Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry....In Advance

In a few hours we're heading out for a much anticipated, much needed weekend away. The chosen spot is once again Green Bay. I'm going with a positive attitude that I will leave the Casino with more money that I came with. Although I would like to repeat the fun I had last year, I don't want to repeat the ride home. Let's just say the boys got us drunk. Hence the drunk dialing. I will apologize in advance for any calls that may be made Sunday. Seeing as my parents don't read my blog I will have to deal with them on Monday.

I'm a little shocked that Sadie isn't on to us yet. There are bags and coolers sitting by the door which usually sparks something in her. As I'm typing she's laying next to my chair snoring away. This has me a bit concerned as normally she'd be pacing and wondering if she was going to her hotel or to my daughter's house. She has been slowing down a bit lately but I try not to think about that. She's only 9. It still seems like we just got her. Cute little puppy that peed on me on the ride home. You would think she is sensing the cats are not here and trying to get all the love and attention.

I hope the rest of you enjoy Superbowl weekend. I'm sure we'll be calling!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Day For The Boys Tomorrow

Yes, the mean lady is taking the cats in for a fixin and declawing. I walked downstairs after work today and found Barney talking to both of them. I figure he feel's their pain or something. Seeing as they are starting to scratch their claws on everything downstairs they will be taken care of.

We still keep them downstairs during the day so coming home is sometime humorous. I've found Mitchell in the laundry basket a few times trying to claw his way out. We find things out of place or moved. They kept getting this goofy troll doll so I hid it in a box. Came home and found it in their bed. The best one was trying to figure out how they got the chain that hangs about 5 inches down from the ceiling. It was no where near a chair or table.

Mitchell will venture upstairs when we're home and has been exploring a little bit more each day. He's gone from hiding under the dining room table to jumping up on it. The squirt gun seems to have become ineffective with him, but a loud bang on the table works fine. Today he went as far as to try to eat Sadie's food. "Hey, if it's in a bowl and on the floor it's free game".
I tried to get a picture of this little cat (I don't think he's going to grow) eating out of the 71 lb. lab's bowl. Sadie goes downstairs and can gulp their food down in one second flat. I left the room for a minute and came back to find Mitchell siting in Sadie's water bowl. Must have felt the need to take a bath. The big Ragu will come up the steps but go no further. He's still a bit of a wimp. I'm hoping that tomorrow doesn't throw him completely out of whack.

The best part about this is that Barney will be delivering them to the vet for the butchering....I will be picking them up, so I'll be like the savior.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Is Quiet

We had the kids and grand kids over for dinner last night which actually turned out pretty good. I say good as there were enough left-overs for my husband tonight. Then the grand kids all stayed over last night. Most of the night was taken up by twin #1 & Barney working on a school project for her. She had to make a musical instrument, so they were occupied with that the whole night. Twin #2 , Dylan and I decided to play a Wii game he got. After about 1 hour of watching them create their Wii people & pets I went and found something else to do. I'm not sure if I'm okay with the fact that they don't need me to help them anymore.

This morning I stood back as they made breakfast (french toast & sausage) and only needed to ask me a few questions. I should be happy with this right?? Although I did find out I was needed when it was time to do the dishes. Barney & twin #1 used the excuse that they still had work to do. #2 & Dylan used the " Well, I cooked the food" excuse. I guess I'm okay with that.

The rest of the day was spent Wii bowling, boxing (I kicked butt) tennis and then we decided to ski. I'm the mean grandma that actually makes them get off the couch to bowl. When the phone rang and one of the parents wondered if they were ready to come home yet they answered that they'd be ready around 5 or so. What???? I softened and let it go at that. We managed to get a movie in and the project was finished by 5. Had to check twin #2's jacket as she was leaving to make sure my cat wasn't in there. He took to her and followed her around all day. I think she may have had some remnants of french toast or syrup on her.

So now it's quiet. Sadie is pooped out and both the cat's are sleeping. Having them here took the boredom out of a winter weekend.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not The Silver

This, I feel is worthy of sharing. Last night after a good meal with good friends at BW3's we opted to head home rather than hit the bar for a beer or two. My husband claimed that is was because it was to cold outside, but deep down inside I think he didn't want to wash off the spray paint in minus zero weather again.

