Monday, January 03, 2011

Final Day Off

I call this the recovery day. The house is quiet except for the occasional scurrying of a cat and yawning and repositioning of Sadie. Not sure they like me being home and upsetting their daily routines.
I should call it the "me" day. This is after I looked around at the Christmas decorations and things piled into the spare room. Do I want to spend my last off day tackling that mess or just putter around and do a few things.
#1 on my list is to get all these cookies out of my house. I'll be packing up two containers, one for each of us to take to work tomorrow. There are some hungry guys at my work who will gobble them down. I may pack up three and bring one in mid-week. All I know is they need to get out of this house.
#2 on my list is to tackle the laundry chute that seems to have doubled in size since I looked yesterday. This can only mean that my loving husband saved up a ton of dirty clothes and threw them all down today.
#3 on my list is to try the new Wii Zumba. This could be fun.
#4 on my list is to take a trip to Goodwill to drop off a few bags of clothes that my husband cleaned out of his closet.
#5 on my list is to make some type of dinner that doesn't involve ham, roast beef, polish sausage or meatballs.

This is all heading toward the direction of a non-me day.

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Hey Jo said...

Is your magic chute broken again?