Monday, November 29, 2010

A Day With An 11 year old boy

My grandson stayed over night on Thanksgiving. His dad had to work early and they would be leaving for hunting the next afternoon. It has been a while since he stayed over by himself so I was a little nervous that he'd be bored. It was quite the opposite. The time was long overdue for son grandma-grandson bonding.
He did have the choice of staying with us or going with his dad and staying home for several hours alone. He chose staying with us. That was only after I assured him that I would not be getting him up at 3am to shop. I did have fun with that while we were watching TV. Every early bird/Black Friday commercial that came on found be commenting that maybe we should get up and go. His eyes would widen and he'd ask if I was kidding.
This is kind of how the time went after everyone else left on Thanksgiving.
  • Ask if there is anymore Pumpkin Pie even though he just had a piece an hour ago.
  • Make sure there was still Redi Whip for his pie for the next day
  • Find the Lazar pointer and play with the cats for a while
  • Take a shower and sing something his grandparents could not make out.
  • Check for messages on his phone
  • Hit the man cave with Grandpa for a while
  • See if Grandma's ready to watch the Simpson's movie
  • Settle in and watch the movie
  • Pause it once to get a snack
  • Pause again for water and bathroom break
  • Ask once again if he'd be woken up early for shopping.
  • Fall asleep watching 2nd movie-it was boring anyway
  • Wake up around 830 and wander into grandmas room. Watch news and beg to not be dragged to the store.
  • Eat the pumpkin pie for breakfast and 1/2 hour later eat a Grandma prepared Turkey sandwich.
  • Bargain with Grandma-taco bell for lunch if he goes to grocery store with her.
  • eat another Turkey sandwich when grandpa gets home
  • Take a shower and text a picture of his face with "I"m watching you" attached-to his grandmother.
  • hear the giggle when grandma checks her text
  • check one more time if Taco Bell is still promised after the grocery store
  • Go back and pick up the dirty clothes left in the bathroom, find the clothes from the night before and while Grandmother is waiting stop and send another text stating he's coming. Because we live in a mansion texting is necessary.
  • Finally get shoes and coat on and once again ask about Taco Bell.
  • Try to bargain to stay in the car, but finally decide to come in.
  • Try to add things to the cart and then giggle when the items are discovered.
  • Stop and read the cover of the latest hunting magazine.
  • Finally get the Taco Bell
  • Stink up my bathroom and text me about it.
  • Watch another movie and lay on the floor and play with Sadie.
  • Father comes to pick him up. Still doesn't have all his stuff together. Typical 11 year old boy.

All in all I did have fun.

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