Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Where Are All The Fans

Did anyone else watch the Brewers/Marlins game? I was in awe over the lack of people in the Marlins Stadium. There was an entire top section all the way around with not one person in it. Even in a major slump I'm willing to bet that fans at Miller Park would have out-numbered them 50-1. It looked as if there would be a glimmer of hope in the 9th but the Marlins had to go and change their pitcher. At least the games have been exciting verses sleepers.

I want to know how many people have screen doors on their garage. I didn't catch it until today but my husband replaced the storm/screen door on our porch and put the old screen door on the side (man) door of the garage. According to him, I need to look around and take note of all the screen doors on garages. I may just do that.

Be on the look out for anyone who has never invited you to a cook out to come over for one. Ben & Annette were victims of thieves today. Their grill seems to have been stolen. Is nothing sacred? I did try to reassure her by noting that at least there was not food on it at the time. That happened to us once while at my brother-in-laws house. Bastards stole the grill right out of the back yard complete with ribs and chicken. People just need to leave what's not theirs alone.

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J. Gambino said...

I do have to say I took an impromptu poll at work and the only people that had screen doors on the garages, were attached garages and the screen door was on the entry to the house.