Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kicked Out of The Club

I spent the last two weeks being just a little nervous. I received a phone call the day after my initial boob squashing asking me to return for more scans. Of course it took two weeks to get in as they wanted me to come when the doctor was there also so he could immediately review the new scans.

I had plenty of conversations with J during the past two weeks and believe me I tried to put the whole mess out of my head. Going away with the grandkids for a few days helped a lot but the issue was still in the back of my head. I must have been completely tired out from the camping trip as I can't say I lost any sleep over it last night. In fact I didn't really break down until this morning. Had my 5 second cry and went on my way.

"Don't be scared" must be the standard issue comment made by all screening personnel. Either that or I don't hide it well. After 3 very intense squashes I was told to have a seat and the doctor would be in. In what seemed to be eternity he came in and gave me the all clear. It appears that whatever they saw two weeks ago was either a shadow or now gone. This didn't convince me quite fully so I asked a lot of questions. I will now be returning in 6 months for another repeat flattening of the boob.

In my call after the results to J she sounded relieved that another Kasinski girl would not be honing in on her title. Guess my mom got the exclusive invite. I mentioned that I tried to have my own hip club but my brother butted in on that one. I can handle just being a non-member of any club for now. This was a big enough ordeal for me.

I do have to say that being nosey while J went through all this did give me some education on the subject of breast cancer. One just is never prepared for the outcome. J and I were discussing why all of a sudden it seems that almost everyone we know has had to go back for additional screenings. Is it because they are being so careful? Is it because so many of the films are bad? She wants do I.


J. Gambino said...

Well, I must say I did not want you in the club. I am so not good at sharing. I will continue to be your source of breast cancer knowledge. And you can tell me all about bionic hips.

StB said...

Glad to hear everything is ok.