Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wanted: 1 Quarterback

I heard the news at 9am this morning and it spread quickly on the line. I got to witness the expressions on everyone's faces. We had a customer in from out east and it was the first thing he said to me when he walked in. He, of course being somewhat of a Packer fan himself. I myself won't believe it until the first game of the season is played and I don't see #4 running out on the field. If it all holds true then "Thanks for the ride Brett".

I had to do an interesting Grandma chore last night. My son dropped my grandson off and asked a favor of me. "Would you please take him to his "God" class. My son had to do a tile installation quote and was not sure he'd make it back in time. Not a problem, we live about 4 blocks from his church. About 10 minutes before we had to leave it started...."I don't feel good Grandma" (didn't work) "I don't get to spend a lot of time with you and Grandpa" (didn't work either). " The class is boring" (made me smile but still didn't work). "Did my dad go to these classes" (yes). I then told him that I also did and I also argued with my parents about it. I went into lecture mode and explained that no one ever suffered taking these classes and that it was a parental duty to allow their children to learn these things. That when he was old enough he could make his own decisions but for now he needed to go and actually listen to what he was being taught. There was quite a pitiful little act going on but I wasn't buying it.
The whole incident brought back the memory of me at about 8 years old fighting with my father over learning the weekly assignment and how I didn't need to know that stuff. This turned into my first attempt at running away. Where did I go? I walked the 6 or so blocks to our church. I never said I was a smart kid.
His reasoning continued up until I walked him to his class room. I told him if he still felt sick to call me and I'd come and get him, but he would have to get his homework and class work and we'd do it at home. He told me that his dad said I was a tuff one.
On the way home I had a flashback to when my son was attending his classes and the constant arguing in getting him there. This boy is a spitting image of his father. When I got home I promptly called my son to "thank" him for this wonderful duty that he put on me.
About 2 hours later I received a call from Dylan telling me that he learned about Moses and it wasn't all that bad. There is truth in your parents telling you "What comes around goes around.


StB said...

You should have mentioned how he can reap the rewards later in life. By going to his "church" classes now, he gets to Drink for Jesus later!

Kris said...

Gotta love kids. Especially now as a grandparent, you can hand then back to mom and dad.