I was kind of surfing through eBay and came across a silverware pattern that matched a set that my mom handed down to me. Awhile back she found it funny that I had kept it and told me I should try to sell it. I joked with her and told her that I was going to hang on to it until her and dad hit the nursing home and needed the bill paid for one month. Cruel daughter.

When finding this on eBay I decided to look into it further. I'm not planning on selling it I just was wondering the worth. I had the silverware case out on the dining room table and was looking at what pieces I had when Barney came up from downstairs. He walked past it and into the computer room and with the funniest expression on his face says "No, not the silver". He then just shook his head and walked away. I could do nothing but burst out laughing. I told him that there are a lot of things in this house of value that we should think of getting rid of. I'm pretty sure that he has all his antique trains locked away now. This morning I had to reassure him that I did not plan on selling anything. I asked him if he even knew the set of silver existed as I've never used it . I find no joy in sitting and polishing a fork so I can use it. Our company silverware is in my kitchen drawer or obtained from Sam's Club in best plastic ware you can find.
He wanted to know if the china was going next. "What China"? I've been married twice and have not yet picked out a China pattern. I explained to him that China is something you invest in, not go to Kohls or Walmart and purchase. I guess the next question he asked was well deserved. "Well then why did we have to spend so much money on a China cabinet"? See, he's not just another pretty face after all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last of the 40's for awhile

I'm not talking about 40 ouncers...
The 40 hour work week. Today was the last 10 hour day for us for the (see able future)? I tried to find out what that meant and was not given the answer I wanted to hear. Last week we were told April at the earliest. Today we were told maybe July.

I've listened to the comments all week regarding my co-workers looking for jobs. Most of them are looking for full time jobs. I'm wondering if that is wise right now. We have excellent benefits which they have not touched yet. Most of us have 3 plus weeks of vacation and we make a decent wage. I'd like to pick up something part time to make up the wage loss and will be seriously looking. Then again, if several people leave it could mean more hours for the remaining few left. Or if the housing market would pick up we'd be back to 40.

When we were given our hours today I questioned if these would be permanent. If I'm going to work part-time I would prefer to start at 7am. My boss was either really confused or just plain doesn't get life. He asked why and I told him that most part-time jobs start around 4 and you're done by 9 or so. Getting off a second job at 9 and getting up at 3 for this job might be difficult. His answer to the worlds problem "Work Friday, Saturday and Sunday". Not that I'm above working weekends, but I'm certainly not wishing to work 7 days a week. I'm not as brave as a co-worker who asked "Just how long are you going to dick us around". I had to turn my head to keep from busting out laughing. It's so true though. All in all, you have to do what you have to do.

I've put plenty of though into how to budget things a little differently. Here's my list:

1). Quit smoking- big on the list
2). roll my own
3). Cut down the dining out-(we don't do that to often)
4). Switch from diet coke to Roundy's cola (not a chance)
5) Start to see Connie for haircuts (she does a good job with Ken)
6). Watch the clothing allowance (gift cards are great gifts to receive)
7). Use up all the food in my cupboards ("Hey dear, what do you want for dinner...we have a can of pineapple and some re fried beans left)
8). Screw all that crap and look for a part time job

Here was my husbands suggestion..."I'll buy you Budweiser".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who dun It & Why???

We went to a 50th birthday party for a very good friend of ours last night. Had a good time. It was more like a gathering of friends for a good cause. He's been somewhat unable to attend a lot of functions due to his ailing father so it was good to see him, and to see him happy.

The night went well until....Some jackass decided to spray paint my truck. I hate parking in the lot down the street from the bar and would prefer to park in the bank lot, but hubbie thinks it's illegal and he was driving. It appeared that we were either the only one's tagged or other's who had been were gone already. The first thing Barney says to me "Who did you piss off"?. I didn't think that Cleve was that upset with me over throwing snow at him. Needless to say at 2am here's Barney outside scrubbing the paint off my truck. There still is a little residue on the windows and grill which he's out working on now.

So a good night ended like crap. I'm more ticked off that some jackass felt the need to deface something not belonging to them. I keep thinking it could have been worse.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Paper or Plastic???

Well the downhill economy has now hit home. At the very end of a meeting held at work yesterday, which was supposed to be our monthly production meeting, we were give the news. As of Jan. 26th we are cut to a 32 hour work week. This affects only the hourly production workers and shockingly maintenance.

