Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Up Then Down

This baseball season hasn't been very good to us as far as getting to a game. "A" can usually score on some tickets through work but they've been few and far between. We managed to get tickets to last nights game. They were the usual seats he gets, 8 rows in back of the Brewers dugout. I love the view, but I have to tell you, the people around that area suck. Every time we've used these tickets it's the same shit. The row in front of us and our row is like a revolving door. Do you think you could take all three of your kids to the bathroom at one time? You don't need to stand up for the entire beer transaction when you are sitting in the 3rd seat off the aisle. These beer guys are pros's, they will get your beer to you when you are seated. I love the game, love the seats, appreciate that they were free, but people just need to be more considerate of those around them. We spent more time standing up to let people in or out then sitting. I felt sorry for Barney as he's a little sore from the porch project.

The best part of this trip was the sites we took in while leaving. If you want to be a big girl and drink, then learn to handle it. At least puke in privacy not on the curb of the most used exit. There she was, some guys perfect girl in all her glory with puke dribbling all over her. I think her boyfriend deserted her, so I'm sure she's up for grabs now.

The next best part of the evening was a stop at Leon's. I think that was the plan for most Brewer fans heading that way as the team shirts were in abundance. My nice husband bought me an ice cream. What a guy!

Update on the porch....Ben and Barney are both pretty sore. Quote from my husband "It was fun for the first hour or so". The cement slab is all broken apart. Now it just needs to be hauled to the dumpster that will be ordered soon I hope. Not sure how long it's going to be until he stops moaning with every move he makes. Growing older sucks!

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StB said...

Did you give puking girl my number?