake

A company I worked for years ago is in the news. Not in a good way. I'm not shocked at their total disregard for rules and regulations. I left there out of sheer frustration and their disrespect for their employees and laws.
They hit the news because they are being sued for a contaminated product that caused the death of a 2 year old. They were warned by the FDA and chose to ship the product anyway and now have issued a voluntary recall of several of their products. In reading some comments left on the news article, a lot of people tend toward blaming the FDA. Yes, they should have shut them down, but I feel the total blame lies on the company itself.
The article lists several issues-dirty pipes-people packaging sterile products without gloves and record keeping to name a few. In the seven years I worked for them I saw them go through three QA Managers. The owner flat out didn't want to hear about anything other than how fast the product could get out. He balked when he had to "clean up" the room where the producing and packaging was done. He balked at having to supply clean room suits, hair nets and gloves. He balked at everything that was going to take away from his profit.
I was injured due to a wrongly wired machine and was asked to keep my mouth shut and not record the incident. Needless to say there was an OSHA fine for my incident and the incident shortly after mine which was just as bad. Failure to correct machine functions will do that to you.
When I was injured there was a lot of blood inside the machine and on the floor and conveyor belt. It was wiped up with paper towels and within an hour of my injury the line was back up and running. The owner and supervisor decided that since it was an alcohol towelette machine that the alcohol would take care of the blood left in the machine. I was at the hospital for several hours and was given an excuse for the remainder of the day and the following week. I received a telegram the following day requiring me to return to work. It was a right hand injury and being right handed there wasn't much I could do. I stood next to someone and trained them on running the machine I was injured on. No lost time incidents for this guy.
At one point, to avoid a mound of OSHA and Union fines he shut his plant down and reopened 6 month later in another city but that didn't work out for him.
The past few days I have heard from several people whom I worked with at this company. It brought back some feelings that they as well as I would like to bury. I can see that it was just a matter of time before he'd be in trouble. "What goes around comes around" doesn't seem to be a morally correct statement due to the death of a two year old and other claims of violently ill people. I say sue his ass for his carelessness,greed and total disregard. It took a lot for me to admit I worked there.