Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weird Dream

I had a strange one last night and as the day progressed it even kind of scared me a little. Years ago my parents were friends with this couple and our families did a lot of things together. Some where along the line they had a falling out and the friendship ended. I would run into one of the girl that was my age at school and not to long ago found that she had worked with my husband.

In my dream last night I was sitting on my back porch and looked next door and saw them moving in. They were as I remembered them as a kid. None of the kids looked older and the parents still looked the same. I was a little stunned and wondered what happened to our neighbors. I then saw that they had moved a motor home into the backyard and were staying in it while their new house was being built.

I was puzzled as to how this was happening when all of a sudden my mother appears and says " Oh my gosh it's Bill & Iris, and all the kids". Huh? My mother takes off running across the yard and gives this woman a great big hug and they're chatting away like crazy. I wondered when the little rift got cleared up. I thought about the dream several times today and it just really had me stumped for some reason.

Tonight I'm on my weekly telephone call to my parents and the discussion turns to the possibility of them moving back up here. Dad is all for it, Mom makes excuses. I think Dad may win on this one because he told her she can stay down there but he's planning on looking for a home when they come up next spring. We're chatting away and she says "Gosh, I'm going to have to make all new friends." Then out of the blue comes "I wonder what Iris & Bill are up to". Did you ever just get that jolt that goes through your body? Eeriness? I have now brushed it off as coincidental.

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StB said...

Uh..I thought I was the one who blogged about weird dreams...