Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Egg Police

I went in to work early today to get out early enough to catch my Granddaughters school program. They had a wax museum. This consisted of picking a person from the past, writing a report, making a poster board and dressing as this person. She portrayed Debra Sampson. (dressed as a boy to get into the army during the Civil War and was booted out after being discovered, but later received a metal).

The Wax Museum opened at 2 and went for 45 minutes. I was amazed at how these kids (ages 9-11) sat, stood, and were able to pose for that long without moving. Her mother, my joking daughter, in trying to get her to flinch or crack a smile walked up to her and said "You smell like butt cheese". What a nice mom, but nothing..not even a flinch. She did really good.

The best part of this was seeing the kid dressed as Elvis. On the poster they had to have a time line. This kid's time line showed a date with the caption "His mom died cause she was old". I could not help but smile a bit. This is something I've never heard of being done in a school before and though all the kids did a great job.

On the way home I made a stop at a small Sentry store on the south side. I haven't been to this one in years and opted to stop there as ham was on sale and I figured the store wouldn't be to crowded. Got the ham. The aisles in the store are wide enough for just two small carts. This was no heavy duty shopping store. The deli cracked me up as I think they had maybe 10 different selections of meat and a handful of salads to choose from. I did find everything I needed. I even got the 2 dozen for $2.28 eggs. I picked up 4 dozen thinking I'd get the sale price for two and pay the regular price for the other two. WRONG!

I knew there would be some sort of trouble when I got to the checkout line. The cashier looked like someone pissed her off really bad. She saw my card and immediatly called for a bagger. I told her I could bag. Apparently I'm mute as she continued to call for a bagger before even checking anything out. I always save my eggs for last and as they were being rang up she announced loud enough for shoppers in aisle 3 to hear "There is a limit on these eggs". I told her that I was under the impression that I could purchase two at the sale price and the othersat regular price. A flat-out "NO" came from her mouth. "There is a limit" and she swiftly moved them off the belt and to the side of her register. It seemed as if she though I was going to dive for them. She then said that she'd had several customers today that she had to "pull" eggs from. I'm wondering if she got a badge at the end of the day.


StB said...

Ham shortage my ass! I saw plenty at the store.

J. Gambino said...

Wow, customer service goes a long way!I would have decked her. Seems the right thing to do.

Kris said...

You should of asked her if she had just the branch or the whole tree stuck up her ass.