Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sign Of Spring

Sometimes its the little things in life that excite you. The coming of spring excites me. Although the calendar states it was to begin almost a month ago, beside a few warmer days and the traces of snow being gone, it may be finally upon us. In my book anyway.

Today marks the opening of baseball in Milwaukee. There are still a few days here where we may need to hold our beer in a gloved hand and wear a second layer of clothing but these minor things can be over looked and well worth the sport.

When we think of baseball we automatically think spring and summer. So even though it may still be only 40 degrees, or raining you know that what lies ahead is good. Maybe it's the green grass, the hearty atmosphere of those around you while tailgating or all the grills going that make you realize that Milwaukee is coming out of hibernation.

Some of us were not fortunate enough to secure tickets for the home opener, therefore will be gathering for our own tailgate party. This could be the "first annual" . Ben & Nannette have offered their backyard and home to a group of us. In preparation the brats & dogs and numerous snacks have been delegated to some, the onions & green pepper smell is still in my car from my husband painstakingly chopping them and transporting them to Ben, and the beer is being kept cold. The advantages of this event are many, no long bathroom lines, no fights, good food and the company of good friends. All this to welcome the boys of summer!

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