Friday, August 28, 2009

You Gotta Have Money To Get That

Today's breaking news...MJ was a pothead. No big surprise there. Police found several bags of it lying around his house. Comments were made about how in California you can have pot for medicinal reasons. I'm sure that's why he had it, right? But then again superstars can get just about anything they want.
Why do people worship weirdos? How do seedy characters become Superstars? Superstars can completely disobey any laws and walk away a few dollars shorter , a jail term cut down and a slap on the hand. Do a few community service things and make a commercial or two and you're done. Michael Vick for example. The country goes nuts when he's found guilty of his dog thing. He received a standing ovation in the Eagles game last night. The crowd went wild. He's back on top again.
Not let's get to the Mayor beater pleading not guilty on all counts. What irked me on this entire issue was his mother and brother getting on TV saying that if it wasn't the Mayor he would walk away with a slap on the hand. "The Mayor should not have stepped in, it wasn't his business" are the words that came out of his brothers mouth. What???. Yes we all say stupid things sometimes, but come on. This idiot is going at his child and child's grandmother. Defenseless people. He's in a rage. The Mayor did something that not to many people would do. He came to the defense of this woman and he attempted to subdue this guy. He's left with the scars of aiding someone. The guy is claiming to be bi-polar and was off his medication. He is now going for medical evaluation. "It's not him that beat the Mayor. He wouldn't do something like that. " Well buddy, the police have a record on you that's a mile long dating back to the late 90's when you were a teen. Is this another case of "he slipped through the cracks as a teen". No one wants to see another child's Daddy going to jail, but personal responsibility needs to be taken for what was done. Mayor or not, he beat someone and shouldn't have.
Superstar?? Who cares. MJ was wrong for a long time. A Good Father?? A good father doesn't leave pot laying around the house and have access to the drugs that killed him. So the doctor's probably going to spend some time in jail. Good. He's just as guilty. He let money do the talking. Once again , time to take responsibility for your actions.

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