The first part of the meeting was all about cutting costs and improving production. Then we had a little safety spoof on the safe use of electricity. I felt a little sorry for my boss as he stood up there and read the bad news from his notes. It hit me half way through that he's never really had to bring this kind of news to us. It had always been Randy who had to stand up there and do the dirty deeds. It sucked to because had it of been Randy I would have had a little hint.

When I called home after work and my opening line was "Do you want fries with that"?, it took Barney a second. At first he thought I was stopping at Kopps on my way home. He didn't seem to concerned about the loss of income, but I think he's all about helping me find a part time job. We were also given the option to work 5-1 or 7-3. As I am sick of getting up at 3am I chose the later hours. This way I'll have plenty of time to get home, change and get on over to Walmart.

This reduction in hours is predicted to last until at least April. My guess is there will be occasional weeks that we'll work 40 hours. In the mean time I'll stock up on Ramen noodles and start looking for something to fill the gap. I already have a lead for something. I don't see any tragic losses coming from this if it only lasts a few months.

On a lighter note...Crap! It's damn cold outside. Ol" Barney also has off work today and here I am at 7:30 a.m. wide awake and he's snoring away. I was the one who said last night I wanted to sleep in and he was going to get up early and get some things done. I'm not used to someone infringing on my lonely day off. I surely hope there's no breakfast expected.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dirty Cat

With not being at home during the day I wondered what these cat's would be up to. I took a sick day today due to plain out being sick. I have contacted both the cold and stomach part of what ever is going around. Yesterday was no more than laying around with a box of Kleenex and my remedy of Day Quill (coupon at Walgreen's for $3.00 off). I went down at my usual time this morning at gave them water and food and had a few minutes of them crawling all over me. Went back to bed. Around 7am I heard some noise and decided to investigate. It seems as if Mitchell had gotten his toy stuck around the leg of a bar stool and was determined to get it off. I noticed that the water bowl was full of food for some reason, so I figured rather than let them learn a lesson I'd just clean it out and refill it. It was then that all hell broke loose. Barney has put doors on to the laundry room just to keep them out for a short while. We have some cleaning to do in there before they can be let loose. They have a habit of sitting by the door when I go in for water and usually a little nudge will make them move. This morning they both escaped when my hands were full with two water bowls.

After about twenty minutes of trying to get them I just sat down and waited for them to come to me. They have to get hungry sooner or later right? I got Mitchell and then rather than let him escape again while waiting for the big Ragu to appear I put him in the cat carrier. I think what drew the big Ragu out was Mitchell's crying. It only took about 2-3 minutes. Got the door closed and realized I'd left the water in the other room. Armed myself with the squirt gun and went back in. I required only one shot and they both scattered. Felt so proud I wanted to blow on the end of the gun like the movie stars do. No holster, and I didn't feel the fool as the gun still had water in it. The helpful hint on using the squirt gun is much appreciated. For the time being I will be bringing water from upstairs.

As for now, they seem to be spent after spending quite some time bathing themselves after their adventure.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just Call Me Charlie Brown

Here's a little picture of the nightly meeting between Sadie and Mitchell. Mitchell actually pets Sadie's nose. No claws. All went well tonight until Sadie attempted to give Mitchell her rather huge bone she received for Christmas. (a dog bone). Kind of spooked the cat a little and we saw her hiss for the first time. I'm not sure I like the way he's eyeing up the house. You can just see the thoughts racing through his head. "I could do some damage up here". So for now when we're not home he'll be staying in the basement. We'll try the upper level this weekend.
I've been on this daily regiment of taking Sadie for a walk. Her and I both need the exercise plus I think it helps her to not feel slighted. We headed out tonight around 5. Most of the sidewalks were shoveled or had light snow on them. We were about a mile from home when we encountered a pretty snowy sidewalk. Had we not been on a busy street I would have headed for the road. Sadie did a complete Bambi on ice show for me and I managed to stay up right....for a moment. She gained her balance and we took a step and I did a very nice imitation of Charlie Brown kicking the football that Lucy just pulled away. Feet up in the air and down flat on my back and clunked the ol' noggin. "Damn that f***ing hurt". Sadie did exactly what she is supposed to do. Sat down next to me and didn't move. Then I go to get up and my feet are slipping all over. I was pretty close to walking up to their front door and ranting. This wasn't just a patch of ice, the entire sidewalk was like an ice rink. There ought to be a law. Oh, wait, there is. We continued on our way with no further mishaps. I have a nice bruise on my leg and a knot on my head. Good thing I had my hat on to shield my head from to much damage. I shall choose the other side of the street tomorrow.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

