Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

After spending a Friday night out with friends, Saturday was spent quietly. I'm such a bore that I was in bed by 10:30 watching a movie that I think I saw the opening credits on. I was up bright and early today and suggested we go to the Home & Garden Show for some ideas for the porch.

These shows kill me as maybe 30% of the exhibitors have something to do with remodeling. The rest range from cooking demos, sheets (??) lots of Asian guys selling sheets, the newest in mops and a few crafters. There were 3 places that actually had to do with sunrooms so we did manage to get some ideas.

After that we went to Southridge, or as my husband would put it "I dragged him to the mall". We had a few birthday gifts to purchase and rightfully so he should help with these things. Besides with the price of gas I wasn't about to take him home and go back. It was kind of a round trip thing. I did buy him lunch at the Red Robin which I found to be a bit over priced and over rated. My chicken sandwich was bland and dry. One of the basketball games was on while we were there and we sat right under a tv. I had to chuckle as almost every guy facing the tv was absorbed in the game rather then the family they were sitting with. The wife and kids would be chattering away and dad would be focused on the tv.

I made this kick butt dinner of chuck roast, taters and fresh mushrooms which was in the slow cooker from 9am until 5. I'm not a big beef eater but it was good. It was at that point that I could see trouble brewing. We began to discuss brick for the bottom half of the porch. I though it should match the siding. He thinks it should match the brick on the front of the house which is a peachy sandstone color. WAWAWA WHat?? was my response. There was complete silence. I then mentioned that I would be tagging along to the store for any purchases made. WHile I'm in Arizona I will be freezing the bank account and hiding any credit cards he has. There will be no peachy/pinky sandstone colored brick in my porch. He explained that it should match the house. The back and sides of the house are done in light gray and white. Someone help me!!!

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