Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Such A Waste

I have a friend, Kellie, that I have known well for about 28 years. We became friends when I began working at a packaging company right after my daughter was born. She was going through a break-up and I was going through a divorce. We clicked right away, thus began a good friendship.
Both of us had some serious financial hardships (dead-beat ex's that wouldn't pay support) and within two years of working together decided to move in together. The main goal was to get out of debt and actually be able to open a savings account. We worried that working together and living together would put a strain on our friendship, but for the most part things worked out well. We managed to make a good situation out of a bad one. We still look back on those years and find so much to laugh about.
With my son starting 1st grade I made the move back to the south side. It was hard to tell her, but we had both achieved our goals. We remained friends and still socialized outside of work.
Met our husbands and stood up for each others weddings. We didn't see each other as much but talked often. Any social events we were at together were always fun. We caught up on the kids doings. She had two more children after marrying. Our husbands got along great which is always a plus. They're also very much alike.
We saw each other in the sad times also. Her father who was her idol in life passed away, my brother passed away.
Her son was in trouble. At 15 they discovered he was using prescription pain killers. This girl wasn't having it and was extremely upset that she didn't see the signs earlier. They took him to rehab several times, they tried the tough love approach, they racked their brains and their pocketbooks to help him. She thought they had succeeded as he was passing drug tests and got through high school. He was arrested for possession with intent to sell. He went to jail and back to rehab. Again they emptied their wallets to help him. I talked to her several times through out the years they went through this. She was tired and hurting. Her and her husband stuck together on this. At 20 years old they got tougher. They booted him out of their house. He went to live with his older sister and husband and they thought he was doing better. About 8 months ago he went back to jail which they got him out of and into an in-patient rehab program. After getting out he started his life over again without drugs. He went to counseling and seemed to be on the up and up.
On Sunday he died of an overdose. My heart goes out to my friend & her husband. I called her on Tuesday after finding out and thought I'd be at a loss for words. I didn't need to say much. Josh is now at peace.

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