Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Dream or Wishful Thinking??

Every once in a while I have some really wacked out dreams. I don't eat before bed and other than the fact that I am a restless and light sleeper I see no cause for some of the crazy shit I dream.

We have a vacation planned in May to go to Rhode Island to visit Gambino's brother and family. On the way there we are driving straight through. The other night I dreamt that we arrived at their home and E (the sister-in-law) hugged everyone and then looked at me and said "God A you look like crap". I was so floored I woke up.

Last night was better. J & K, my husband and Dimmy M. took a ride in J's new car to 7 Mile Fair. Where this came from is beyond me as I hate 7 Mile Fair and haven't been there in years. Well somewhere along the way J purchased a new couch. There wasn't room in the car for this so the guys tied it to the back of the car and J proudly sat on her couch as it was being dragged on the freeway. I suggested that they drop me off first to make more room in the car. I stood at the end of my driveway waving to J as they pulled away. I then noticed that our garage door was open. I went into the house to make sure the house wasn't robbed and went back out to the garage to find the snowblower and lawnmower gone. The garage was also very clean. At this point my husband pulled in the driveway. I notified him of the missing items and he stated that it was no big deal. It was then that I noticed that his ancient snowmobile was gone. I turned to tell him and found him falling to his knees in the driveway with his hands covering his face. "Not my snowmobile...It was the only thing that mattered to me". In the dream I comforted him. In reality I was jumping for joy. Those of you who know us may find humor in this dream. This piece of crap snowmobile has followed us for 24 years. I have seen it run once. We have moved it 4 times in 24 years. There are rabbits living in it.

Now I ask you....Dream or Wishful Thinking?

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Hey Jo said...

I know someone, who knows someone, who could make it go away for you, if you so wish it to be.