She's Not Having It

We got our adopted kittens yesterday. The featured guy here is Mitchell. He settled right in. The other one let us hold him with no problem at first. Because of the dog we thought it would be best to get them used to us first and then gradually get them upstairs. Barney spent most of New Years Day (after he finally got up) putting doors on the other areas of the basement to keep them confined to the rec room. After about two hours of them being here we decided to bring Sadie down. It took her a minute or two to notice that something was amiss. Mitchell went right up to her and batted her in the nose. This forced a little growl out of timid Sadie. They probably would have been okay after a minute but then came the hiss out of the other one. Sadie's hair stood on end and the cats tail was about 10 times bigger. The cat (Carmine) took off for the only corner in the basement that he could hide in and immediately got stuck. Got him out of that jam and he took off again and headed for the air conditioner. Managed to get himself stuck in between the fan. Tool man had to take the thing apart to get him out. We then let him go back into the corner and figured he'd come out when he was ready. Mean while Mitchell was just having a good time.
We had to take a trip to Waukesha last night to visit Barney's aunt who had a heart attack New Years Eve Day. She's a talker and after about 1 1/2 hours of being there the nurse came in to check her vitals. We got a chuckle when she said her oxygen levels were low and Aunt D proclaims "Well that's because I've been talking non stop for almost two hours". The ending of the story she was telling was about South Dakota but I don't quite remember how it started. I have learned to just nod and not ask questions as it will throw her off. I though for sure I'd look over and see Barney nodding off but he was just staring at her in awe.
Upon our arrival back home I was happy to see that they are indeed litter trained. We had to search around for Carmine and found him in a box behind the bar. He may be the damage inflicter as some glasses and bottles were teetering. Some adjustments must be made to secure the safety of the cats and our sanity. I heard some commotion at 6 am and went down to check it out. Mitchell was in the playing mood so the laser light came out and he was tuckered out after a bit. The big Ragu made an appearance, walked by my leg, took a poop and went back to his corner. All in all day one went okay. Sadie knows I still love her more.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

We Rang It In Good

I woke up late this morning and wandered into my kitchen and hit the fridge for some ice cold water. A chuckle escaped as I spotted the bowl of albino cashews in the fridge. It was way to early for me to make any sense of why they were in there. On my way back to bed I spotted my newly acquired Christmas quilt I had gotten in the White Elephant exchange. Although cute, it will probably look better in my mother-in-laws home then mine.

I laid in bed for awhile and thought about the crappy things that happened in 2008. Things that I try to block out of my head because I'm not all that ready to accept them. Things that have made me forget the good. I then started to think about the good. The everyday good that I guess I have taken for granted. The fact that I wake up everyday, I am healthy, I have a roof over my head, I have a job, I have an awesome family & husband and the best friends anyone could ask for. Friends that I spent New Years Eve with. What more can I say besides "These guys are the best". I just need to investigate the green and gold Christmas bows left on my front porch.

I have no New Years resolutions. Just can't set myself up to fail. What I do have are New Year's goals. Things I would like to change in the next year. Some of them are the normal...quit smoking...loose weight...look for a new job...blah...blah..blah. The smoking being the highest priority goal. The little bit of TV that I watched today must have had a weight loss gimmick commercial on every 3 minutes. Good marketing strategy. I watched them while shoving a Connie cookie in my mouth. I looked in the fridge for other food to eat and decided to skip the eating for today as all that's in there are things that contain BBQ sauce or dips. I think a trip to the grocery store is in order.

So, hopefully this year we will be able to hold onto the everyday good and hope that the bad isn't too bad. Maybe the bad can hold off until we'll able to heal from the last bad. Like my other friends have mentioned..we couldn't ask for a better support system. I must also take a second to apologize to someone for picking on his albino cashews. Never....ever....give a drunk a phone.