Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

On a daily basis I encounter a few bicyclists on my way to work. They are easy to spot. Most of them wear reflective clothing or have flashers on their bikes. They tend to stay over in the parking lane and some ride on the sidewalks. It's still dark when I'm driving in. This morning was the worst exception of a cyclist I have ever seen. This guy is riding in the right lane and wearing pretty much all black except for the white on his shoes. No helmet, no reflectors and just tooling along like he owns the road. He's heading west on Watertown Plank Road and crosses over Highway 100 through the light. Am I wrong or are cyclists supposed to obey traffic signals? He almost gets clipped at that point. I happen to turn onto Watertown Plank and end up right behind him. I think I may have been the only driver that saw him. Guy on the left whipped by as I slowed down and attempted to change lanes to pass cycle man. Car in back of me slows down and as I change lanes just about clips the guy. I moved around him and back into the right lane and see another car just about clip him. Drivers were changing lanes at the last minute to avoid hitting him. It's one thing to drive in the parking lane and have drivers move over a little, but don't bike in the right lane if there is a parking lane. I wonder if he ever made it to his destination.
I saw buds this morning. On the trees. This is the beginning of my favorite season. Baseball and when everything starts to turn green. Not that green is my favorite color but it is a true sign that the long dreary winter may soon be over. It is a sign of outdoor activities beginning to take hold and a sure sign that camping is right around the corner. I also saw a fly, which I can do without. I know we have a few weeks to go yet but I sure am ready for the warmer weather and all that it brings with it.

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Hey Jo said...

I found two lady bugs in the house so far. I've only been home from work for an hour.