Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something is Amiss

My house seems to have turned into a pet sanctuary. Let's start out with our dog Sadie. She's been with us going on 10 years now. We had previously had two of our own dogs, and one that my parents left behind because none of us thought she'd make the adjustment to Arizona at her age. She lived 3 years after they left. We waited over 1 1/2 years after losing the other two before we got Sadie.
Last year we got two cats, one of which is no longer with us. In September when my daughter came back home she brought her dog Bella. She's a good dog, despite her nervousness with thunder and fireworks. A month or so later came her cat Lilo. Her ex wasn't taking care of her and the cat was a mess. She's a bitchy little thing that let's no one pick her up. It took a few weeks for her and our cat Carmine to get along.
My daughter's ex goes out of town a lot for either work or his own personal pleasure. He lives downstairs from his father and has another dog, Bear. Well because his father is as useless as he is Bear doesn't get taken care of when he's gone, so suck up me allows him to stay at our house. Bear is getting up there in age and I can't stand that he's left alone in the house until the useless father remembers to let him out, which can be 10 to 12 hours. He's also pretty good except he doesn't like to stay outside for any length of time. Wants to do his business, snoop around a little and come back in. Sadie on the other hand will lay outside on the deck for hours.
The final straw came Saturday night when my daughter came home with the other cat. Hannah was left at home with no food and no water. The useless father in law forgot about her. Granted the ex husband left a bowl of water and food, but after day 3 it was gone. I nicely explained to her that 6 pets is way to many. Bear and Hannah will go home when the ex husband gets back.
Hannah is also a good cat, or so I thought so until this morning.
I woke for work and noticed the other two cats snooping around the bathroom. They were on a mission. At first I thought they were hunting spiders , but they then headed for the bathtub. I looked in the tub and saw a nice pile of poop. What the heck! My bathtub is not a giant litter box. I know these two didn't do it. After cleaning it up and spraying the bathroom cleaner I went to look for the culprit. I didn't have to. The other two cats had her cornered in the kitchen and there was some loud meowing going on. I'm pretty sure Carmine was letting her know, in no uncertain terms that you do not poop in the lady's tub!
She will be leaving today, along with Bear. Until his next trip, at which time I will allow the dog to come back but poop pants stays at her own home.

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