Monday, January 10, 2011

Way to Go

I wanted to stay home today. When my alarm went off at 3 am the thought of getting up and turning it off came to mind. Then I let my senses take over and stayed upright and made my way through the morning routine and on to work. We are back on 10 hour days now with the plus of having Friday off. I shall make it through my week with that plus on my mind.
I love the Fridays off. It means a day to myself. A day to catch up on things around the house that are neglected during the week. Sometimes its not much of a me day, but it's an added day to not wake up to an alarm clock (beside my husbands).

Yesterday proved to be an excellent day. We traveled out for the game with the group. I'm thinking I may not be the only one who is lacking their full voice this morning. Packers pulled off the win and will now advance. It has been a very exciting season. The thrill was the interception in the end zone that brought everyone in the bar to their feet. Lot of yelling and high-fives going on. What a great feeling and a sigh of relief. Seconds before that-it was pretty silent.
Go Packers!

We have some Monday morning MIA people today. I'm assuming most of them due to the Packer game. All the production people are here-we're lacking management. However, the show must go on.

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