Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We have survived the camping trip with the grandkids! They were very good and not to demanding. I was a little shocked at how afraid the girls were of a little spider, yet would crash through the woods to catch a frog.
Our fishing escapade proved to be a little scary for a moment. Dylan has no problem putting worms on a hook and was willing to do it for the girls. I let it be known that he could show them the first time and then if they wanted to fish they'd have to put their own worms on. One of the girls lost her worm on her first cast. We then had to have "casting " instruction. She was casting like she was throwing a football. After assuring that she was now doing okay I went back to fishing. Then there was a little tangling of the hook problem. I got that all fixed and adjusted her bober. I turned my back to pick up my rod and heard this giant splash. There she was in the water, arms thrashing around with a look of sheer panic on her face. I had to do a quick rescue. After a second of grabbing her arms, I reminded her that she was in 3 feet of water. She then was screaming about the fish that were going to bite her. I had to remind her that we weren't catching any fish. Gramps then came and aided in the rescue. It was then that we noticed my fishing rod floating away. She had enough time during her rescue to grab on to her pole and hand it to me, but mine was pretty much floating away. Dylan just simply jumped off the pier and grabbed it. The next hysterical scream was let out when it was discovered that her flip-flops were also floating away. They were to far for Dylan to save. I could do nothing at that point but sit on the pier and laugh. We all did, even "splash". A couple of people came over to see what all the commotion was about and she had no problem telling them she took a dive. The flip-flops were rescued by a couple on jet ski's and all was good. This ended our 1 hour fishing expedition.

The weather held up pretty good until 1am Tuesday morning. We got pounded pretty good. There wasn't much concern from the kids. I saw their heads pop up when a loud thunder boomer and lightening show lit up the sky. That was it, heads bob up, right back to sleep.

Let it be known that the farting contests are not just for the adult camping trips. Those kids were just as bad as the menfolk.

We were all ready to be kept up until at least midnight and woke up by 6am. These kids were sleeping by 10:30 and not awake until 9am. There was an attempt by Dylan to get up at 6am to go fishing. He made it as far as waking up, heading to the bathroom and coming back only to climb back in bed for another few hours.

In all the places we've camped I have to say that Kegonsa has the weirdest bugs. I saw them all this weekend. Those lime green grasshopper things were all over the bathroom door. Had it not been for my trusty flashlight and that I looked at the ground I may have stepped on a snake. Little bastard had teeth! I do believe it was a milk snake. Not one I want to encounter again. Not a single raccoon or skunk in site but a crane and babies walking through the campground. I'm pretty sure we were one of ten campsites that were occupied. Camping during the week could be a new option. No rangers, no shower lines, clean bathrooms and quiet.

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