Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have a social network account that I use to play several games, post silly little things, comment on things my friends post and read interesting articles. I think I have under 100 friends. I did not acquire 500 friends to play certain games because I didn't want to received feeds from people I just didn't know. As it is right now I only have feeds to maybe 1/4 of the people on my friends list.
This morning I checked my account and was a little miffed to see several posts from a friend of mine that were quite nasty. They were in reference to the on-going recall happenings. There were also a few comments from others telling him to chill and this wasn't the right place to post his slandering.
I've known this guy since I was 17. He is a hot head who will argue just to argue. He can be dead wrong but will go as far as to become physical in his arguments. He has an alcohol and drug problem as well. Been in rehab several times. Been robbed, been in jail, been in accidents-one that almost killed him and is not claiming to be clean. He lost two brothers to alcohol and has another brother that has been in and out of rehab several times as well. He has lost many friends due to his drinking.
The man had a home repair business that he used as a front. He has not held a regular job since he was 21. Has not filed a tax return since then either. For years he claimed to be self employed but never claimed enough to pay taxes. He is now considered legally blind due to having some issues from birth. He's had several surgeries in the past two years and has now regained 60% of his eyesight.
Thomas hates Walker. His main reason-he feels he is going to lose his benefits. Now, I know some people cannot help the issues dealt them and need assistance to live. There are programs in place for that. However, my issue with him is simply-what have you done for the past 30 or so years that you feel you are owed so much. The county has paid for several rehab stays for you, paid for your surgeries, and now pays you monthly which you supplement with drug sales.
He claims to be clean, except for what he calls medicinal pot. Knowing him he is justifying this is needed for his eyesight issues. Don't get me wrong because he does have some very good qualities. I sat and stared at his posts this morning and considered commenting. Then it hit me-he only rants like this when he has fallen off his wagon. I am willing to bet he has once again slipped back. Once again his friends will try to help him, ones closer to him will suffer his verbal abuse, something bad will happen and he'll check in again. Once again it will be someone else's fault that he failed again. This time it sounds like it's Walkers fault. So instead of commenting I clicked the "unfriend" button.

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Kris said...

I hate and love social networking. I love that is helped me reconnect with old friends and classmates who maybe too far to physically see on a regular basis. I love that I can use it post about my adventures and what I am doing.

I hate that social networking has become the soul means for people to staying touch. That liking a post has become the same as picking up a phone and calling someone. I hate that people use their networks to sling mud at each other or fire off political statements. I hate that people are obsessed with how many friends they have.

It seems like you have done the right thing. I will say that personally I hate that I had some friends who were not brave enough to say to my face they didn't want friendship but instead used the "unfriend" button instead.

Although in your case it seems this guy wouldn't even get it if you said it to his face.