Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Someone's Been....

Ever get that feeling that someone has been in your stuff? That eerie yet maddening feeling. Came in to work this morning to find my favorite pen missing, gum wrappers on my desk and a notebook that I keep track of my hours in open on the desk. Could it be that someone felt the need to go into my drawer to find a pen & piece of paper rather than using the ones right on the desk? Hmmmm. I smell snooping here.
I'm to tired to investigate. I may rig my stuff tonight.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long Day

My daughter had her 3rd and hopefully final back surgery yesterday. This has been a long, dragged out ordeal that we're praying will come to an end and she can be on her way to a less painful life. The doctor seemed very positive, but then again they usually are. I remember 3 years ago speaking to him before and after the surgery and yesterday it was pretty much the same conversation.
We arrived at the hospital at 7am and they whisked her off. We were directed to the waiting room. I realized then that we were at the smaller hospital without all the fringe benefits. The last two surgeries were at a larger hospital which has some perks. But you pay for perks. There was a coffee pot but no coffee brewing. No problem for me but some of those older ladies were complaining. We made a pot of coffee. One of the perks of being at the hospital is that is was a walk across the street to the best doughnuts in the city. Of course we waited until after we said our goodbyes as they took her to surgery, and then took a walk. Picked up a paper and magazine on the way back and settled down for the wait.
After about an hour Barney started to nod off. I was wondering how he could even be remotely comfortable enough to sleep as the chairs were not at all designed for comfort. I felt like I was sitting on a rock. Out of boredom I began to study the people around me. It seemed that a lot of people knew each other. Must have been neighborhood surgery day at the local hospital. One lady was volunteering her kids to cut the lady whose husband was in having surgery's grass. Another guy was discussing recent garage break-ins in with another woman in his neighborhood. I felt a little left out but found entertainment in listening.
I also discovered that I was not the only one in discomfort. One lady began to doze off and nearly slid off her chair. The TV was placed in a pretty awkward place and there were maybe 8 local channels. Its funny how a Soap Opera can be on and although most of the people most likely ever watch the soap..all eyes were tuned in (including my husbands).
They were kind enough to give us updates every hour or so but it was 5 1/2 hours until the doctor came to talk to us. It was another 2 hours after that when we got the call that she was going up to a room. I did get to see her and although relieved I had to chuckle. Her lips were very swollen and upon inquiring the nurse told me that because the airway tubes were in so long that once removed it is sometimes a reaction for a patient to bite their lips. Well she did a good job on her lips. She has a little Jolie action going on. As requested prior to the surgery I was there with the Chap Stick and once it was applied she was happy. In fact I was there with the Chap Stick for a few hours.
As of 9 last night she was pretty much in and out of sleep. They have an epidural going right into her back for pain. This is supposed to be a 4-5 day stay and then home with a back brace for 6-8 weeks. No lifting, no driving, no bending..pretty much all she can do is walk, lay down or sit. I think we have our work cut out for us.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gimme Back My Fence!

NyQuil gives me horrible nightmares. I was having a hard time sleeping Saturday night and was still a bit stuffy and had a pretty sore throat. After some tossing and turning I gave in and took some thinking I would be able to get some needed sleep.
The first dream that I recall is Dylan getting his baseball stuck between the deck and the fence. I didn't want him to reach back there because I was afraid he'd get hurt so I did. I felt something hairy and I pulled my hand back only to have a skunk in it. The funny part of this is I woke up scared and holding on to a stuffed animal that was left on my bed.
The next dream has me a little concerned. I walked outside on my deck and our fence was gone. The Arab lady next day was running around saying (in broken English) that she didn't know who took the fence or why, but she wanted it back to keep her kids in the yard. I was angry and demanding to know who took my fence. I saw a truck parked on the street and a guy loading pieces of our fence in. I saw a lady standing with him and began to yell at her. She claimed the fence was an eyesore (kinda is) and she was sick of telling us to fix it. I kept telling her we never talked to her and to give my back my fence. In my sleep I could feel this anger. When asking her who the hell she was, she claimed to live on the corner. I told her she couldn't even see my fence from where she lived so wtf did she care. Arnie came home and was totally unconcerned about the fence. I then was so angry I picked up a screwdriver and began to stab this lady's big fat fleshy white arm. It didn't phase her so I said I was going in my house to call the police and a lawyer. I pretty much woke up then. The part that had me a little nervous was the stabbing part. I must feel very strongly about my fence.

On another note, my Sunday afternoon shopping at my local PnS was nasty. Either I missed the after church people or they all ran home and changed. I saw way to many tube tops and shorts that were being worn by woman who should have bought them at least 2 sizes larger or not worn them at all. I say if you want to wear one and it looks that bad then wear a light blouse over the top. When it's rolling up from the bottom or rolling down from the top it is to small. I understand that men like to see a little butt cheek at times but they don't want to see cottage cheese. It was also dirty wife beater tee shirt day. One of my biggest peaves. Once again I vow to get my shopping done during the week to avoid this.

