Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back in Time

Speaking of crazy dreams! I decided to curl up in bed last night and watch a little TV. Flicking through channels my interest sparked when I came upon the History Channel. They were reviewing some of the countries biggest disasters. The show was about an avalanche back in 1920 or so which took out a train with passengers and coal. Must not have held my interest long as I think I fell asleep within 5 minutes or so.
The goofy dream I remember was that I had wanted to fly out and see my parent's but my husband talked me into taking the train so we could see the scenery. The problem was we weren't on a modern high speed train, we were on a very old coal type train. We got discounts on our tickets for shoveling coal for a few hours. I remember bitching (imagine that) several times on how we were taking so long to get there that we'd have to turn around and come right back.
About 1/2 way through the trip I noticed the Statue of Liberty off in the distance and questioned why we were going East. The conductor told us that the train had one route that went east and up through Canada and then back down through the west. My blood was boiling at that point and I was trying to figure out how to get off the train and to an airport. I finally managed to sneak off when we stopped at a station. Somehow I found my way to an airport but was told the only planes they had were the small open passenger single engine planes. I asked where all the jets were and was told they weren't invented yet. I was given a parachute and some goggles and boarded the plane. I had our cat with us and was worried that he'd be cold, so I was clutching him. I must have been cold in real life because we weren't much off the ground when I woke up, holding the cat.

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