Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fish Fry Review

Once again the fish fry at Bonnie & Dick's gets a 5 star review. I can sum it up with a simple yummy. The apple pie and Leon's custard was the perfect ending. Can't wait until the next one.

My Wii took a poop! In the past several it has frozen up in the midst of a game. I tried several things and it had been good for the past two weeks so I though the problem was solved. Yesterday it started again and freezes up no matter what disc you have in. I called the trouble shooting hot line and explained the problem. The response I got "Ah, that's crappy" wasn't what I wanted to hear. So they emailed me the information to send it in for repair. This was not good as I was told it would be at least two to three weeks to get it back. If it were for the fact that I just wanted to play games I'd be okay with that but I've been on a roll with working out. I couldn't bear the though of getting a lecture from my Mii for not working out for two weeks, so today I went and bought another Wii. Got a Walmart employee discount, which saved me 10%. Then the dilemma was how to save all my workout statistics from the one console to the other. First I was told it couldn't be done. Ha! Never tell a stubborn woman that something can't be done. After 3 hours, a lot of frustration, a few phone calls, help from my 10 year old grandson, and one more call to Nintendo's help desk (a very helpful girl) my Mi person appeared on the new console and my Wii fit profile and statistics were intact. "Color me Happy". I may have gained enough information to help someone else out in this situation. So console #1 is off to repair land. Of course, I'm the only person they've heard of with this problem.

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