Friday, April 03, 2009

Ahhhh..To Sleep In

Or so I thought. I was awaken by my husband fumbling around with his alarm clock at 5am. I was a little groggy so at first I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I damn this alarm clock since the day I bought it for him. He cannot figure out how not so set the alarm. Several times I've seen him put his glass's on and look at the settings. It appears it's easier for him to just let it go off. My mission today, when he's not around is to find that certain setting. It would be the wise thing to do if I ever want to sleep past 5 on my days off. This has gone on long enough. It's either I discover the mystery of the settings or purchase a new and easier alarm clock.

Today looks to be a nice day weather wise. Another "calm before the storm" weekend. Let's look ahead to the fact that one month from now is our first camping trip. It seemed like a good idea back in January. I think we Wisconsin-ites forget that spring doesn't come until well into June. But there is always that one weekend in May where the temperature will hit 80. I'm just hoping for the 60's so I don't have to freeze. There is nothing worse than taking a shower when the outside temperature is 40 something and it's not much warmer in the shower building. This is, of course, if they have the water turned on by them. There should be no worries because I'm sure, as always, we will go and we will have a good time.

Looking forward to a yummy fish fry at the home of Bonnie & Dick tonight. I'm told there will be apple pie also. Right now I'm heading off for at least an hour of work out time to prepare for this feast.

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