Monday, January 31, 2011

First Flakes

I walked outside for work this morning and saw the first flakes of the predicted winter storm we will soon be in the midst of. Well, of course, that is if the jet stream goes this way or that way and the air coming down from Canada stretches this far south. I must not have been listening very closely to the weather because I was under the impression that this was not starting until tomorrow afternoon. Apparently we could receive up to 8 inches of snow today. Tuesday into Wednesday is when the blizzard conditions are probable. I might actually have a snow day.

I've worked here for 10 years now and can't recall one snow or weather related closure. We've received several notifications this season from our companies on the east coast and in the south that have been closed for weather conditions. We've always been told "if you can make it in safely then come in". Seeing as the employees here are scattered in all directions it's hard to put a handle on "safely". The guy that lives in Kenosha is 2 miles off the freeway and therefore is here regardless of the snow. The guy that lives in Muskego and is side roads most of the way has been known to be late or not here due to weather conditions. The guy on 98th& SilverSpring is usually off. He lives the closest, but they will always judge by the Kenosha guy. I've made it every time as I'm not to far off the freeway which is usually plowed and not populated when I'm coming in. I'm not worried about the ride in. I just don't want to be stranded in rush hour on my way home.

In preparation for this I will pack my boots, wear my gloves and find a shovel to throw in my truck. Also better put a shovel in the porch so we don't get snowed in. Just wish I had a TV at work to watch all the reporters posted around town. That is by far the best part of the storms.

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