Monday, July 21, 2008

Coming Of Age

I finally made it into this decade by purchasing a Wii yesterday. What I need to find now is the Wii fit. Appears that everyone is out of them. Can't find it online unless I want to pay nearly double the price. I think my friend Skinny K should sell me hers as I'm fatter than her and need it more. Think that little ditty will work?

I have some kind of bite on my arm that I don't think came from a mosquito. I've managed to keep the itching under control but it's now developed a red blotch around it. I don't feel weak or faint yet so it must not have been anything to drastic. It just looks pretty ugly. This was the result of the weekend of camping. I wasn't bothered much by mosquito's, just flies and nasty earwigs. Those little suckers were hiding every where. We had a good time. The weather was a little muggy but nothing drinking 60 gallons of water didn't cure. I have to say my intake of beer was not much. I figured the water was much better for me than downing 8 or 10 beers. Now I know someone might disagree with me, but it was just to hot to drink beer.

We did manage to keep the fire tended but probably not as well as Stb would have. It was 80 plus degrees outside so we saw no need to huddle around the fire. I think we basically had it because it's what you do when you're camping. The rain did not put much of a damper on the weekend as it rained one night while we were already sleeping and not again until Saturday night around 10 pm. It did help to cool things off a little and make sleeping a little more comfortable.

The trip to the Casino was somewhat profitable for me. T was walking past me and rubbed my arm for a little luck. He couldn't have been more that 10 feet away when I hit $250.00 on a slot machine. I took that out and went to another machine and within a minute or two hit $125.00. That was the end of my streak for this trip. It did keep us out of the hot, muggy weather for a few hours.

As usual the food and company were good. The steaks on Saturday night were good. Bonnie made her infamous crappy coffee cake which was eaten just out of pity for her horrible cooking abilities. (yummy once again) Sorry stb I was unable to save you a slice for fear of being accused of harboring the goodness.

The only thing bad about the weekend was that it ended.


StB said...

it was just to hot to drink beer.

I will give you time to erase that wording from your blog and will act like you did not make such a ridiculous comment.

J. Gambino said...

Now see, I had no problem with the drinking of the beer. Probably because I had that really nice coozy. And I had the aluminum bottle cover to keep my beer cold too.

AletaR said...

I knew I'd get some crap for that comment. Let me re-phrase it if I can...It just wasn't hitting the spot this weekend. I will try not to let this happen again.

StB said...

Wasn't hitting the spot? Apparently someone didn't have a high tech coozy to keep their beer nice and cold.

Now I demand a full retraction of the offending comment!

Kris said...

Our family just got the Wii, and we are obsessed with Mario Party and Mario Kart.

OMW said...

Hi. Just checking. Saw five comments and wanted to make sure they weren't all drunken ones from me. ;)

OMW said...

My ex use to complain about "it not hitting the spot".