Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Those Are Some Fighting Words

I'm making history! Never has a QA person worked out on the lines before. They would come out for samples and maybe take over for a few minutes while someone ran to the bathroom or moved a pallet, but they've never actually worked the line for any amount of time. Yesterday started an argument between my boss and an Engineer/Production Manager. Two lines were scheuled to run this week. In the past when this has been done, one line would shut down for break and lunch. This really does a number on production numbers and scrap. Yesterday I was aksed to help out during breaks. I took a look at my work load and decided I could help. It's only two people and breaks are 10 minutes. Not a problem. So I thought. The two ten minute breaks turned into me being on the line for 40 minutes. In the mean time the other line is paging me for a sample check. This doesn't shut a line down, but if there is a problem there could be a ton of scrap. When this was over and I was caught up I explained to the PM that I could not be away from my job for that long. He agreed.

Two hours later I get a page asking for help during lunch. I talked to my boss and we decided that he could cover for me. Both of us assumed that this was a one day thing. Once again the 40 minutes I should have been out there turned into 1 1/2 hours. I guess their breaks are no longer being monitored. Once again caught up I took my lunch at 1:30.

I have just come from the morning meeting where the PM announced that I'd be breaking people out again. Huh? He must have seen the confused look on my face and asked me if I had talked to my boss. Sure I did, and my boss said "They will have to learn to get along without you. They have had approval for an additional person since you came to QA. They're not hiring anyone because with you helping them out it makes their numbers look good". He went on to say that he'd come out and help out this week as needed, but this was it! He's becoming a little bit assertive which is a good thing. I will do what I can to stay out of the manager's war. The good part was the PM (unaware of my boss's presence) says to me "What does your boss do all day? I always see him just sitting at his desk. Maybe he should come out and help". His face was a little red upon seeing the presence of my boss. I walked away because this was no longer my fight.

On a lighter note, I have a walking partner again! My daugher has taken up residence in our home (for the time being) and used to be my walking partner prior to her moving out. It sure makes the time go by and the walk not be so boring when you're with someone else.

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