Thursday, January 07, 2010

Earl & Merle

My husband quit his part time job right after Christmas. This was supposed to be a temporary job when he started almost 9 years ago. He used to like going there until they changed hands and things got a little unorganized. Another winter season of being on the cold docks was just not to his liking, so quitting was prompted by me also. I just didn't want to go through another season of him complaining. His time was up there and his "to do" list was growing.
What was I thinking?? It's been almost three weeks now and I'm ready for him to go back. I need to compile a list of things he may enjoy doing. The new TV kept him busy for a few days and moving the other one downstairs (a separate post in its own) has kept him occupied for a day or so.
Tuesday and Thursday nights were my time to catch up on chores and just have some peace and quiet. It's not to much fun having someone "watch" you work out. I offered to get another Wii fit so he could actually join in rather than sit on the couch and watch. He's good at telling me I'm doing something wrong. You think he'd actually answer the phone when I'm working out?
The other night he decided to do laundry. This consisted of throwing a load of towels in. That was the extent of it. The nice part of him being home is that he's now here to carry in groceries as I usually shop on Thursdays. He also has to have a break after dinner to watch "his show". I thought it was something really interesting at first and then discovered it was Wheel of Fortune, when I heard him yelling out answers and telling the contestants they were wasting their money. Maybe he'll try out for the show.
Tonight I was talking to Nanette, who was also a little fed up with her Ben. We were discussing the tearing up of their carpeting. She suggested that she may tear up the carpet and roll Ben and Barney in it. From the back ground Ben says "Who, Earl and Merle". Perfect nicknames for the two buddies.
Ben wants to know what I'm going to do when we're both retired. Well as much as I'm looking forward to the day I don't have to work again, I figure I'll have three years of time to myself for 8 hours a day. By the second week I'll probably be waiting at the door for him to get home.
I think the problem is that he has so much that he wants to do and just doesn't know where to start. He's enjoying the freedom of not having to rush home, eat and leave. I'm sure in a month or so we'll settle in to this change. I just need to hold on that long.

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