Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Will Be The Next To Go

If it wasn't such a shitty subject, I would start a pool at work to see who will be the next to go. It could have a benefit if we all decided that whoever won would give it to the person who is cut. I'm figuring it will be me as I am now the oldest operator on the floor and probably one of the higher paid.

Last week they were all about working some overtime in December which several people, including myself were notified of. Today I got an email stating that this overtime is no longer necessary as several big orders have been canceled. We have a warehouse full of incoming material which usually is a good sign. Once the news of the nixed orders got out the rumors began to fly. Hopefully we won't see the Human Resource woman in the office , as she's the bearer of the bad news.

The other thing that sends a bad signal out is how relaxed things are. In the past we were pushed to get up and running. It was all about numbers. Although the operators have kept on track we seem to be lacking the push we used to get. Of course we have an occasional appearance by an Engineer or management but not to the extent of a month or so ago. Then there's the finished product that has been sitting on the shipping dock for a few weeks. All these things add up to trouble in Production City.

We were conversing about this at work yesterday and came up with the plan that we should all make sure we say good-bye upon leaving each day. A joke was made about never knowing when you will be plucked from the floor. This is usually how it's done. Someone comes out and asks to have a moment with you and you never return. Maybe when asked it would be best to just say "No, now's not a good time". Hopefully things are just looking bad right now and within a few weeks will pick up again. As much as I'd like a vacation, it would be nice to assure I had a job to come back to.

It off the the annual Milwaukee Christmas Parade tomorrow morning. My family has been making the trek downtown for several years now to ring in Santa. As cold as it can be, it's always been a good time. The kids love it and the adults just manage to get into the spirit just watching the kids. My brother was pretty big on the parade and his girls had asked to go this year. I can't see there's is any way to bail out of this. Besides that we two celebrities in the family this year. Nanette and Ben will be assisting with the Journal's giant balloon. The kids haven't been told so I'm sure they'll get a big kick out of it. She just better have some good candy to throw our way as she's floating past us. I shall have the camera ready.

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