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Friday Doughnut

Why is it that the Friday doughnut is more exciting then doughnuts any other day of the week? I've pondered that for a while. People bring doughnuts on Monday...not thrilling. Same for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but bring in doughnuts on a Friday and you are every body's hero for the day. It's the talk of the shop. And news travels fast. I got the call a little after 8 that there were doughnuts in the lunchroom. And of course there is usually a reason (around here) for the doughnuts. Birthdays being the number one reason. This is funny because the production people haven't worked on Fridays for a year now and this seems to be when management or salaried people bring in the doughnuts. Of course because it's 8 less that you need to buy. Even though you see these people every day and eat lunch with them.
If you're a production person and bring doughnuts in on your birthday you need at least 2 dozen and that being if everyone just takes one. That is not the case around here. I'm a one doughnut eater. Usually half at break and the other half at lunch. The doughnuts that people bring in here are usually National Bakery or Grebes,so they're pretty big. None of those Krispy Kreme nightmares.
Is there a rule for one only? If you walk in the lunchroom and see the person delivering them does it give you freedom to sit down and eat 2 or 3 or does the politeness bell ring in your head. Around here the call that there are doughnuts will go out and people will break each other out so they can run and nab a doughnut. Some will chow them down right away and others will wrap one up and put it in their lunch bag for later. Some will chow 2 down right away, and then you have those that will ask you to save one for them. Yea, right. Not around here.
So like I said, I got the call around 8. I went to the lunchroom at 9:00 and there were two doughnuts left of 18. I should have went earlier because all that was left was the puss filled chocolate doughnuts. You lose.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Repercussions

Despite missing Opening Day, I feel pretty lucky that I got to go to a Brewers game during their first home series of the season. I wish I could say I can't complain about the weather, but then again it's Wisconsin and it's early in the season.
There was no set plan for this excursion which made me a little nervous. I got spoiled going to the games with my husband and friends. We always have a plan. This was a different group and I did not know what to expect. We parked by Wongs and I was just about ready to spring for the stadium parking when I found out there was a shuttle. On a normal, dry day maybe the walk wouldn't have been so bad but it was miserable out. I thought tickets were in hand but found out we'd be standing outside while my boss stood in line to claim his vouchers for the Upper Terrace Reserved Obstructed View Seats. The story was unfolding on the way to the game. He got these vouchers at BP for filling up his tank. I never knew until yesterday that there were obstructed view seats at Miller Park. I know now because I sat in one. The railing on the steps blocked my view of home plate. No problem as the 3 seats next to me were empty so I simply moved over and was lucky enough that no one showed up claiming the seat.
The game was good. A little nerve racking in the 1st inning but things settled down and the boys proceeded to win. Throughout the entire game I had some blast of cold air blowing down on me. I was freezing and had my jacket on during the entire game. I had to look around to see if I was the only one being hit by it and noticed the guy in front of me. His comb over was blowing around a little.
The problem with taking a shuttle is that after the game you need to find it and hope to get a seat. Seeing as you don't need a ticket for the return, just about anyone can get on. Of course the sky managed to open up right at the end of the game so we were soaked. We did manage to spot the Wongs van and got on. Had a pretty crabby driver until a conversation started about the Stadium charging for the shuttles. Mr. Shuttle Driver was upset because this year they put traffic directors in the shuttle area which he said were making a mess of things. He lightened up after a bit and had some stories.
I felt a little bit of a cold coming on yesterday and I guess sitting in damp clothes with cold air blowing on me didn't help the situation any. Today I am full blown snot nose, sore throat and ear ache. I'm returning my vitamins to the store as they have done nothing for me this season at all. I'm done with shots and antibiotics. I've wiped down things in my house with Lysol so many times this season that I should have stock in the product. Nothing is helping. Not even Stb's cure.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here We Go Brewers...

Here I go. Off to the game today. After some arrangements were made to cover my duties it was confirmed that I would be going. It has been named a field trip.
It's odd when you attend a game outside of your normal circle of friends. I'm used to getting to the parking lot, kicking back for a few and taking in the sites around me. I asked if we were bringing anything along and was told by my boss that he doubted we'd be tailgating due to the weather. Hey, I've stood out there in worse weather. That's what jackets and gloves are for. So as of right now I'm not sure what to expect. I did somewhat prepare and purchased a bag of Brewers peanuts to munch on during the game. I'm trying to be a positive thinker and make it a fun time. I must remember to make note of where the vehicle is parked so I do not lose my ride back to work for my car. I'm horrible at being the one to remember where we parked.

So as if my body wasn't completely over my last illness I seem to have been blessed with a sore throat and cold. Started the extra dose of vitamins and cold tablets last night. I'm sure I got this one from my daughter as she was sick all weekend. No matter how much I tried to stay away from her and wiped everything down, it still got through to me. I'm wondering now if it was even worth it to get the flu shots I got. I know what I have this time isn't the flu, but this is ridiculous how many times I have been sick in the past 6 months. I'll need to make sure the cold tablets are taken before the game so I don't need to bring 7 boxes of Kleenex with me.

Go Brewers!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Last week I was notified by my Manager that I would be going along with him and 3 other QC employees to a Brewer game tomorrow. He informed my boss that he needed to find someone to take my place. I had this little bit of guilt going on(for a second or so) because I figured they'd find an operator to take my place. These are people I used to work right next to and here I was going off to a game while they did my job. That didn't last to long because I knew none of them would hesitate if the tables were turned.
So here it is the day before we're to go and my boss has yet to work on finding someone. I had a few suggestions but he claims he's on it. Yesterday when I had asked he cursed and said he'd forgotten about it. I have this feeling that at 10:00 tomorrow when we're supposed to leave that I'll be watching them pull away without me. Picture me running after their vehicle. I had some doubts about going with the three men but really all that matters to me is I'm going to the game. It will be interesting to see how this all works out.
On another note today is officially known as "The day after Opening Day". I've heard 3 different radio stations use the phrase so far today.