Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Comfortable, Or Just Plain Rude?

I haven't been all that impressed with my new supervisor so far. I just haven't gotten the feeling that he's all to happy that he's been transferred over here. It's a situation where he's not familiar with our testing methods but claims he knows what to do but does the testing incorrectly. Yet, he doesn't seem to have the time to learn.

Today was my trainers last day so I had to cram a whole lot of learning into 8 hours. This would be the day he decides to come and ask questions. She left it in my hands. So, here we are standing in an environmentally controlled room and I'm explaining a test method to him , when I hear the all to familiar sound of a fart. (a squeaky one mind you) Him and I were the only two in the room and I'll not lay claim to it. He made no attempt to excuse himself. Then came the smell! Just then my trainer walks in the room and proceeds past us. He had his back to her and she turned around and looked at me. Eye contact made it known that it was him. Still no pardon. This is just wrong. It's not like we've known each other a while or camped together.
After he left I though she was going to blow a gasket. "You'all take your stinky ass out of my room". "Good Lord, that mans got no manners what-so-ever". I have to agree.

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StB said...

I notice you said you will not lay claim to said fart, but that is not a straight out denial. I sense guilt!