Sunday, August 12, 2007

We're Outta Here

Gramps and I are taking the 3 grand kids camping until Tuesday. I'm hoping their parents have somewhat "trained" them in this area. I think Dylan will be okay as he's a seasoned camper. The twins...well they may be girly girls, but that will come to an abrupt end. I think we planned this out pretty well so they won't remember this as being a horrible trip.
I got a list of food from all three of them which had me chuckle a bit. It was all snack foods with some pancakes thrown in. The drink choices were all soda which I know their parents don't let them drink. I had to change some things up a little or gramps and I would be awake all night trying to settle down the sugar rush kids.
The weather looks promising. The beach is open, water is not contaminated and we're hoping the bee's stay put for the weekend.
All in all I think it could be a good time. Gramps mentioned to me yesterday while getting things ready that he was leaving the "booze box" behind. Taking the bottle of rum though. That in itself should free up some space in the truck.

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