Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Gonna Be A Hot One

Yesterday when I got home I had two cats and Sadie waiting at the door. I think they smiled when I got home. Either that or they were trying to rat each other out for something. I checked out the house and nothing was amiss so in my head I'm telling myself they were happy to see me. Bella's been gone for a few days and I think she must be the social director as they usually don't greet me at the door.
When my alarm rudely went off at 3:20 this morning both cats were on my bed and sprung up as soon as I got up. Sadie was laying at the foot of the bed and also woke and followed us out of the room. Couldn't be the need for food or water, all the bowls were full. I gave them fresh water and got a nudge from Sadie and a meow from the cats. They were all clustered by the bathroom door when I came out my shower and proceeded to follow me around. I let Sadie out to do her business and the two cats sat by the door waiting. I was beginning to wonder if they're trying to tell me something. Am I sick and they feel they need to be lovable so they can get a free pass in also? Are they waiting for me to leave to start the daily ruckus? Are they bored, or missing Bella? Whatever the answer to this is, it's just weird to have all three of them follow me around. Especially the evil Lilo. You can pet her to your hearts content but if you try and pick her up she will give you a piece of her mind. She's a true cat bitch. But as I sat down to check emails, she jumped up on my lap. Something is up I tell you. Bella will be back today and I'm sure she'll set them all straight. Usually she is the attention seeker and will butt in between whoever is currently receiving attention. She's an attention hoarder. That could very well be the answer. The big Momma is gone and the other guys want some attention.
Heading out for a hot weekend of camping (weather wise that is). Mother Nature has already been cursed by someone, so it's quite possible we may seek the nearest air conditioned bar for a break from the heat. At any rate it'll be good to get away and have a relaxing weekend.

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