Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wii Says I Need to Get Fit

After a two week hunt I finally found and ordered the Wii Fit. With shipping I paid 30.00 more than the store's were advertising but sometimes the grasshopper just can't be patient. It arrived on my front porch today. I was like a kid at Christmas. I'm loving it so far (except for the part that told the truth and told me I was fat). I did Yoga, I ran, I managed to somehow not fudge up on the stepping thing to bad (had to do it 3 times for perfection), I attempted to dodge some soccer balls and I skied. My favorite so far : The hula hoops. I can see this going on for 30 minutes a day, or shall I say "I must do this for 30 minutes a day". My goals are small.

I get a kick out of my husband standing in the room telling me everything I'm doing wrong. I offer to let him check it out and he makes some silly excuse about his back hurting. Just wait until I can golf better than him. Bring it on buddy!

On a different note, I am loosing my faith in our health care system. My sister's husband went in Tuesday for a simple gall bladder removal. He came home Tuesday night and ended up back in the ER at 5am for intense pain. After 6 hours he was admitted to the hospital and they were attempting to control the pain. On Thursday his doctor finally decided to do a scan to see what the problem was. He had bile leaking into his system. Today they corrected that problem. He's usually a very good natured guy, but his comment today was "This mess may warrant a letter".

Mom & Dad are coming to town Tuesday. Won't they be a little shocked at my combat zone of a back yard. We now have a dumpster in our driveway for the broken up cement. It's making it's way into the dumpster little by little. I think I've thrown a stone or two in there since Tuesday.

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