Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I detest borrowing things from people, whether it be a dime or a piece of equipment, I have nothing against people who do, I just feel that if the borrowed item is in my possession and it is damaged then it is my responsibility to repair or replace it. Then I may as well purchased what I needed in the first place.
The other day the girls wanted to bake some cupcakes. No problem, so I thought. I went to get the cupcake tins only to find that I now own 1-6 cup tin. After some searching and jogging of my memory I remembered borrowing 2 tins to my sister probably 4 or more months ago. She had to bake a load of cupcakes and only had two tins. So I borrowed them to her. Yesterday I purchased a tin because I am considering the borrowed ones lost forever, along with several DVD's I borrowed her and some other baking items. She is horrible about returning things.
I have a friend that has borrowed from me many times. First off being a tent that was returned with a hole in the floor and a ripped zipper. When mentioned-her and her husband apologized but didn't offer fixing it. She has borrowed numerous items that we've had to go pick up when we've needed them for our own use. This is wrong. When you borrow something, you use it and then your top priority should be to return it in the condition you received it. Take for instance the rug cleaner-I am not going to provide you with the soap as well. You purchase your own soap, clean the unit and return it to me.
I don't know how many oil change wrenches my husband has purchased through out the years due to them not being returned.
There are those I do not mind borrowing to at all. The ones that appreciate the gesture and return things immediately after using it. The ones that will throw in a jug of soup with the return. The ones that I don't have to wonder what happened to my stuff. Maybe a sign out sheet is in order.
My "borrowing" friend loaned me a book a few weeks ago. I am horrible with books and often will return them without reading them because I feel I had them past the alloted time. I asked her about some exercise videos I had borrowed her a few months back. The reply was "yeah I still use them". Well, I would like to use my videos as well. I mentioned returning them as I'd like to use them and got "well let me see if my daughter can copy them for me and then you can have them back". What the hell is that? No, see you return them to me, go to the store like I did and purchase them. About a month ago she returned a dress she had borrowed from me over two years ago. She chuckled when I looked shocked and said she almost took it to the resale shop and had she known I forgot about it she would have.
As I'm typing this I'm trying to think of anything that I would have borrowed and not returned. I can only think of two books.

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