Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Let me start off by apologizing for every time I have been crabby and brought other people down. I know there are people who can bring me out of it pretty fast, and I don't think it takes me long to realize I'm affecting others so I'll focus on good things and try to save the crabbiness for when I'm alone.

I have worked with a certain girl for over 8 years now. She is by far the moodiest person I know. She is miserable and therefore feels every one around her should also be. Lana has her happy days but they don't last real long. There have been several opportunities for her to advance from her operators position which I have prompted her to go for. The answers are always the same "Why should I, nothing will be any different" She will continue on to tell me that she always gets screwed no matter what she does. This is a girl with some serious self-confidence and low moral issues.

I knew it was going to be another one of those days when she came in and told me that I was parked a little past the yellow lines. Who cares? I was in the first spot and my tire was slightly on the yellow line. It was the first spot with no one to the left of me. All I did was give the person to the right of me a little more space. In her opinion I screwed up the entire parking lot. Next up was bitching about the soda bottle that was in her spot in the fridge. We do not have assigned parking nor assigned soda spots in the fridge. I just witnessed her rampage with the other operators on the floor (all men) and had to walk away. I feel sorry for these guys as they try to help her out and get snide comments and nasty looks.

On the flip side-she is a good friend and it has taken a long time to reach that status in her book. I enjoy spending time out of work with her. I think it may be time for a change in her life.

The girl needs help!

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