Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Little Things

Some of those who read this will find an appreciation-some won"t.
Since my last post my mother-in-law has improved somewhat. She has been told by her chemo doctor that he will no longer give or recommend any treatment. Some family members do not seem to have an issue with his decision. The main reason for stopping was her blood pressure. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age doctors cannot work together to find a happy medium for her. As it stands right now another scan will be done in December to see how far her cancer has progressed. What they will do with those results are unknown at this time.

Our grandson decided to arrive a few weeks early. Guess he was as anxious as the rest of us were. He's been a pretty good baby so far. Some tummy issues and he is known to pass gas like a man already. I've always loved to observe the discovery points in a baby's life. He knows certain voices and will turn his head when his mom or I speak. The little guy is awake and very alert for several hours at a time now. Unfortunately he has his days and nights a little mixed up. The true smiles are starting to appear. The kind that make your heart melt. I had a slightly crummy day at work yesterday and when I arrived home he was awake and very alert. I hijacked him from his mother and went to sit down in the living room for a bit. Did the usual soft talking and noticed him reaching his hand up to my face. After several attempts and a little help he succeeded. He then grasped my finger and gave a huge smile. I knew it was a real smile verses an uncontrolled smile. Saw the dimples and just about melted. His other discovery over the past few days have been his hands. He will contently lay on his side and stare as he's moving his hands around. You know he's thinking that there is a use for them.
I don't know how anyone in their right mind could not be amazed watching a baby grow to discover the world around them.

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Kris said...

I will keep sending good thoughts your way for Doris and yes babies are wonderful.