Thursday, July 08, 2010


We received a flyer in the mail the other day from our Neighborhood Association. I felt a little out of sorts at first because in the 19 years we've lived in our home I never knew we had a Neighborhood Association. It seems to be just a bunch of neighbors that get along. Sure you have the occasional griper but I'm not aware of any feuds going on.
We seem to be a neighborhood where everyone minds their own business, yet watches out for each other. When the hoodlums came through with their paintball guns, we all got hit. When the storms ripped through a few years back, we all helped each other move tree branches and returned lawn furniture to it's rightful owners. There are the friendly waves and idle chit chat or talking over the fence. We're pretty good friends with our neighbors to the south and across the street. The people who's backyard butts up against ours are a little on the snobby side. This goes back a few years when she wanted to pull the fence down. I had commented that if she did choose to pull it down that we'd be putting another one up for our dogs. She was all about matching the fences and wanted to "pick out" the fence we'd be putting up. It's chain link now and she didn't like that I said I'd be putting chain link back up. I'm pretty sure the fence issue is over. Plus they have a dog now, but I think it goes to the bathroom inside, as we never see it in the yard.
So, back to the letter. We can join the association for $10.00 per year. We then can be involved in the block party, movies in the park and Friday night round robins. The round robins are explained as "one family per week (Friday) opens their home/yard to other members. The round robin starts at 6:30 pm and ends by 8. The host is not obligated to put out food or drink, people are expected to have eaten before coming over. You are allowed to bring your own beverages, however if you need to keep them cool you must bring your own cooler. If the host chooses to allow people to stay longer they can, but as a visitor you must not over-stay your welcome. I didn't see much problem with this. This is basically to get to know each other and discuss any problems in the neighborhood and to solve them. Well, that is where I had the slight issue.
Like I said, we've lived here for 19 years without any major problems. Yes, I would like to be informed of any incidents involving crime in our area. I passed the flyer onto my daughter as the kids would probably enjoy the park events they have posted. Maybe she can find a nice husband.

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OMW said...

I hear some nice guys stop at Big Mamma's after work some days. Can we still call it Big Mamma's??