Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back Home

Eight days is not a long enough vacation. I have always hated the feeling of coming back home after a vacation. Not because I don't miss my family or dog but I hate the thought of returning to work. One can become very used to the lifestyle of being non-commital and layed back. The thought of an alarm clock waking me up rather than the soft coo of the dove's outside the bedroom of my parent's home is just not right. The thought of possible frost on my windshield or having to wear a jacket at 6am rather than it being 65-70 at 6am is just not right. But that's what vacations are for : a teaser to let you know what could be in store for you if you plan things out right and can retire at an early enough age to enjoy these things.

My dad is doing good. He's a little scared after the stroke, but I think he's relaxing a bit now. Mom is mom and always will be. My dad want's to come back to Wisconsin to be near family and of course is worried that he may be leaving her in a quandry should something happen. The hardest thing I had to do was inquire about their plans for the future. I don't want them to feel as if their kids are ripping their lives out from under them, but we all live in Wisconsin. I case of and emergency we'd have to find the quickest way there. Is it fair to suggest they move back because of that? I'll answer my own question..No. They are both in good sound mind, they're a little slower getting around now but who isn't at 75? My mom claims she enjoys the weather but from June to August rarely goes outside due to the heat. My dad is miserable from March thru August due to allergies to dust, pollen and the catcus flowers.

My dad has this old solid wooden rocking chair that he moved from Wisconsin to Arizona 16 years ago. It's out of his patio and he still sits in it and reads his paper daily. We fight over it when I'm there. As old and rickity as the chair is its comfortable. The chair has history, it was my Grandfathers. He asked me if I wanted the chair should something happen to him. My mom didn't think I was to funny when I said I'd tie it to the roof of the truck and tie her in it. It will save storage space on the trip back. She can sit up there and knit away. I did promise not to forget about her when we stopped to eat or gas up on the way back.

In a way it's good to be home. I had tulips in my yard that the rabbits must have moved from someone else's yard over the winter. I have never planted red tulips and I have about 6 of them in full bloom. This is the season I enjoy the most in Wisconsin. Everything is blooming and turning green, baseball is in full swing and the weather is getting nicer every day. It's two more weeks until the first "freeze your ass off" camping weekend. It doesn't get much better than this.

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